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Topic:Toonami's New Look, again...

---8/29/04 Hello everyone. I appriciate your patience during this diffecult time for me. Anyway, I am currently secluded from alot of things and I do not know how much time I will be able to allot to our space here. Could be more, could be less. What am I talking about? IT'S CALLED COLLEGE!!! Yeah, so I'm really unsure of how things are going to play out. Please check back with us to see what's up. At this point in time I simply have no idea. Thank you for your understanding.

Topic:Toonami's New Look, again...

---6/21/04 Well, it's been abit of time since the last update. Rightfully so, I hate to add. Let's just say this webmaster ran into afew too many time-demanding-affairs in the recent weeks. Okay, to pick up where we left off--> Toonami is now on Saturdays from 7:00pm to 11:00pm. Their schedule has been changing every week so our Toonami Section hasn't been recording it. It's seems to have somewhat stabilized, however. Just afew comments: Duel Masters is AWEFUL, or atleast its dub is. An anime that makes fun of itself isn't really worth the time watching. Rave Master is another new, trying-to-be-hip show that falls short. However, it doesn't fall as far as Duel Masters, which is in the botom of the Grand Canyon. MEGAS XLR is the American-born show and I have to say it's not too shabby. While the plot isn't exactly sound, the show is humorus while still keeping the viewer interested. I like it, anyway. Gundam Seed is very cool. It utilizes more CG than any previous Gundam series and also uses the newer style of animation. Nonetheless, the story is good and the characters appropriate. I haven't seen enough yet to draw any other conclusions.
As for Tom, Sara, and the Absolution. CN gives no explanation for what's going on. Why are they stopped at this planet? What are those little bug-type clydes digging for? Why the HECK does Sara have a holographic form and (what looks like) a barré? No answers... what's new? Keep a look out, though. That's all I've got to say for now. Later.

Topic:Pokémon Coliseum

---4/13/04 It's about f*'in time that Angelfire decided to work! Alright, it's come to our attention over the past two weeks that Cartoon Network is not only srewing Toonami, but Toonami's loyal fans well. You may or may not have noticed the commercials which have been running about "A New Look" starting Saturday, April 17th. Well, I don't want to jump the gun but it appears to seem that Toonami is relocating..... yes, I want to cry.... This week Toonami is continuing it's two-hour-block of Dragonball/DBZ/DBGT, which is a pathedic thing to do if indeed what we predict is about to happen.... I don't know... to be honest, CN has done so much sh*t to Toonami in last two years that this upsets me greatly but doesn't surprise me... 7pm to 11pm is more air time than Toonami has ever had in the past, and it'll be running new shows, but what a horrible time slot. 0kay, I wont get into this more than needed. If you would like more info you can check out, or if you want to chat briefly about it, feel free to e-mail

Topic:Pokémon Coliseum

---2/18/04 Hey people! I'll be brief in this one, altough a report is LONG over due. Two words; Pokémon Coliseum!!! Preorder it now! For you lucky people w/ GameCube's. It is to be released on March 22, if preordered, with a free T-shirt and a bonus disc with a preview of the upcoming movie. THIS THING LOOKS AWESOME, the game I mean(probably the movie too). BUT THE GAME!!! Completely platform 3D, all new characters, new Pokémon, new attacks, new bad guys, new quest!!! You'll start seeing commercials soon, I saw one today, as a matter of fact. Agg... so pretty. You can upload your Saphire and Ruby pokémon into the game for the battle mode(similar to Pokémon Stadium). For you lucky people w/ GBA's... But the real fun is a RPG! It's Pokémon meets Kingdom Hearts in animation style.... but it's Pokémon! Check it out and look for it! Don't forget about the disc with the Jirachi preview(see OLD NEWS, below), and, hey, a t-shirt. One month, w00t. Till then, but hopefully before.

