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8/29/04,/b> Yeah.. why do I ignore the updates section? I kind of hope that you people just see if the NEWS is new, so then I don't have to type "new news report" all the time. 1) New news report 2) Check for the kitty at the bottom of the page. ^_^

2/18/04 DON'T SHOOT THE OWNER! I've been around but man... yeah, school, what not... don't ask.... anyway... 1.) Got the Toonami section back on track, somewhat 2.) New quote in TS 3.) I need more time.... on vacation this week but even that doesn't seem to help.... 8/29/03 Yo, updated on July 31 with a new report and fixed the Toonami Section schedule. 1.) Today, got a another new report up dans la paige premiere.

6/17/03 Hey, don't let that last date fool you, people. We've been here. 1.) Today there are two new questions up in Ask the Master Section(thank you!) 2.) There is a brand new comment in our YKYOWPKMNW section(awesome, thanks!) 3.) Keep on submitting and you will certainly see your stuff up on the page! 4.) A reminder; should you not want your questio posted in the ASK section, please specify this in your e-mail, thanks.

2/15/03 Okay, finally an update. We put a new News Report up which I suggest reading ^_^, 2.) A new quote after 8 months! Hey, cool. 3.) Sorry about the update-lackage but it's been really tough getting online, never mind being able to work on the page. Thanks for the support.

12/29/02 1.) Talk about a long time since last update. Been really busy with alot of other stuff(hey Redeye, how ya doin'?) Anyway, added two new questions to the Ask the Master Secion(thanks guys!), 2.) Finally took "Happy Summer" off of the main page -.-;;. Now it's "Happy Holidays! Chill Out this Winter. ~.^" . 3.) Gonna' try to go fix all the pictures in the Toonami sub-sections, this'll be a trip n' a half...

11/3/02 1.) Now I know I've been updating over the last month, right? Well anyway, two new questions in the "Ask the Master" section", 2.) New news report.... 3.) Fixed the Toonami Section line-up which was about three changes behind, a record for us but not in good way. Hey, it's cool that the page is sort of up to date agian, I know the MP3z don't totally work and soe links are broken. Geocities deleted my holding account awhile ago and I haven't had time to fix it. But atleast we'r still getting visitors, that's the best any webpage can hope to hope to say ^__^;.

10/4/02 1.) 11:02pm, news, Pokémon....

9/21/02 1.) Hyperspace news report, 2.) Updated Toonami movies section.

9/18/02 1.) News report, of course, update on Trapped in Hyperspace... disappointing.... :::sigh:::

9/14/02 1.) News report about Pokémon Master Quest and Trapped in Hyperspace the game. It's all so sweetly cool.....


8/29/02 1.) Apparently I've been updating and not typing it down..... 2.) Updated the Toonami Section's old movies subsection today, atleast.

8/9/02 1.) News report: British Batman Beyond, 2.) Updated Toonami movie section, 3.) Later.

8/5/02 1.) Updates are niiiice. Okay, got a new report, 2.) Updated the Toonami Secton, 3.) Check 'em out.

7/24/02 1.) New news report, Toonami of course, it covers three subjects, good and bad.

7/12/02 1.) We have two new fanfics up in Fanfics Section today. Both by Shadow Girl or Mew3, whichever. I'm going to go fix the main page so it says that infront of the link. Heck, I haven't updated those things in years it seems.

7/9/02 1.) New news report up about Toonami's ransacked site. Read it, later.

7/7/02 1.) Added a new question to the Ask the Master section, Mew3 is the same person as HemerJL but this makes it look like different people actually come here -.-;;.

6/30/02 1.) New news report, just keeping you people up to date on kidswb's screw ups.

6/27/02 1.) Put a new quote in the Toonami Section, finally. 2.) Started a new page! Yup, another sister site. Hopefully we'll bang out more work on it soon. 3.) We're planning new revovations on all the pags shortly, including fixing the pictures in the Toonami Section. 4.) Hey Redeye, happy day-before anniversary ^___^.

6/10/02 1.) Well this is kind of sad, in a year we've had four quotes... oh, hi, okay here's what's new. We have a new, Hamtaro, quote, 2.) New news report about Toonami, 3.) New feature section, well old section, new change, 4.) It says Happy Summer and We're Back at the top of the page, 5.) A major renavation is being planned for all pages pluss the addition of a new one ASAP. 6.) The Toonami section has been updated. 7.)C YA all soon on the flip side, Laters.

5/23/02 1.) Oookay... New news report about all things Toonami, including an extra add on at the end. 2.) Two new submissions into our Ask the Master Section. We've been getting alot of fan mail lately! ^___^

5/5/02 1.) Well, let's see... What have I had time to do? We got another question in the Ask the Master Section. Yay. That's about it for now. Gtg. PS. I'll try to get a new report up sooner or later. Not enough hours in a day...

4/19/02 1.) Oookay... let's see. We recieved a letter yesterday asking about Mewtwo ad Pokémon Gold. The response is in the Ask the Master section which has not been updated for a very long time. 2.) Updated the Toonami Section again with yet another new line up. 3.) I realized today that half of our once working pictures in the Toonami Section's subsections no longer work for some reason. This may be because they are linked from Geocities. I'll have to move them whenever I get time... or whenever I have the motivation... or whenever summer comes... whichever happens firsts. 4/10/02 I AM GOING TO RANT. AND YOU KNOW WHAT, YOU'RE GOING TO LISTEN! ALRIGHT, LAST MONDAY ON TOONAMI THEY HAD THIS "JOKER DAY" THING. I HAD NO CLUE WHAT WAS GOING ON, SO I POPPED IN MY TOM TAPE AND HIT RECORD. I GOT THIS KICK ASS THING AT THE ENDWEN TOM SAYS, "CAN'T TURN MY BACK FOR A SECOND". WELL, THIS MONDAY, TOONAMI GOT A NEW INTRO., NOW I DON'T KNOW WHY, BUT MY TAPE WAS IN THE WRONG PLACE, SO, I TAPED OVER THE "FOR A SECOND" THING WHICH WAS ACTUALLY MUCH COOLER BECAUSE TOM GOT TO TALK!!! WHY AM I CURSED WITH BEING AN IDIOT AND HAVING THE WORST F&*%#$@ LUCK?!?!?! I HATE THE BLANKIN' WORLD! SCR*W IT!!! I LOVE TOONAMI, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I'VE EVER TAPED OVR SOMTHING IMPORTANT WITHOUT A SHREAD OF IT'S EXISTANCE LEFT!!! THE WORLD F&*(^% SUCKS!!! L8R.

4/5/02 1.) If you had the same schedule, you wouldn't update often either... 2.) Fixed the Toonami line up, got that back up to date. Also, changed the Old Line Ups part of the TS so it's centered. It's looks cooler, seeing as how it was an html mistake... ha.

3/14/02 1.) I know... so neglectful... We got a new report up today about Zoids. Yay! Zoids! It's not a pleasing report though... Anywhoo, it's in it's spot.

2/16/02 1.) Alrighty, the V-Da story stayed up one day longer 'cause I couldn't take it down yesterday. For all you people who didn't get to read it while it was still on the page, though. It wasn't that great anyway. So, as you should have sermised by now, the fic. is off. Oh, well. Later.

2/13/02 1.) 11:33PM! Dang! Okay, THERE IS A ONE DAY ONLY FANFIC. UP! It's a Sonic the Hedgehog Vallentine's Day story, Feb. 14th, only! Read it! But read the background information first! That's with the fic.! Later!

2/11/02 1.) Undated the Toonami Section. They cut Outlaw Star AGAIN! Poor show can't get a break... eesh...

2/2/02 1.) Another new news report about the lacking Articuno episodes. 2.) Added a final line to the reportso it doesn't sound like the episodes are THAT bad. Which they aren't, really.

1/26/02 1.) News report about Articuno and Batman. Read it, peoples. 2.) Had to edit the report, change a 7 to a 5. Do note the change.

1/21/02 1.) Okay, that freaked me out. I thought the Toonami hit counter reset itself, but it was jut Anfelfire. The Toonami total is currently... 301..... sigh.... 2.) Okay, Batman vs. Superman kicks off today. The Toonami Section is prepped and ready to go. Batman is still in the "formor shows" along with being in the line-up beause I'd lose the "formor" data if I deleted it. nyway, te schedule's fixed and we got a new quote up about there being NO DBZ ON TOONAMI(except on the Midnight Run)FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!! HAHAHAHA! HEHEHE!

