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(This page "Feature of the Week" from 4/12/01-6/23/01)
And (9/21/01-10/28/01)

Welcome Toonami faithfuls. I decided that I should make a sub-section dedicated to Toonami. Why? No clue. So here it is; STORMY AND MEWTWO'S PAGE: TOONAMI SECTION.

Since the Beginning, There has Been one Mission; Blaze a Path Across the Universe...

Dragonball 5:00 // Dragonball Z 5:30 & 6:00 // Dragonball GT 6:30

Last line up change: March 29?
Formor Line Ups (if u care)

(Shown movies)

Shows of the Past
Ronin Warriors formorly 4:00 // Intruder formorly 5:00 // Batman formerly 4:00&6:00 // Sailor Moon formerly 4:00
// Gundam Wing formerly 4:00&4:30 // CardCaptors formerly 5:00&5:30 // Big O formerly 5:30 // Mobile Suit Gundam formerly 5:00 // Lockdown formerly 6:00 // 08th MS Team formerly 5:00&12:30 // Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 formerly 12:30 // Superman fomerly 5:00&6:30 // Outlaw Star formerly 12:30 // Zoids formerly 5:00 // Tenchi formerly 5:00 // Thundercats formerly 5:00 // Reboot formerly 5:00&5:30(Fridays) // Zoids & Zoids CC formerly 4:00 // Dragonball formerly 5:00 // He-Man formerly 6:30&5:00 // Batman Beyond formerly 6:00 // Kenshin formerly 6:30 // Cyborg 009 formerly 6:00 // Transformers Armada formerly 6:00 // Justice League formerly 5:00 // YuYuHakesho formerly 5:30 // SD Gundam formerly 5:00 // Astroboy formerly 5:00 // and many more....

Midnight Run
No Longer Runs: DBZ 12:00 // Dragonball 12:30
Old MN Runs

Toonami Comment of the Day
(4/15/04) "You can shove Toonami into a corner, you can cut its weekly air time by 60%, you can sr*w its loyal viewers... but ya know what, Cartoon Network? Toonami still has loyal viewers, loyal since the days of Moltar, loyal since Tom was 3foot-nothing, and more loyal to Toonami than to any half-baked, second-class, children-aimed block that you, or anybody else can concock. Only Toonami!"
formor comments



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