Topic:IGPX, Next Gen. Pokémon, and Starscream

---12/9/03 I do not think this page has ever gone SO long without a new news report. I have to apologize as several newsworthy events have happened in the last 3 months and I have simply neglected to post anything about them. I'll try to catch up.
After Toonami's IGPX trial back in September, they hosted a contest to win a PS2 and a copy of Jak2. This promotion came with a very cool add featuring Tom and Jak on a couple of virtual jet-bikes. Unfortunately, CN never gave Tom and Sara their yearly moment in the sun. I guess it was this event that sullened me enough to not want to type a report about it, and it went down hill from that point.
If you venture over to, you'll see that a few important events have been taking place. Nintendo went on the road with their new "third generation" Pokemon in a tour called "Pokemon Rocks America". If you got to go to it, awesome, it never came near this area. Anyway, the new Pokemon-Edition GBA SPs are out, featuring Kyogre and Groudon on the cover. I dunno', I still like my GBC with Pikachu, Togepii, and Jigglypuff on it. ALSO, a "new" Pokemon has been introduced; Jirachi, a pokemon that will awaken after a 1,000 years sleep if song to in a voice of purity. After that, Jirachi will grant any wish. The story is that Jirachi will be the star of THE NEXT MOVIE, so watch out.
On a final note, what really made me decide to get back into the reports was yesterday's episode of Transformers Armada. I know, it's a lousy rip-off of the old show. Despite this, I was moved by yesterday's episode. In the original Transformer's movie, Starscream is destroyed by Galvatron in a rather impromptu manor. Armada has taken the old movie and rewritten it into several episodes called the "Unicron Battles". In yesterday's episode, Starscream was destroyed but in a much more glorious way. Before I go on, I need you all to know somethings; I was not an avid fan of the original, I am not an avid fan of Armada, I never liked the Decepticons or Starscream, however I do like to say that I like Transformers. Anyway, in ARMADA, Starscream had been flipping back and forth from Autobot to Decepticon. The Autobots wanted to join forces with the Decepticons in order to defeat Unicron but Galvatron wouldn't hear it. In a skirmish with Galvatron, Optimus Prime is saved by Starscream who believes that the Autobot's are right. He starts fighting Galvatron but can't destroy his programed-leader. Starscream allows himself to get run through by the Star-saber... He tells Glavatron that all he ever wanted was respect and that's why he went to Optimus, but he had taken an oath to Galvatron and hence couldn't kill him. Starscream takes a last, powerful shot at Unicron which destroys him. I guess I just felt bad about the whole thing and needed to type about it, so hence my news reports restarted. Thanks, Starscream.


---9/6/03 Okay, I'm alittle miffed about this one. Let me explain afew circumstances. Toonami has been running a trailer for IGPX, Immortal Grand Prix, for the last two weeks. It looks like another mech-animé. Now, it starts on September 15. Why is this strange you ask? Well, the first thing I noticed was that it is going to be on at 6:30 BEFORE Dragonball. That would either mean that Toonami will be running until 7:30 or, what is more likely, that each episode of IGPX is extremely short. The second odd thing, and more important, is that it is starting on September 15. The third week of September for the last 3 years has been reserved for a Toonami mini-series starring Tom and Sara(see Old News back to 9/21/00, 9/16/01, and 9/18/02). Okay ... what does this all mean? Well, if you mosey over to you can watch a preview of IGPX and underneath it reads, "Tune in for a different episode each day, then go online and compete in the IGPX game. Watch Toonami for code power-ups and other goodies. Start your training on Monday, September 8, at" In other words, it seems like Toonami is taking a movie, cutting it up into fifths, showing 1/5 everyday, and making a game for it. One question: WHERE THE HELL IS THE CG TOM-SPECIAL WE'RE SUPPOSED TO GET EVERY YEAR?! I think "miffed" is a little understated. I'm not going to fly off the handle yet because with this whole thing should come some new graphics and special Toonami stuff. However, if Tom gets short changed because Cartoon Network is too lazy to continue its best tradition, then there'll be hell.

Topic:Tiny Itst Bitsy Gundam!!!

---8/29/03 Hey, people. Got some brief news to report. Get this, the cutest Gundam series is coming to Toonami. Yeah, that's right, the "cutest". It's called SD Gundam, or in other words, Super Deformed Gundam. It starts on September 1st so we can't give you alot of detail, but here's what I've gathered. The gundams aren't piloted by anyone, they're the actual characters themselves. They resemble little robot samurai. The cool thing is they look like the gundams you know and love, only... chibi("little"). The animation is done in that computer generated, flat, solid colors look. You'll have to see it.
Secondly, a new music video appeared once on Toonami, so far, anyway. It's... kind of odd. Completely computer generated, its a bunch of car racing around a city-type-setting. The main car flashs to the beat of the music. Now, look closely if you happen to see this video. The driver of the car has a helmet on OR is it Tom? You decide. Good luck.