1/19/02 1.) Toonami ran another hour of Tenchi last... Wednesday, I believe. But that's not important right now. 2.) New News Report today about my bird! Well, one of my birds, anyway. Articuno's comin' to the small screen! Read the report, people!

1/15/02 1.) Hey, one update after the other. There's a change in pace. Anway, new News Report today. Sorry, Two, we needed somethin' new. The report is on basic stuff we've neglected to mention. Toonami, Pokémon, Pokémon, Toonami, you know the 'speel'. Laters.

1/14/02 1.) Been awhile... Alright, the "Merry Christmas" pic. is off the mai page. Besides that... err... 2.) Fixed the just noticed problem on the main page. Apparently thesecions under theGallery link were all in a smaller font... Okay, that'sbeen there for awhile... :::sigh:::

1/8/02 1.) No comment. 2.) Toonami ran two episodes of Tenchi today. I didn't put that in the Toonami Section because sources confirm that this was a one-day event. So... it's bing catalogged here. Later.

12/31/01 1.) Major stuff for the Toonami page as my last acts on this page, ever. Took "Upcoming Shows" off. 2.) THEY JUNKED ZOIDS! WHY DOES TENCHI NEED TO BE BACK?! Updated line up. DB is back up there, too. 3.) Updated "former shows". 4.) Finally a new Tooanmi quote based off today's line up slashing. 5.) And anything else I've forgotten to mention. 6.) Good-bye, everyone. This Tiger's going Home.

12/26/01 1.) Toonami "Old Movies" section updated with two N/A weeks. I have no clue what they're doing. 2.) Merry Christmas and good-bye. 12/12/01 1.) New fanfic up. Zoids, funny, huh? It had to be done. Read it, FANFICS SECTION.

12/9/01 1.) Yees, Toonami's repeating movies. Put "Dead Zone" up in the "Old Movies" Toonami part, agan.

12/5/01 1.) New Mewtwo Returns Report up! Read it! 2.) New FEATURE SECTION, The Mewtwo Shrine, slightly updated, has become the Special Feature! Guess why! 3.) The Halloween Section is now a miniture link underneath the Mewtwo Shrine link. 4.) The Toonami Section's "Feature" dates have been updated. 5.) The main page no longer says, "We are currently in the process of moving" and the gallery link no longer says "~galleries are pending from move." 6.) Updated Toonami MRN line up. It's so messed up. 7.) 'Laters' was seven but now there's a new QUOTE on the main page. Said by Two, of course. 8.) LATERS.

12/3/01 1.) Christmas pic. up al la main page. See it?


11/30/01 1.) Just an update comment rather than a report on this one. Zoids ended on Thursday the 29. It had been on at 4:30, then picked up at 5:00 on Toonami, so the entire series hasn't been on the block. Toonami will restart the series from the beginning on Monday. There is no news report because Mewtwo Lives is coming out on Tuesday and I want the reports together.

11/25/01 1.) OUR MUSIC IS WORKING! I dun know how but it is! 2.) Report about aout KidsWb's contest to win a copy of Mewtwo Returns.

11/22/01 1.) Happy Thanksgiving and all that crap. 2.) Actaully put "Happy Thanksgiving" on the page rather than "Happy Hallowwen". The Halloween page is still in Feature, though. 3.) Somehow or other the "plug-in error" message is off the main page now. Maybe it has something to do with me trying to get music back on the page yesterday, I dunno'. Whatever. Later.

11/19/01 1.) WE GOT A PRAISE LETTER TODAY!!!! 'Corse I haveta write this twice, due to Angelfire. Anyway, take my word for it 'cause I ain't puttin' it on the page! IT'S SOOOOO COOL!!! 2.) New News Report today about the Jutice League(yay Bats!). 3.) Fixed the Guestbook.

11/16/01 1.) Updates seem to be few and far between these days, huh? There was a new News Report up yesterdays about Gundam 0080. And today I added to the 'About the Owner' section. I put in color were it was definately needed. Also 'The Zeta Project' and 'Yu-Gi-Oh' were added.

11/10/01 1.) I HAVE SEEN MEWTWO LIVES AND IT IS GLORIOUS! 'Coarse it was in Japanese and 120x160 but, hell! It was my bo---- favorite Pokémon in action and kicking butt! Again. Well, I'm not gonna' spoil the movie for you people but let's just say it's THE MOST AWSOME, EXTREME MOVIE EVER! To only be released on VHS and DVD! and not in theatures! Horrible. It's the greatest movie ever, NEXT TO Mewtwo Strikes Back. Can't wait to see it in English, but I'll have to scream at the dubbing! Hahaha. MEWTWO LIVES! 2.) On that note, ironicly enough I took the Mewtwo report off the main page today as a Toonami report took its place. Horrible! Mewtwo is ten times ten hundred fold what Toonami is. Although I suppose a report on me seeing Mewtwo Lives isn't news. GET THE MOVIE DECEMBER 4TH!!!!!!!

11/6/01 1.) Well, although I put Gundam 0080 in the MNR line up yesterday I just took it out of the Upcoming Shows today. I dunno'. It's a crappy show with great music but horrible animation. I was gonna' make a New News Report about it but Mewtwo Returns still has more preset than 0080. Sorry, Toonami. Two comes first.

11/5/01 1.) Time is required for this. It's 3:43 nd I've just put Zoids in Toonami's upcoming shows even though it's premiering in, what, an hour and 17 minutes. 2.) 5:11, Zoids off the Upcoming Shows List.

11/4/01 1.) For anyone who didn't notice, I put up the Halloween link on the 28th. 2.) We had a second Two report on 11/3. READ IT! It coud possibly be the most important report EVER, inthe history of S&M's. That's counting Lockdown! 3.) Toonami's upcoming show Gundam 0080 is in the 'Upcoming Shows' section of the the Toonami Page. 4.) put little link pic.s under the Feature of the (No time Limit) to the Toonami Section and the Sonic Section so you don't nedd to dig through the shrines.

10/31/01 1.) New news report about Mewtwo. 2.) It's done. The Halloween Section is done.

10/25/01 1.) Alright, I'm putting up the Halloween Section now! Dmn, but the lyrics are still all screwed up. Damnit. 2.) Reboot was finally taken off the 'Upcoming Shows' part of the Toonami Section. Justice League is still there. I put up the Friday line up too. Reboot is back, who knew?

10/24/01 1.) The highlight of the Halloeen Section is done! That'srght, The Nightmare Before Christmas 2 is up and running. The link will around soon. Later.

10/17/01 I have been working really hard recently on stuff. A new Feature section will be up soon. 2.) Reboot is comin' back to Toonami. I decided that in Upcoming Shows part of the Toonami Section I would use the "point" type of date (ex. 10.19.01).

10/12/01 Working on the special Halloween section I started yesterday.

10/11/01 The Toonami Section hit counter got to 251 today! Why can't it be higher...? Oh, I know, because there's nothing there! Yet.

10/8/01 Okay, so maybe the galleries aren't completely fixed yet, I'm busy. 2.) New News Report about the sixth Lockdown episode, today.

1.) Been at work in the galleries. All are working except the Sailor Moon and Gundam galleries. Those will be up tomorrow.

1.) Making this f*ckin' update short. We got a new report up about the finally changed Toonami schedule. 2.) Changed coloring in the old news. 3.) Changed line ups in the Toonami Section.

1.) Got new fic.s today from Redeye. Two Beast Wars stories and we'll have a Gundam Wing one up soon. 2.) Okay, I know the galleries don't work. I'm going to fix that. 3.) Fixed the Toonami section now that Lockdown is over.

1.) Of coarse, yesteray we had a new News Report on Lockdown. That's a given. Okay, today is the fourth episode of Lockdown. Do we all remember what happened in ep.4 of Intruder? Well, let's not go there. 2.) Finally relized that I hadn't updated the Toonami Section for the Lockdown advent. Lockdown was still in the Upcoming Shows heading, which is now non-existant.

