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You Know You're Obsessed With Pokémon When...
1. You have taped ever episode in existance
2. You curse at yourself when you find out that you missed one
3. Every time there is a storm or hurricane you swear that Mewtwo is behind it
4. You're right
5. When a thunderstorm occurs you know that there is a group of Pikachu gathering somewhere
6. After searching the internet for days with no sleep or food you finially find an MP3 of every Japanese Pokémon song
7. You play them non-stop untill you are ejected from your place of residence
8. You try to convice everyone that someday there will be more Pokémon living in the world than people
9. You own Mewtwo Strikes Back (You better!)
10. You saw both Pokémon movies in theaters
11. Your locker in school has more Pokémon pictures in it than books
12. People think you are odd
13. You know you're odd and don't care (hahaha!)
14. Every weather occurance has you convinced that some type of Pokémon is behind it
15. You draw pictures of Pokémon in your notebook at school
16. Because of these pictures and not paying attention your teacher yells at you
17. You yell back "PSYBEAM!"
18. Everyone in class is placed into the hospital
19. You make a page dedicated to Pokémon (^__^)
20. You like anyone who likes Pokémon
21. You don't like anyone who disagrees with you on anything Pokémon
22. You have conversations with your Pokémon posters
23. They talk back!
24. Those posters are of Mewtwo (wouldn't that be grand?)
25. If you're ever caught stealing anything you say "Team Rocket made me do it."
--the above are by the owner

26. You start painting tennis balls red and white, go out into the woods, and throw them and wild animals, attempting to catch them, only to find out you've disturbed the wild animals and are mauled to death.
--the above is by RarehunterX90

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