Topic:Cyborg 009 and Toonami Mobile Game Unit

--7/31/03 HEY, HEY! Okay, about a week ago our DSL service went flooly and I have not been able to even get internet access, never mind update this site. Well, I am now, so here we go!
Okay, the 'new' Toonami has a NEW introdution! The thing which sets this opening apart from anyother is that Tom and Sara talk during it. It's rather funny. Instead of giving you a boring summary of the 1:00 intro., I'll suggest that you venture off to you're TVs at 5:00 and take a gander. Also, Kenshin is off Toonami for some aweful reason. I personally like YuYuHakusho, however, it would have made more sence for Toonami to have nixed Justice League instead of Kenshin. Right now Toonami is showcasing it's new show(no pun...), Cyborg 009, about nine cyborg's that were once normal people. Here's the best part: It's vintage 1979 animé! The original, black&white version is from 1960, and it was remade in 1979. Cool, huh? You can tell by the drawing but was recently dubbed into English so don't worry about any cheesy "Scooby-Doo" puns.
Okay1 Col stuff: Toonami Mobile Game Unit. Thaaaat's right, you heard me. Okay, it was awhile ago in ths area but you cane check out to the Watch section) to see if it's still en route to your state. Here's what it is: It's a portable trailer with Tom on it(aw man, it looks SO cool). When it opens up there are four game stations featuring the newest game Tunnel Rush(see the demo at When I went you could recieve a shirt just for playing. If you score above 50,000, you got a Toonami bag, and above 75,000 was a new-style watch. Now, get this they were out of the bag AND watch when I went. Bummer. The shirt is awesome though.
So, people, I hope to fix this place up(specificly the Toonami Section(notice a pattern?)). Check on back often!
Ja ne!

Topic:Toonami's Major Change

--3/16/02(Part 1) Our dear guests, we must tell you that the last three weeks have been the worst possible time for us not to have updated. We are going to try and attempt to tel you about the MAJOR stuff that's been going on. Firstly, Pokémon Saffire and Ruby commercials have begun airing. *There are over 100 new Pokémon!* These games are only for GBA, however, good luck trainers!
In the BIGGEST news that I can't BELIEVE we are just geting to now, is all about Toonami. Alright, three weeks ago, Feb.24, was Giant Robot Week. All week long from 4pm-5pm, Toonami showed such things as Robotech, Nedesco, Evangelion, and Gigantor. Let's get to the REALLY BIG STUFF. On March 3rd, at 4pm, Toonami didn't come on! Well, after waiting an hour, the biggest thing ever to surprise us concerning toonami happened. A new commercial came on, hosted by Tom.....3. Yup, before the regular Toonami started at 5pm, a new commercial came on with A NEW TOM! Shocking much? Here's the low-down. Toonam is revamping greater than it ecer has before. a New Tom, and even weired, A New Absolution! All of this is happening TOMORROW, MARCH 17, AT 5:00PM. To go along with the package is an online comic and game, not up yet. And Two New Shows! Yu Yu Hakasho came on March 3rd and tomorrow will start Kenchin. These are two very good shows, in our opinion.
So, let's review: Tomorrow marks a huge change for Toonami. Tom will change, the Absolution will change, and the line-up will change. You will have to judge these all for yourselves but we think that the new changes to Tom and the ship look like it's preparing for war. Let's all hope we can still see the sun rise on Toonami after tomorrow.
--5/11/03(Part 2) (retyping report #3).... In the last few weeks there have been several News-worthy events which have not been able to report on. We appologize for not being able to maintain the site recently. We also appologize to any visitors which have submitted to the Ask the Master Section and have not recieved a responce. To be honost, school can really bog one down. We assure you that we are doing all that is possible to maintain the needs of our site during the busy end-of-school-term season.
A few weeks ago Toonami under went some major changes. Tom, the host, has been revamped again, along with getting a totally new ship. They are now also playing two new, exciting shows: YuYu Hakusho(6:00) and Kenshin(6:30). While Toonami has lost its third hour, now starting at 5:00(est), the chances have almost made up for themselves. Usually any changes with Toonami are not readilly accepted at first, espeacially not changes of this caliber. Well, somehow, even though I do not fully approve of the new ship, the changes in Tom are actaully pretty cool. You'll have to form your own opinion. To catch the story on all the new changes, read the Flash comic at, it's a good one. New CToons of the all new Pokémon are avaliable at The new list is comprised of some odd looking new Pokémon which are sure to be packed with new surprises. Grab your GBAs, the new Ruby and Saphire games are gonna' rock.
p.s. Anyone out there who can come up with our solution to the loss of WB in our area, PLEASE drop us a line!
Later for now.