1.) Intruder's 1 year anniversary! 2.) I hate my luck... Actually, I hate my VCR. Okay, tales of woe and Lockdown(see yesterday's news report). I am a fanactic about getting all of Lockdown on tape. Durning DBZ's first commercail break yesterday there was a clip of Sara saying "It's working. The DOK's are online, being controlled by the users." Then Tom says, "Word. Guess I'll go down and check out the Reactor. Keep me posted." and that's it. I was mad because I clipped Sara's dialog at the beginning. Well, surprise, Lockdown was on again during the Midnight Run. I went to retape that part and my VCR screwed up the entire thing! So, rather than having half a clip, I have 0% of a clip and a bunch of inaudable jibberish. Worse than that, I can't tape over it because anything I put over the jibberish will just be more jibberish. So, once again in my quest for perfection in the anime/graphics world, I screwed up even worse. 3.) News report up about Lockdown Day 2.

1.) Hey, my first update from the new Angelfire account! It's a momentous day! Okay, I've nearly moved the entire page. Problems lie with The galleries, the Toonami section, and that's about it. The other stuff is just chipper. 2.) New news today about Pokémon dubbing and cToons.

1.) The World Trade Center, or 'Twin Towers' of New York City were destroyed today by terrorist attacks. Those two building were my favorite structures in the entire city, and it's completely unfair. It isn't over. 2.) The Toonami section has been updated with new line up. 3.) We are moving to Angelfire, and are in the process now.

1.) Oh, wow, it actually worked this time. Well, we have afew problems. 50megs, curse it's soul, is going to start charging for it's services. I was going to move to Angelfire, but I figure, if I can pay it, I'll get move. We will see what happens. No matter what, it needs to be solved by the 17th, so I can get all the Lockdown news reports up each day. Pray for me.

1.) Well, good to know there is loyalty out there amongst american Pokémon fans. Sure enough, our new news report is about Mewtwo winning the top 15 countdown on WB. For a full list, see the report on the main page. 2.) Changed the caption on the downloads section on the main page. I fianlly got the Toonami vid. to work! So it says Toonami now instead of Sonic the Hedgehog.

1.) Updated the information on the Intruder special. Get to the Toonami Section(through the shrines) to check it out.

1.) Got a new comment up in the Toonami Section. Lockdown, be prepared.

1.) HAHAHA! Lockdown is coming. Lockdown is coming. The news is there. Read it. 2.) While the Toonami music vid. is still not working, I'm going to MAKE it.

1.) New news today about Toonami's music vid. special. Die, Gorillaz.

1.) AH! I forgot to type the very important update for 8/28! We got the TOONAMI MUSIC VIDEO up! It doesn't exactly work yet but I'm working on it! I'm working on it, damn it! It took too long to make this music video to have this problem now! 2.) Up dated Mewtwo's Anti-page. Hasn't been touched for 8 months. Need the to add modems and mario.

1.) Finally HTMLed the fifth chapter for the Toonami fic.s. It's in the fanfics of coarse. I am busy writting chapter 6. It needs to be done and up before Lockdown so watch for it because it leads into the speacial.

1.) 50megs did some revamping today. Hopefully it isn't anything important or stupid like last time. 2.) Finally changed the quote on the main page. Sorry, Voldemort, but you can't stay there forever.

1.) Hey, I got the game reviews up like I promised. Not the greatest EGM-style reviews ever, but it suits for a news report.

1.) Guess what I did, people!!! Yup, I finally did it. I got my paws on enough clips to make a TOONAMI MUSIC VIDEO!! It's not up yet 'cause I can already see uploading problems. But it will be! Oh, it will be! 2.) Speaking of Toonami, updated the Toonami Section with a new comment of the day and the new up coming show, Dragonball. Ugh, more dragonball....

1.) Very small thing on the main page. I added a little line about the Toonami Section in the Shrines. I'm trying to promote, people!

1.) New news today, but it's not on any video games. Today we have a report on 08TH MS Team, as this morning at 12:24am it showed the last episode. Read it, it's good stuff, but there are spoilers all over the place.

1.) Sorry, I've been out for a spell. Coming soon will be a report on Pokémon Crystal and Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Stay tooned.

1.) No update for today but since I have no where else to put this, I would just like to state that WB did not take Toonami. They stole our grafics, icons, and personell, but it's all fake. Like a new coat of paint over the old one. The old still shows through, it's just taking Toonami's name along for the ride.

1.) New comment in the Toonami Section(enter through the shrines!). Basicaly, WB might aswell have never touched Toonami, because they didn't do anything with it, they just trashed its image.

1.) Well, like new News Report says, Toonami's on WB. Read the report, that is all.

1.) Another new News Report. Read it now because there will be a new one tomorrow at 5:00pm('coarse you can always goto the Old News if ya miss it). Anywhoo, we will be covering Toonami on KidsWB tomorrow. Wait untill September, there will be Lockdown coverage everyday.

1.) Ah-ha, it finally happened! I went to a search engine ( and low and behold, WE WERE ON IT! On the first page no less! It's a momentious advent that occured today at 5:16pm when this engine stumbled upon our Old News section. It's been a long time coming. Thank you Toonami. Why? Because that's what I searched for and it came up with our very first news report. Hee, hee.

1.) Today at 12:35AM, Toonami's new fan art showed for the first time. This is the Outlaw Star oriented fan art meaning that OLS is talked about the most. It's good stuff, people!

1.) Finally figured out the html to change text color. It's one of those stupid things I never bothered to figure out until today. I actually have to thank our RPG server because I got the color codes from them. The Main page and the Toonami Section know have some color changes along with a Toonami type motto in the section.

1.) Revamped the Toonami Section. Made it look better with some headers. We got info up on Mobile Suit Gundam and 08th MS Team.

1.) Nothing to do with the page. The enhanced Toonami CD has a link on it to a special website where you can get the theme to Lockdown. Oh, it's soooooo creeeeepy. 2.) New comment al la day in the Toonami Section. I need to find room on the main page for links to the Toonami and Sonic sections because the Toonami Section is getting buried in the shrines.

1.) New news up today about Toonami's line up for WB coming this Saturday(7/30) AND about Pokémon Crystal's release date. It's my first conjoined news report! I couldn't decide which to report on, so I did both. 2.) So, like, why didn't anyone tell me the picture on the main page of my Sonic page didn't work? Well, fixed that. 3.) I got the Toonami Deep Space Bass CD!!! It is coolness beyond words! I dont want to spoil all the cool stuff so lemme just say, IT ROCKS AND TOM RULES!

1.) HAPPY, well, LATE BIRTHDAY PAGE! Okay, okay. This pages official birthday is the 9th of July. Oops, I'm running behind. ^_^;; Anyway, I really wanted to do something big, like I did for Sonic's Birthday but what's the point? First of all I'm late to start with and second what the hell am I gonna' put in there? So, I am going to list here this pages great achievements. Get comphy. Ahem, as of this pages 1 year and 10 day birthday we have had 165 updates(counting this), two awards(I need to aply for more), 19 separte sections, two sister sites(the Toonami Section, and Sonic's b-day Bash), and seven RPG members. The RPG has been on three different servers. The page has been attempted on Homestead, EZdesigner, Geocities, Angelfire, and countless others. Needless to say I have an account on every site creating program in existance. It was originally called Stormy's Pokémon Page. We have 26 news reports, 9 quotes, and 1037 pictures uploaded just for the gallery. 7 shrines, 7 polls, 19 galleries, 30 things in the anti-section(I'm so nice), 4 movie reviews, 14 trainer quotes/poems, 2 submits to Ask the Master, 8 fanfics(more to come), 8 character bios, 3 quizes, 4 philosophies, 25 YKYOWPKMNW, 36 Bishonen, 13 downloads and 4 music videos. :::Inhale::: A 24 page choose your own way story, and 5 links. Not to mention atleast 4 major catastophies revolving around the page. So, Happy Birthday Stormy and Mewtwo's Pokémon Page! You've been through a hell of alot.

1.) No updates for yesterday because, guess what? I was at ShoujoCon! My first anime convention. Shoujo con is a celebration of girls anime. It took almost four hours to get there and five to get back(NY traffic...). It was at the Hilton in East Brunswick, New Jersey(really cool hotel). Ah, so much anime stuff. There was an artist there who drew for the Archie Sonic comics! She was awsome. She's drawn X-men too, and writes her own grafic novel series. Pretty cool, huh? Okay, so that's why there are no updates for yesterday. 2.) I put a small new feature in the Toonami section called "Comment of the Day". No, I'm not rageing a out the WB thing this time. Today's comment is... Well, go see. 3.) Hey, the Toonami Section hit counter finally hit 100 today. 4.) One more thing for the Toonami Section. An "upcoming shows" part. I got tired of knowing stuff and not having anywhere to put it. 5.) Due to the abundance of ads in my guest book, I signed the book saying not to advertise in it. I'm not gonna' delete the ads this time around because, hey, they DID come to the page.

