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(starting with most recent.)

2/29/04 "Make your own path, before the snow melts"

7/31/03 "45 seconds is Plenty of time!"
--Tom (New Toonami intro.)

2/15/03 "We will not be intimidated by crimal threats."
--Toonami Commercial

6/10/02 "If I weren't so excited, I'd be confused!"

12/5/01 "Do not test the limits of MY power!"
--Mewtwo (Mewtwo Returns, 2001)

8/18/01 "I do not except this world... To it, I will always say 'No'."
--Blue Sub. 6

6/13/01 "I will give him a chance. He will be allowed to fight, and you will be left in no doubt which of us is stronger."
--Lord Voldemort (harry potter book 4)

4/12/01 "Don't run from your past..because the past eventually catches up."
--Setsuna(sailor moon) quote thanks to Princess

2/13/01 "A failed mission means death but my card hasn't come up yet"
--Heero Yuy (gundam wing)

1/13/01 "I am the new angel of death! Yours!"
--Zidane Tribal(FF9)

12/6/00 "Lead and get shot down, follow and be ignored till needed, or just get the hell out of my way."

10/21/00 "All's fair in love, war, life, death, Pokémon battles, and Team Rocket."

10/?/00 "If they made a shrine to Psyduck, they weren't ancient, they were lost"

9/22/00 "Alright, this thing is officially making me CRAZY!"

9/21/00 "Animes come and go but one thing that always stays the same is Tom."