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Snap Shots



                    Ellie                            Button's (pretty woman) & Taz          Wrangler & Taz


               Kathy & Ellie                          Grey Lady                                  Taz & Tudor 







                         Tudor                                      Ellie & Sprit                          Grey Lady, Sprit & Ellie 




           Thomas, Kathy & Sprit                      Thomas & Ellie                       Thomas, Ellie, & Sprit   



        Ellie & Pretty Woman                 Joy & Pretty Woman               Spirit & Ellie




           Woman & Playboy                     Pretty Woman                                      Spirit



             Fireball                               Joy & Lad                                   Fireball & Lad


    Taz & Tudor                              Glory & Patches                            Fireball



            Lad                                       Patches                                  Ellie 2003        


   Playboy (Then)                            Playboy (now)                                Fireball, Lad & Patches



              Tudor                                          Playboy Tudor




      Fireball (Tudor Jr.)                            Apache                                  Caillou and Apache


  Thomas and Caillou (Thomas named him not us....LOL)


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