1.) At 4:45pm today I finished something I've been wanting to do for awhile All personally created characters in the Fanfics now have their own bios after the chapter they were introduced in. I wrote these to give a better insight into the characters.

1.) Minor updates in the fanfics html. No big. All systems green.

1.) Let's just say it's not a good day for even open minded anime fans. Go read the New News report and soon the be up with in 5 minutes fanfic. You got it, Cartoon Network's currupted Toonami even farther. Who thought it was possible to hurt it even more? It's hard to miss the news report. It's a mile long. 2.) I html-ed a new chapter for the fanfics section. Surpise, suprise, it's Toonami. That makes two new fic.s in one day. Okay, I'm closing up shop for the moment. I can't take anymore of this.

1.) Haha! Okay, to my knowledge, the page has been completely re-link hitmontop to bottom. Everything should work now. Heehee! Haha! 2.) New News Report up about Pokémon CRYSTAL. Buy it today!

1.) I've been working alot the last few days to re-link the page. It's taking much longer than hoped. 2.) The other problem was because I uploaded my Sonic pictures on an alternate account, all the pictures came up as X-images. I needed to reupload all of the pic.s. and relink those too.

1.) Procrastination can be a good thing. I really don't want to set about the task of relinking the entire page, so I've been finding other stuff to do. I fixed the music videos section, now all but one of them work. 2.) WE HAVE A WAY PAST COOL NEW MUSIC VIDEO UP!!! IT'S SONIC, OF COARSE!!! 3.) I added captions to the links on the main page to make it easier to navigate. Talk about finding something to do. Well, I've been wanting to do that for awhile, anyway. 6/23/01
1.) Due to the late hours I put in last night because today is SONIC THE HEDGEHOG'S BIRTHDAY!, I had to put none Sonic stuff on hold. But before I get into my other updates I just wanna' say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SONIC! WE LOVE YOU! 2.) Okay, the link to the Toonami Section is now in the Tom Shrine and the news report about the Toonami CD has been put into Old News. 3.) I discovered yesterday that 50megs' upgrade last year finally caught up to me. I need to relink pretty much everything. So, I have alot of work to do. Lucky it doesn't have to be re-uploaded (knock on wood) but relinking everything will be a major pain in my tail. Only things linked to last year need relinking, but that would be the entire gallery! Sheesh, okay to work! 4.) Late Sonic thing (7:10?pm) I'm putting a message saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONIC" on the main page.

1.) This is my first ever bi-day update. Whanna' know why? Because today(23) is Sonic's Birthday and I was up all night making the brand new section all about Sonic. It's the new Feature of thw week. The Toonami Section will probably be put in the Tom Shrine. It's 2:28am... Sonic, only for you would I be up this late/early making you a birthday present. Sonic's 10th anniversary... Only for you... Sonuki...

1.) New news report today and, who saw this coming? It's Toonami. Yep, what's new? However, this coming Saturday there will be another new report about Sonic Adventure 2. 2.) I was informed yeserday that Angelfire, where I've been ATTEMPTING to upload my music videos, deleted afew peoples accounts. I'm yet to check and see if mine's still there. It's like AOL refuses to allow me to upload my vid.s.

1.) I've spent the last two days trying to upload my music videos correctly. See, I needed to self contain them first, then make them asf files, then upload them. I come to find that 50megs wont upload files that size, so I've been using Angelfire. I got my Gundam Movie to upload, but not the Sailor Moon one. So I'm at a bit of a snag.

1.) The downloadables have been revamped, but they may not work. 2.) Minor revisions in the fanfics.

1.) It's Sonic's Japanese Birthday! Okay, so his technical b-day is the 23rd (Sonic Adventure 2, people!). I have written a new news report about Sonic (my Hedgehog! ^__^).

1.) Took me four days to relize that I needed to update the Toonami Section since CardCaptors premiered on it. Duh...

1.) I worked on revamping the downloads, but maybe it would help if I made more than two music videos first.....

1.) Another new news report, this one about CardCaptors, Toonami, and KidsWB. 2.) Since May 22 I've been working on making music videos. I have two uploaded so you can expect to see the downloadables section getting revamped soon.

1.) Things change in pokémon-land sometimes. Well, at least in this pokémon-land anyway. The server our RPG is on is going out of business tommorrow. I had to discover a new server, meaning the pape need work too. The RPG rules were changed along with the link. Sheesh, our new board has problems... But we shall figure it out! 2.) Before all that, I wrote a new news report for you guys, yes, about Toonami.

1.) Let's just say I'm ticked. Read the new News Report. 2.) Alrightly then. New fanfic up for the Toonami advents of the day. 3.) Okay, obviously because of what CN did, I need to revamp my Toonami. However, I don't have the time this second. I'll get it done tommorrow, no prob., k?

1.) Ya know something? Being in an anime war with mechs and voting polls flying everywhere can make me stray from my site. I wrote a new news report today on the new Pokérap.

1.) I had to redo what I did yesterday due to an erroe by the TV guide. It says Batman is on at 4:00 but Gundam is. Whatever.

1.) How's it going people? Well, we have a new News Report up about TOONAMI CUTTING SAILOR MOON! Okay, I'm pissed about it but rumors say that it'll be coming back with SMStars. To get the scoop, read the report and visit the Toonami Section for more info.

1.) Except for Batman and afew other shows, the Toonami Section is basicly done. Good to see major projests get finished before they become so annoying that I stop caring. Anyway, since is constantly updating their profuiles, I'm still busy with it. I added Emerald's profile today in the Sailor Moon sub-section.

1.) New News report on Squirtle leaving the show yesterday. Geez, that's depressing. 2.) Finally noticed that the Big O sub-section in the Toonami section had a link to a Jpeg that doesn't exist. :::Sigh::: The things you forget. Oh well, problem solved.

1.) Updated the "Best Part of This Page" Poll today. Seeing as how I now have like 10 more sections than I did then. I was gone alday (New York agian!), so that was all I had time to do. Gomen Nasai.

1.) I started on the Toonami downloads today. The sections basicly done. Small but done. 2.) The link for the Downloads section is up on the Toonami Page. More to come.

1.) WE'RE BACK IN BUSINESS! WE'RE BACK IN BUSINESS! 50MEGS IS UP N' RUNNING AGAIN! Yes! Let's get to work! 2.) Please ignore any 50megs banners appearing at the top of pages.

1.) Well, 50megs is still hurting. I found that the Toonami Section is still accessable but the sub-sections of it is all X-images and some just wont open. So, in preperation for when 50megs gets straitened, I finished the Reboot sub-section which appears as text and X-images but atleast it'll work when 50megs is working properly agian. 2.) Before hand, I got a hit counter for the Toonami Section.

1.) If anyone can access the site and get this message, I've been unable to use 50megs since friday. I have just today been able to get into my account controls. I am unable to open my actual page and do not know whether this update will be save correctly or if any one will be able to reach the site to read it. 50megs is down all over the web.

1.) Lot done today! Okay, I updated the Sailor Moon Toonami thing with new peoples that added. 2.) BIG NEWS! The Toonami Section is now open! You can't miss the link on the main page! 4.) I discontinued the MAIN UPDATE part(started on 31st) and replaced it with FEATURE OF THE WEEK. The Toonami Section now occupies that spot. 5.) I re-wrote the write up on Lord of the Unknown Tower. I actually wrote this one! It's much better. 6.) I finished the About the Owner section, which is now under the Awards link. So, if you want info about my twisted mind, there ya go!

1.) Gotta' make this quick. I'm back to work at my un-officail stuff!

1.) Something that only effects RPG members or pending members, I put up the list of catchable G/S pokémon in the rules. Until now, the list was only a post on the RPG board.

1.) Sorry, just got back from a three day trip to NYC with my Concert Band. I wrote a new News report which is about the premier of the 3rd movie. I saw it today folks.

1.) Well, they did it agian. Toonami changed the line up with its new show Big O. Personally, I think it's alittle too wierd. Anyway, that means I have another new show to get profile pic.s for. I'm workin' on it peeps, but Tuesday's aren't good work days for me. I have something else to do.

