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March 3, 2005::::::::::: Siblings is almost done, there are only three scenes left to shoot, but do to scheduling, they may be a while. Last is JenSan Pictures next Project RISK!. The link will be up soon. Right now there is a hopefully release for MAY, but the latest will be in JUNE.

October 19, 2004::::::::::Production on Siblings has gone very well, we shoot the last three scenes tonite, and thanks to the wonders of modern computers the film has all ready been edited together, it's just missing the three last scenes. The prospective Christmas Launch is looking good, and when this films is done at teh end of the month, plans are all ready in order for JenSan Pictures second picture.

October 15, 2004:::::::::: Well some important things have happened. Our production company now finally has it's own camera, and to boot, we now have begun reproduction on "TMNT meets Spiderman", how ever do to the complexity of shooting now, it will not be released till after christmas some time. However there is good news, in the coming weeks, production will begin on "SIBLINGS" a short film by CM. it will be the first project to carry the JenSan Pictures banner, and will be availble for download off this website sometime in December. The first screening has actually be planned for Christmas and the finished movie will not be posted till after that date. The new website is under construction and will be up before november. It depends how long production runs for.