Topic:.Hack//Sign and Please Help Us!

--2/15/03 We are very sorry for not updating the news section in such a long time. We have been havig computer troubles. Trying to catch up: In the Toonami world, there is a new show on Saturday's called ".hack\\sign" written exactly that way. It's certainly worth watching, in our opinion. It's about an online RPG and a boy named Sukasa who can't log out. Sound weird? Well, for anyone who's ever played Diablo or anything like that, you may find this show amusing. The music is also increadible. If you remember, try catching it Saturday's at 3:00(EST). Also, Toonami has a fun new line up which is as follows: Zoids Chaotic Century, G-Gundam, Dragonball, DBZ, Batman Beyond, and Transformers Armada. He-Man can only be seen on Toonami's Saturday block. On an un-fun note, we will not be able to report on KidsWB Pokémon happenings for a while. Why is this, you ask. Our area is no longer recieving Boston's WB56 via cox communications. How much does that stink? If anyone out there has know-how on how to fix this, drop us a line( Laters.

Topic:PKMN 4-Ever and G-Gundam

--11/3/02 Okay, alot of stuff's been going on an we haven't had time to report about it. Let's see, the finals of the Pokémon mini-series, The Whirl Islands, ended yesterday, hope you all caught it. We haven't watched the tape yet so it's still a surprise waiting for us. I have no clue what is going on with the Pokémon Movie, really sorry about that. Actually, you know what, yes we do. It came out locally but I have no clue when. There were no commercials, no hype, no nothing. This is sickening. Well, if you can find it in a showcase near you go see it because I doubt it'll get alot of viewers with non-existant publicity. Grr... It got three stars according to our resources, better than number three.... ::sigh:: very depressed.
In any other news... G-Gundam is off the air, being replaced with Transformers Armada and He-Man, Hamtaro can only be seen on weekday mornings at 8:00am, Dragonball and DBZ are running two hours of Toonami (4:00-5:00, 6:00-7:00), and the funniest video game review was for a vollyball game(you'll have to see it for yourself). Well, I'll leave you all to make your own opinions about Toonami's screwwy line-up and KidsWB's horrible plan for Pokémon 4-ever... Sorry guys, guess there isn't a whole lot of good animé news out there these days...

Topic:Depressing Animé news all around...

--10/7/02 Yay! More Pokémon News! The fourth Pokémon movie is coming out! You heard me! Pokémon: A Timeless Encounter! Or, s America has dubbed it: Pokémon 4-ever, get it? Ah well. This final movie is about Celebi, number 251, the time-traveler Pokémon who is supposedly inside the GS ball, or so we've heard. It's only opening in select cities to start with. We'll have more information as the commercials become more abundant. In other, less exciting news, Hamtaro is off Toonami! The little hamster has disappeared with all his friends from the block! Guess what's in it's place? Batman Beyond. Yep, it's returned, taking our little Hamtaro away. Let's hope we get it back, and soon, that show was becoming extremely popular. Sorry for such a short report on such important subject, so little time. Later.

Topic:New Pokémon Games!

--10/4/02 Sorry for being behind on the reports, there's some stuff going on. Let's get to the big news first: POKEMON HAS NEW GAMES! That's right, the game series we all know and love has too new games entittled Ruby and Sapphire! To be released on November 21, 2002 in Japan, the new games feature 3D type effects, two-on-two battles, and.... AL NEW POKEMON! Yep, they did it again. We were right about the Kecleon thing(see oldnews). Honestly the new lot seems alittle... uninventive, like a shark, a water-bird, and a mushroom Pokémon whose pictures can be viewed at Poké Oh, and here's something you may not like: They are probably going to be on Game Boy Advanced, the first pkmn games to do so. If you don't have one, buy one if you want to play the two new games when they are released in America. In other news, After "Trapped in Hyperspace" Toonami went through afew changes. The graphics between shows are much cooler now and more advanced looking(GBA... GBA...GBA... oh, sorry). Also, as we discvered today, there is no longer an Inflight-Movie, Hamtaro was on today. Guess it didn't stick around for long. Okay, check in with ya later as more news unfolds, laters.