1.) Minor revisions. I know, I have to work on the Toonami Section but I'm at a slight motivation snag. Rebbot just isn't that interesting to me and that's the show I'm profiling... I'm so damn deticated...

1.) I've been working but I can't seem to remember on what exactly... 2.) I added a new fanfic today! After getting in a mondo arguement over an IM about Tom, I posted my Chapter 2 Toonami fanfic! 3.) Yesterday, Princess was excepted to the RPG and Mike sent in an aplication today. If you'd like to join the RPG also, read the rules and e-mail.

1.) Gundam Part is done! Gundam Part is done! Yeah! 2.) Rest of the Toonami Section is coming along. I'll make an MP3 downloads section for it too!

1.) Uploading but with Jpegs problems. I need to convert everything to gifs for the Gundam part.

1.) We are back in business! The problem had been fixed and the Toonami Section is back underway! 2.) All Gundam pictures for the TS have been recreated and are awaiting uploading.

1.) My self made Toonami world may be on hold but I've got other stuff to do. There's a new News report up today on the third movie! That's right, comercials for Lord of the Unknown Tower appeared on my TV today so I had to make a new report. We all know the best part of the third movie, don't we? Mewtwo makes a cameo! Okay... So maybe I'm I little obsessed.

1.) MY TECH SUPPORT IS ON A F*CKIN' VACATION! This is what I'll add to my list of Site Snags. Uploading pictures is a major problem due to the program that I use to make them having technical problems! Maybe because someone tried re-installing it after she deleted it! :::shoots an evil glance across the room at someone::: The Toonami Section (WHICH I REALLY WANT TO GET DONE!), is on hold untill my picture problem is over.

1.) Because I care so gosh darn much, I deleted all the gundam Toonami stuff I'd uploaded because they all look like crap. My computer's having techinal problems and wont save Jpegs right and 50megs wont upload gifs cleanly. I'll have to come up with somethin' else.

1.) See what I mean about not getting enough comp. time? Haven't been on since the 14th, and even then I didn't have time to type updates. Anyway, I am working on the Gundam Wing part of the site but am now stealing off since it is now back on. It's taking forever, not to mention that my computer seems to have something against saving JPEGS right all of a sudden.

1.) Thanks to Toonami trying to drive me absolutly up the wall!, the line up changed so that means back up with the Toonami section, sorry people. 2.) I made an old line ups section that will be in the Toonami Section. This is driving me nuts! 3.) New news report.

1.) As predicted, things are going slow in the Gundam part but it's getting there. I'm done with the intro, Heero, and Duo. I need to find a good pic. to use for Trowa Barton.

1.) I never get enough time on the comp... I'm working on the Gundam Wing part of the Toonami Section. However, unlike anything in that Section up till now, I have nothing to go off of and need to type everything from my massive mind. It might take a bit.

1.) I work... and then forget to type updates... Gomen. I finished the Intruder part of the Toonami section and it kicks ass, thank you never much. Hee hee. Okay, I'm done for now... hee... hee...

1.) I finished the Tenchi part with pretty much no trouble. 2.) Why is it that the one show that doesn't even remotely belong on Toonami is the one I had problems with? The Superman part had me repeating stuff and just basically ticking me off. It's done though. I gotta' figure out what I'm gonna' do about the formorly on shows. And what I'm gonna' do about Ronin Warriors and DBZ. I'm not planning on doing anything with those like I did for the other shows.

1.) Don't get me wrong, I worked betwwen the 26th and the 22nd, just forgot to type the updates. The Outlaw Star part of the Toonami Section is done and I'm working on the Tenchi part. This is taking awhile but it'll be worth it for you guys.

1.) Short and Sweet updates. I can't get certain parts of the Toonami: Sailor Moon part to upload right, sorry. 2.) Likewise with Outlaw Star but I'm working on it. So, yeah, I started the OLS part of the Toonami Section. I got all the pic.s, just gotta' upload and hope they upload right.

1.) After a time staking project and stealing from left and right, I completed the Sailor Moon part of the Toonami Section. The entire section itself will not be up untill I can complete a part for each show. The shows that are currently on are going to be the hard part. As for the ones that are listed as 'formorly', I'll come up with something for those...

1.) I'm working on a new sub-section. I'm making a Toonami part dedicated to... ta-da, Toonami. Okay, I don't know why all this irony is following me around, I wont get into it but I'll tell ya what I mean. I had just typed out the line up for Toonami when I go up stairs to and see that Toonami, ironicly, has changed the line up. Now, what are the odds that I would type out the line up and 5 seconds later find out that it was changed? Sheesh.

1.) I wrote a new news report today on the end of Outlaw Star. Sorry that I haven't updated for 3 days. I got school stuff. But, since we got this week off for vaction, I will update as much as possible! 2.) Hahaha! After about an hour of uploading(which includes uploading the wrong song - -;), I got the ending song to Mewtwo Strikes Back in the Downloadables section! Remember, it is credits music so it's not like smash it up intro stuff, but I love it.

1.) Happy Valentines day and all that crap. 2.) I updated Mewtwo's Shrine with background information. I suddenly relized it was way too small. Thanks to the damn comp., I had to type it twice. 3.) Ever heard the Japanese ending song to Mewtwo Strikes Back? I think its awsome. It's credits music so not quick and violent like I usually like, however. You gotta' have appreciation for it to like it. I'll see if I can get it into the Downloadables section.

1.) I just added a new gif to the shrines section. I'm running out of ideas and time.

1.) Not much done today. I did caught 6 new bishonen. You can tell I'm running out of ideas on who to catch. Just go look.

1.) Made my Nanaki shrine! Check it out! 2.) I'm still working on the join the RPG form, having trouble with Bravenet.

1.) Made a brand new shrine. This one's to Vivi Ornitier from Final Fantasy 9. Nexted shrine I make is to Nanaki(red XIII), from FF7.

1.) I've been busy... I am working on the creation of an application form for the RPG instead of the old 'e-mail me' link that's been there forever. I just gotta' do some stuff before I can get it up and workin'.

1.) New News Report. This is strait out of ER and/or an over active imagination. 2.) Had to fix that grafix at the top uf the page. It tends to distort now n' then. 3.) I caught 6 new Bishonen today if you people care.

1.) Got a new News Report up finally. It's on MegaMan. 2.) I got that damn html to work! I got the cool scroling message to finally work at the top of the main page.

1.) :::smashes through a wall::: Okay, so I'm still here! Ta-da! Things didn't go as planned. I'm still here... 2.) We won an award today. 3.) Took down the merry christmas picture and centered the main page picture. 4.) Put up a new quote. Final Fantasy 9 has been big thing with me lattly, so Zidane, the games main character, has the new quote. My favorite guy in the game is Vivi, the nine year old black mage, but Zidane gets the best lines.

1.) This is my last upadate. I'm outta' here! The choose your own way story is finished along with the front page remodel. The news and quote are at the top with a cool border. Okay, Goodbye.

1.) Everything is wineding down. I finished all of the choose your own way story yesterday but 50megs decided to, apparently two minutes after I finished, to convert the users4 system to a new one. Meaning I lost the whole days work. I had to retype four pages and relink 1 out of the few that I have to relink tomorrow. Damn. It also deleted yesterdays update that was me celebrating that this page was finished. Ironic, huh? I gots alot of work to do tomorrow. Pray for me.

1.) Okay, gotta' catch up on these uPdates. Sorry, had a school play for the last week-ish. Anyway, on the 21st we got our first submition to the Ask the Master section from Glowstar1985 and another from her today. I AM going to yell at my RPGers for not posting in practically EVER! Like mentioned, the Choose Your Own Way story is almost done. Back to work.

1.) Don't freak out! I've been workin' on this page! I've just been forgetting to type updates! The Choose Your Own Way story is well on it's way and will be done exstreamly shortly.

1.) What happened on Monday(12/4)? Just know that I worked on the Choose Your Own Way thing. I had a feild trip till 7:30-ish last night(12/5) so I didn't get to work. As for today: I'M WORKIN' ON IT!

1.) Rizzo Razzo Frackin' Christmas tree... That and I went to the arcade all day. Sorry, I have other things that have to to be done as well.

1.) Ditto.

1.) Worked completely on the Choose Your Own Way Story. It's coming. sayonara.

1.) Some nice minor revisions first off. Made a 'New fic.' arrow for the main page. 2.) Made the Heero shrine today. Wow, that was along time coming. 3.) Finished the Downlaodables section today. Damn, that was started... October 5th! Welp, it's done now! I uploaded everything I could and slapped it into the Downloadables section.

1.) I HATE WRITING MOVIE REVIEWS! EXSPECIALY IF THAT MOVE AIN'T ABOUT 'TWO'! Who cares? I started writing the Revelation Lugia review but I'm just gonna' go all Team Rocket and steal it! 2.) I got the write ups for Revelation Lugia and Lord of The Unknown Tower up. 3.) Ever hear of the 4th pkmn movie? Well, info for that is up now too.

1.) THANK CHINA FOR FIREWORKS!!! ALL GALLERIES ARE COMPLETE! OVER AND OUT! STORMY, THE GALLERY IS NOW COMPLETELY IN YOUR CARE! 2.) I caught 12 new Bishonen today. Yeah, this is wacked. The new section for my Bishonen is up. 12 yesterday, 12 today. Probably not 12 tommorrow because I'm running out of likeable anime people to want to capture. 3.) New fic. up!

1.) Finished Wu fei's gallery. Did galleries for Relena, Zechs, n' Trieze. Gotta' do Dorthy then that'll be it for the gallery! 2.) Dear Lord... I can't believe I actully did this... Ever hear of anything called Bishonen? Well, it's when instead of catching Pokémon you catch your fav. anime characters. :::sigh::: I caught 12 in less than 20 minutes. This is wacked. I'll be putting my people catches up tommorrow probably.

1.) New pic. count; from 812 to 960. 2.) Finished galleries for the first 4 pilots. Gotta' put up links for Wu fei's pictures tommorrow.

1.) Finished the Moon Kingdom Gallery! I'll take a new picture count tommorrow. The link for the kingdom is up in Stormy's gallery.

1.) Finished all the Inner Senshi Galleries. Nexted it's Saturn n' the rest. 2.) New news report. Yep, Toonami agian.

1.) Happy Turkey day, guys. 2.) Okay, they way I've been doing the Sailor Moon gallery is taking to long. I'm redoing it. Instead of having a section for each character, I'm dividing them up like this. One gallery for the the Inner Senshi, Outer Senshi, Other Charecters, and villans.

1.) Finished up the Knothole Gallery to a decent enough quality. The inner galleries are Sonic, Sally, Tails, Antoine(I don't know why!), Knuckles(err...), n' Butt-nic. 2.) Started the Moon Kingodom Gallery. Uploaded all pictures of Serena/Usagi/Sailor Moon, and construction of her gal. starts tommorrow.

1.) Sally Acorn, Tails Prowler, Antoine(for some reason), and Robo-butt pictures all up in the soon to be reachable Knothole gallery.

1.) Started the Knothole Village gallery. For anyone who doesn't know already, that means Sonic pictures for all! I finished Sonic's gallery but the link to the entire Knothole Gallery wont be up untill it's finished.

1.) I FINISHED THE LAST POKEMON GALLERY TODAY! WHERE ARE THE FIREWORKS?! It's taken since August 16th! Now all I have to do is make the other 3 non-pkmn galleries.

1.) Finished the Trainer Convention. It's all the group pictures. I started stealing pic.s for it yesterday and I uploaded all 37 today! That's alot to upload. Well, it's done. One more Pokémon gallery remaining: The Indigo Platue. 2.) New pic. count: from 679 to 716.

1.) I finished the Dojo gallery. The link is up and all the picture links work... I hope. 2.) I installed an automatic cursor for the site. You guys like the cool Pikachu cursor? 3.) New pic. count. From 560 to 677. That's 117 pictures just in the Dojo! I'm doing all this at record speed so it'll be done before I leave. 4.) I added the Missingo pictures into the Cinnabar gallery because Missingo is technically a fire type in the game. 5.) Because of that, the new pic. count is 679.

1.) It's all the gallery. 2.) Get this... Can you say bad from good? My Pocket Pikachu reset himself!!! I'm so pissed!!! I've had him for exactly a year, getting him off someone else last November. I turned him on on the bus and the starter screen I hadn't seen for a year came on! Grrr... I said 'bad from good' because I think I know why it reset. A Pocket Pikachu counts how many time you shake it. It can only count to 999999. My number was up in that range so once I reached 1000000, it must of reset. In other words, it reset because I beat the game...

1.) Um.... okay, yesterday's a blur, I worked on the page but I think the comp. crashed so I didn't type updates. Anyway, today I still worked on the Dojo. Getting close... 2.) Oh, yeah! Now I remember why I didn't type upadates! I was incredablily pissed! I actually added 10 things to the anti-list yesterday.

1.) Worked entirely on the Dojo Gallery today. I'm diving into the galleries, nothing else on the page will be updated except for the Big Important News section. 2.) As formentioned, the only thing I did outside of the galleries was add a new News Report.

1.) Well, there's no update for the 11th but I did do work. I worked on the Cinnabar gallery yesterday. 2.) It must be a record. I finished two galleries today. Cinnabar Island and New Island. Yep, all Mewtwo pictures are up(oh, and Mew too). I'm going to work on the Wooded Trail gallery. It's of all the other people and trainers in the show. 3.) This is wierd. Can we say record setting? I finished the Wooded Trail gallery. The total picture count went from 482 to 545 to 560 to 593. Unfortunatly, I still have one MASSIVE gallery to make that's not even on the coming soon list. I need to make a gallery for all the non-elemental Pokémon. 4.) If anyone knows what I'm talking about; I met Entei today in GOLD.

1.) I did massive work on the Cinnabar Gallery. 3.) The new News Report is... ABOUT ENDLESS WALTZ! It's on Toonami right now as I type! GTG!

1.) ANTI DBZ ALL THE WAY! I added the Anti-dbz thing to the main page. It's nothing personal to anyone, but i hate DB/DBZ/DBGT. In other words, deal with it. If you're on this page, then you like Pokémon, so we still have one common aspect. So ignore the Anti-dbz thing and enjoy the page. 2.) Started the Cinnabar Gallery. Yeah, I'm a busy little trainer. I have a limited amount of time to get this page done, so I have to go turbo speed on this.

1.) Yay! Finished the Cellidon Gallery! 2.) Ohs, if anyone cares, I tecnically beat GOLD two days ago. I got the 16th badge. I just have to go beat Ash/Red at Mt. Silver. 3.) New pic. count-482. 4.) One more of my GOLD reports. I ran into Suicune.

1.) I was all fired up to work on the Celliodn Gallery... comp. crashed... Well, i did work on it, just not as much as I hoped to. 2.) New news report.

1.) Hehe! Read the new News Report, you'll know why my bad day ain't so bad anymore. 2.) I finished the Philosophies section by writing the last essay I originally said I whould. Whew, that's done... The galleries are leaning over me like a guillotine... 3.) Aw... I had to take the big "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" from the main page. Oh, well. I still got the R from my custom so it's okay. 4.) I decided to put a movie poster pic infront of the the movie write up link in the movie section. There is still a section for all the posters I've found for that movie after the write up as well. Uh... I still only have one write up anyway...

1.) Riding lesson, Football game, Homecoming dance. I was busy yesterday. Today was mearly touch up work for the page, unfortunatly. We need two phone lines. Someone was on the phone so I didn't even get an hour online. Sorry, guys. I did add the page motto at the top of the main page. Ahem; Stormy and Mewtwo's Pokémon Page -[Taking the American Hype out of a Japanese Anime]-. Gotta' love it. Whoops, comp. time is up(over by 6 minutes). Sayonara for now.

1.) I wrote an new essay today for the Philosophies section. It's on evolution stones. I thought it was pretty damn good.

1.) If I hadn't procrastinated so much I could have been done with that quiz alot sooner than today. I finished the HARD version quiz today. Try your luck! If I can, I'll get Indigo Plateau background music for it. 2.) :::shruggs::: Heck, might as well put an update gif nexted to the bios along with the quizes. It was only 10 days since the bios were updated.

1.) I disabled all the message boards on the polls. You had to register to use them anyway so it was the best idea.

1.) HAPPY HALLOWEEN from The Rocket Princess! 2.) Even with my All Hallows Eve agenda, I did manage to get the Bellsprout pictures done and upload my Weepinbell pic.s. Not sure when Cellidon will be in the gallery, but it should be soon.

1.) Sorry, I didn't get any work done today. I need to put finial touches on my Halloween custume. I have to improvise on some aspects of it. Kuso, I wanted it perfect. It'll be close enough.

1.) Is it just me or is my hit counter not working? Someone e-mail me if it works, or if it doesn't.

1.) Go ahead. Guess what I gonna' be for Halloween. I'll just tell ya. A member of Team Rocket, decked out in blue. How fitting.

1.) I was busy with other computer type stuff today so I only got some minor woek done on Cellidon.

1.) The only way to fix that poll was to delete it and make a new one. There is now a voting limit of 5 and all previous votes are gone. 2.) Worked on the Cellidon Gallery. Added alot o' pic.s. Bellsprout pictures are uploaded and ready to go up tommorrow. Not sure on the premiere date for the city.

1.) Worked on the Cellidon City gallery. All grass Pokémon. I've done Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and I've uploaded all the Venusaur pictures to put up tommorrow. 2.) Problem with the new booth. Technically, this should be the 1st update. I can't take the CRAZY MODE off of the favorite anime booth. I'm gonna' go see if I can fix that and set the limit to 5. 3.) Can't fix it. 4.) I put up 10 Venusaur pictures. I'm looking for more. 5.) It dawned on me while I was making the Cellidon Gallery that I have more Bulbasaur pictures than Pikachu pictures. Huh, how'd that happen? 10/24/00 1.) Added a NEW BOOTH today. VOTE FOR YOU'RE FAVORITE ANIME! Remember; Mewtwo is Watching. 10/22/00 1.) I got the Lavender Town gallery up today. It didn't take long because the only Pokémon in that city are Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar. I'll add some of the ghost Pokémon over 150 when I find enough pictures. 2.) There is a new philosophy up. 3.) I've finially put the character's Japanese names up with their bios. For some reason I just never did untill now. 4.) WE WON AN AWARD TODAY! 5.) I took my calculater to the galleries and took a new inventory. No longer are there 245 pictures. New count: 413. 10/21/00 1.) Wow, once agian, the stuff you don't relize. I never put up any pictures for Lapras in Cerulean. Well, they're up now. 2.) Jim Launcher submitted his poems the page today. 10/20/00 1.) I got the Saffron Gallery done. It must be a record for me, then agian, there are only 6 Pokémon galleries, and I couldn't find any pictures of Sabrina(decent ones anyway...). I'll take donations! 2.) I updated the main page with afew of my blue pokéballs. Love the look :::grins:::. 10/19/00 1.) I worked on the Saffron Gallery today, sorry, not much to report besides that. The weekend's coming so hopefully I can get some stuff done. 10/18/00 1.) :::Sigh agian::: Today was just.. today... 50megs wouldn't connect. Finially it did but my comp. time was running out. I'm thinking about starting write ups and stuff on the games(yeah, another page project). I made a section today with my stats from all my Pokémon games. I'll put that with the game info. if I ever get that done along with the Saffron gallery, the HARD quiz, fixing my polls, getting more RPG members(join!), ect... ugh... 10/17/00 1.) :::Sigh::: Ever had one of those days...? When nothing goes right, you feel like killing something, and you pray to Mewtwo to help you do so? Well, today was something like that. I did get a few pictures up... I didn't get to tape SM because of, let's just say technical VCR problems... And at the rate I'm going, although this has nothing to do with you people like my SM thing, I probably wont get to play Pokémon Gold today either. 10/16/00 1.) Didn't get on th comp. yesterday but I did do some thing better, for me. I GOT POKEMON GOLD! Love the game, it seems kinda' easy though... 2.) The hit counter reached 251 today, ironicly enough. Damn, I should have been watching for when it hit #150. ^__^ 3.) I've started work on the Saffron gallery! I love Saffron City for hopefully obvious reasons. More on that tommorrow if I finish my HW on time and my Gameboy stops talking to me! 10/14/00 1.) There is a new News Report up an the main page about the premiere of the Jolt League. 10/13/00 1.) Happy friday the 13th! I had three tests in school today so I'm sticking with the "Friday the 13 is lucky" theory. I did some cool stuffs for the page. I finished the Fushia Gallery!! Atleast I think I got all the poison and bug pkmn... 2.) We got a new poll! This is one of the cooler ones(then again they all kick arse), it's for favorite anime couple. Vote people! 3.) Hehe... I wrote a fanfic today and put it on the page. It's Tom of Toonami and Jonny Bravo of JBVO argueing over who gets better ratings. ^_^ That was so much fun to wright. I love Tom, he rules. 4.) The dumb things you don't notice... Exatly 20 days ago I made the YKYOWPKMNW section, and it's taken me this long to relize that I never put a link to it on the main page untill now... Oh, well! I wrote a Tom-fic.! I'm still something close to happy! 10/12/00 1.) Picture Galleries added today: Weezing, Scyther, Pinser. Dang, it seemed like alot more than that... 2.) I'm gonna' add a bio for Tracey, ONCE I CAN FIND A PICTURE OF THE GUY! 10/11/00 1.) Wows, I got a decent amount of work done on the Fushia Gallery, who's finish date is still unknown. I got the Venomoth, Grimer, Muk, Lickitung, and Koffing pic.s done. 10/10/00 1.) More Fan Art up today, alot more I believe. 2.) I added a new site to the links area(I had to in order to get a link to this page on it :::groan::: The stuff I do...). 10/9/00 1.) I added some more fanart today guys. 2.) 50megs was giving me guff but I think it's cool now(once Mewtwo had a 'chat' with the 50megs opperaters. May they rest in pieces.....). 10/8/00 1.) Well, 'everything changes'. I changed the intro to the page which was about the oldest standing thing on there. Oh well, it's sounds less amateur now. 2.) The hit counter reached 200 today! 3.) I actually got stuffs done today! I got a whole new gallery up! Yeah, I know, I'm not done with the Fushia Gallery yet but I decided to make the Fan Art section today. I skipped over several galleries that I had planned to make in order. Hee, whatever. So come on people! My Fan Art is lonely! Submit yours! 10/7/00 1.) Okay, now, on first glance you would say that I did nothing with the page today but I did, uh, sorta'. I didn't exatly add anything but I was gathering information and knowledge for upcoming things on the page, not to mention creating pictures. So, if anyone complains that I didn't do anything today, TAKE IT UP WITH MEWTWO! 10/6/00 1.) The Philosipher(who can't spell) has been at work! There is an essay up in the Pokémon Philosophies section! To tell ya the truth, I wrote it on the 18th of September but just put it up today - -;;. 10/5/00 1.) I got a new video clip uploaded, the downloads section is coming slowly because of uploading problems. No big, it's gettin' there. 2.) Looks like I forgot about the galleries agian huh? ^_^;; 10/4/00 1.) New News Report! It's all on the Jolt/Johto League. 2.) There is a new quote of the day(duh, that makes sence). 3.) Success! Well, okay, something acomplished. I got the 1st movie clip uploaded into the Downloadables section I'm working on. Ironic, it's of Team Rocket. 10/3/00 1.) We now have an Old Quotes section. Basically, what people have already said. 2.) I tried uploading stuff like MP3z, wallpaper, and movies, but I'm having some problems with it. The MP3z and Movies won't load and the Wallpapers need to be higher quality, atleast I got one up but it's gonna' be alittle bit for the others. 10/2/00 1.) DON'T YOU JUST HATE THOSE DAYS WHEN SOME SELFISH JERK STAYS ON THE DAMN COMPUTER FOR 6 AND A HALF HOURS?!(literally) So, total work done on the site toady: ZILCH. 10/1/00 1.) You know I'm busy when I only add one thing to the page. In the links section, I added the site's banner. Please take it and put up a link to me on your site. 9/30/00 1.) Parasect pic.s today and Venonat 9/28/00 1.) My Fushia Gallery has returned from the dead. I'm working on it agian, and I've added my Paras pic.s. The link's not up yet but, hopefully, it will be soon. 9/27/00 1.) Worked on the HARD quiz that I apparently forgot about. Abycat, a member of the RPG changed her name to Lenia, sounds WAY too much like Lexia. 9/25/00 1.) Me, Stormy, and Mewtwo all got our two-cents in at the bottom of the page. Mewtwo's being social as always. - -;; 9/23/00 1.) I have added the YKYOWPKMNW list. I encourage people to add to it. ^_^ 9/22/00 1.) Uh... Tom's not dead. Yay! I'm happy! I guess I totally jumped the gun but I got some things out all this. The idea for the BIG IMPORTANT NEWS section, my TOM SHRINE, and my QUOTE OF THE DAY thing. Which I all added yesterday but I today put up a new news report and a new Quote from yesterdays "Animes come and go but one thing that always stays the same is Tom" to todays "Alright, this thing is officially making me crazy!". So, hey, I actually made a mistake but the page got new sections. There is also an OLD NEWS section now were you can still read my spazz attack about Tom. 9/21/00 1.) They killed off Tom on Cartoon Network! I'm so pissed off. Due to that, I added the BIG IMPOARTANT NEWS part to the main page and made that the BIG NEWS. Becuase it is! I loved Tom! He was soo cool! I will be adding a Tom shrine to this page. 9/20/00 1.) Cristal, our new RPG member, name has been added to the site. 9/19/00 1.) I added like 1 picture to the Main page(the official Pokémon trainer pic. Ha! Right! I am not official by any means). Yeah... I did alot today...(you could cut the sarcasim with a beam saber). 9/18/00 1.) Damn, I'm skiping days on the updates. Well, hey, I'm busy. Anyway I put a warning on the mouse over text for this section about there being some foul language here and there, just so no one gets mad. 2.) The hit counter reached 100 today! 9/16/00 1.) I added a new poll, it is a poll where you can vote for your favorite part of the page! You can vote as many times as you want! 9/15/00 1.) Have you ever had one of those fuckin' days when you just can't get any fuckin' thing to go your way?! Well, that was my day! Once agian, I am using this section to bitch. I hate school, and today was no exception, I hate this damn Fraturday thing on WB because they keep putting new episodes on on Friday and I keep missing them! I HATE THE WORLD! What a damn, good for nothing day! I know it sounds totally obsessive but I want to tape the new episodes and an episode I was waiting for was on today and I missed it! I actully wanted to tape it, and I missed it! Since this is a Pokémon page, I'm sure a good number of you can some whatly understand all this. I just wish everyone who make everything miserable should be dead! Err... I'm gonna' kill something! Hey, Mewtwo, wanna' come with? 2.) Well, ::stands in a pill of burning rubble:: I think I've calmed down now... (who am i kidding?). So, anyway, I added pic.s to the non-existent Fushia gallery. I need more time to work on this site but sch... schh.. s..c..h..ool. There, i said it, it takes alot of time out of the day, and my energy, and my sanity. 3.) I added sch... sch... school to Mewtwo's Anti List. 9/14/00 1.) Why is there no updates part for the 14th? I thought I did some stuff... hmm... I think I added that Coming soon part. Whatever! Well, congradulate me! I got the music on the main page to work! It's Gundam Wing. ^___^ 2.) Why is this Fushia City gallery taking so long? Hmph, well, it'll be done soon. 9/12/00 1.) I finished the Are you a Dubby? quiz. It is now up. 2.) I add the Nidoking pictures(my second attempt). 3.) I tried some rearranging with the shrines but decided against it. 9/11/00 1.) Hehe. I got a Chansey figure in the Poptarts box. ^_^;; Yeah, I'm a little psyco. 2.) I added a new voting booth. This one is for your favorite pokémon attack. 9/10/00 1.) Number 14 on Mewtwo's anti list got a real work out this moring. Number 14 on Mewtwo's anti list is Stupid VCRs that don't tape Anime shows when you tell them to. Yes, I am about to bitch. Ahem, Pokémon is now on at 8:30AM, not 9:00. I got up late(8:48) so I got downstairs after half of Pokémon was over. Now, the deal is that I always tape the new Pokémon episodes and since I'd missed the beginning of this one, afew choice words went though my mind. Anyway, I hit Record on the VCR. I figured that at least I can get the last 15 minutes on tape. Well, after the episode, I hit Rewind to see how much I'd gotten. Kuso, that was the right word. It had taped channel 36 instead of Kids WB! And it had taped over the last few seconds of the episode before it! :::sigh::: Yeah, it was a bad day for the the VCR and me. What? These things make mad. 2.) Anyway, about the page. I did some work on the soon to be up Fushia gallery and I did a personal Spell Check on the wite up for Mewtwo Strikes Back. I fixed some errors, nothin' much. I had a busy day otherwise. 9/8/00 1.) I'm workin' on the Fushia gallery nexted. It shouldn't take too long. 9/7/00 1.) The Vermillion Gallery is done! 9/6/00 1.) Well, on to the nexted town. The Vermillion Gallery is nexted and I'm in the process of building it now. 2.) Has anyone ever noticed how many less electric Pokémon there are than water? Technically the Vemillion gallery is done but I need to add more pictures of Surge first. 9/5/00 1.) IT'S DONE! IT'S FINALLY DONE! The Cerulean Gallery is finially done and the link is up. :::sigh::: It took so long... Well, at least now I can move on the other many galleries I have to make. 9/4/00 1.) By giving up EZweb the computer no longer crashes. I got alot of work done on the Cerulean gallery and it will soon be up. 2.) The Coming Soon section is up in the gallery. 9/3/00 1.) :::Sigh::: Yup, this comp. hates me, or 50megs has a bug. I was able to get some work done on that gallery but it's going very slowly do to a CRASHING problem the comp./50megs is haveing. 9/2/00 1.) Computer... all it wants to do is crash... so, all i could add was one line of text in the Cerulean gallery whose link still is not up. 9/1/00 1.) The RPG was reformated to a new server. It's easier to use now. 8/31/00 1.) WHY?! School started agian! Damn it! I HATE SCHOOL! Well, I shall still work on this site. 8/30/00 1.) Crash city. That's all the comp. wanted to do yesterday was crash every 5 minutes. But, I still got some work done on that pesky Cerulean galery. 8/29/00 1.) There are so many water pokémon! The Cerulean gallery is taken' awhile. 8/28/00 1.) I didn't get on the comp. yesterday. :-[ So I din't get to work on the site. 2.) I spent all day, mostly, on the Cerulean gallery. The link'll be up soon. 8/26/00 1.) Character Bios are up. Are these updates getting shorter? 8/25/00 1.) Workin' on the bios. 8/24/00 1.) Mewtwo's shrine has been updated. 8/23/00 1.) The Viridian City gallery is up! Team Rocket pic.s for all! 8/22/00 1.) The Pewter gallery is finially finished! I'll be adding more pic.s to it of coarse but it's finally at a respectable level! 8/21/00 1.) The time that I had on the comp. today, I worked on the soon to be quiz section. 8/20/00 1.) Proud Member of C.U.R.E. picture up. Hey, I don't like Chibi-Usa. 2.) The Pewter Gallery is almost finished! The link will be up tomorrow. 8/19/00 1.) I'm working on the quiz section. 2.) The fanfics link is up. I'll be uploading some of my old ones and I'd love to get ones from you people. 3.) There is one fanfic up. It's Mewtwo VS. Gokou, written by me. To any Gokou fans, Gomen Nasai. 4.) Galleries are in work. I can SAFELY say, with out a doubt, that the galleries will take the longest to get up :::sigh:::. 8/18/00 1.) Sailor Earth and Setsuna's Tuxedo Mask shrine is up. 2.) Working on the Pewter gallery. 3.) The links page is up. But... why are there more Sailor Moon links? 4.) Sonic shrine has been slightly updated. 5.) Some of the 'BACK' links are up. The ones in the gallery, updates, and shrines. I think that's all of them. 6.) THE RPG LINK IS UP ON THE MAIN PAGE!!! 8/17/00 1). The Sonic shrine is up. It's not much but it's there. 2.) I put up the poems and quote section. Okay, on to the gallery! 2.) The gallery's been updated with more Ash and Pikachu pictures. 3.) The Ask The Master section is up. I'll need your help to fill that part. 4.) The Guest has been put up. 8/16/00 1.) The Pallet Town gallery is up. There are only afew pictures there right now but at least it's up... um, sorta'. 2.) The movie section is up but there is only 1 link and it's not done. GTG, thunder and lightning. (afew hours later) I'm back, the write up on Mewtwo Strikes Back is finished and the posters for the movie are up. 8/15/00 The page has begone! In one day I have, made a main page, added polls(fav. pkmn and fav. charecter), made the main page for the gallery, made the shrine's main page, created Mewtwo's shrine and Mewtwo's Anti page. Oh, and the updates section which you are in now. More to come.