Topic:Trapped in Hyperspace

--9/18/02 Okay, so we haven't been good about things... I admit. Last year we had a new report up every day for Lockdown... Trapped in Hyperspace isn't worth it. Here's the speal: On Monday at 4:00pm Hamtaro came on like normal, then at the commercial break Trapped in Hyperspace started. It was "rushed" as one viewer put it. What happened was that the Absolution went into hyperspace, Sara said it wuld take afew hours to reach Earth, then things went fluey. A virus over took Sara's picture on the screen, laughing evily. Tom asked who he was and it replied with the corny dialog "Who am I? Who am I? That's for me to know and you to find out." Tom called for a cylde, said he was going to hack into the system, asked the little robot to wake him up if he was "dieing or something", then plugged into the bridge computer. The END. No more than a minute and a half. No get this, did you miss it? Well, you can catch the exact same thing AGAIN at 5:00 and 6:00. The only difference is a new game code. Okay, I'll say this, the game is ALRIGHT, not wonderful. It's short and if you upgrade your weapons with the codes it's EASY too. You're playing for CToons this year, not a team. That would be okay if they were Toonami CToons and not Mario ones(their sponsor)... Well, there are still commercial clips on TV that haven't been in the episodes yet so maybe it will get alittle better, but that's what we said last year and look where that got us... We'll put up another report either tomorrow or IF something really good happens... Later, Toonami Faithful.
--9/21/02(Part 2) Alright, go ahead and condemn this page for being bad Toonami fans, neglecting responciblity to Tom, and basicy... MISSING episode five...... I know basicly what happened... but I missed it..... Let's go over the basics of Trapped in Hyperspace. A virus infected the Absolution, trapping Sara and holding the ship in hyperspace on a crash course with Earth. Tom hooks up to the system in order to stablize the ship, get the navigation back up, and save Sara. The games are the interlude between shows, almost like fill in the blanks where you assume what's been going on. All the episodes follow the same format pretty much. Tom hooks up to the bridge, the engine room, and communications deck to get each job done. Supposedly in the last episode Tom is infected by the virus and you have to beat the last level to save him. The end of episode five was cute, what we saw, wen Sara says thank you to Tom for saving her and he just says "my pleasure" ^_^. Anyway, review time: Last year we compared Intruder and Lockdown but this year we'll just do general comparisons. Onair Show: Score of 5 out of 10. It was too short and too repeditive without telling you what was actually going on. Plus they played each episode three times EXCEPT number five! Online Game: Score is 7 out of 10. The graphics for Toonami get better every year. This year the game is finally 3D but it was very short and other than level four, we found it to be very easy. Comparison to the Past: Intruder lacked in game for what it made for in show. Lockdown lacked in show for what it made for in game. Trapped in Hyperspace lacked in substance of show and length of game. Over all score is about a 6 out of 10 because the ending was cute and the game was okay, if not simple and lacking thought on the players part, the idea was good but could have used more seasoning. Well, we are very disappointed in our failings to see episode five and are sorry that this year the reports were fewwer but Toonami needs to get it's act together and rehire Williams Street. Later.

Topic:The Whirl Island and Toonami Stuffs

--9/14/02 Okay, we are rapidly preparig for the up coming Trapped in Hyperspace event to take place in TWO DAYS on Toonami. In the meantime we have some other news aswell: Today at 10:02am on kidsWB the new series of Pokémon premiered: Pokémon Master Quest. The new intro. is SWEET, or as sweet as an American intro. can get anyway. Ash is off to the Whirl Islands where he learns about the "Whirl Cup", a water Pokémon competition that is taking place in a month. Ash and Misty decided to enter and then go off to compete in the qualifying rounds on three other Whirl islands. This should beworth watch poké-fans, keep an eye on it. Speaking of, your other eye should still be on Toonami, or where you can now play a training mode version of the game that will go along with the mini-series. It's SO MUCH fun, check it out, the loading time isn't that bad een for a dial-up so it's a fun time had by all ^_^. See you on the net and the Whirl Islands, later.


--9/3/02 AHH! 0kay, that was a good AHH because GET THIS! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. At 5:57pm, about 22 minutes ago, there was a Toonami ad, bt not just ANY ad. You got it! Intruder and Lockdown's successor: Trapped in Hyperspace, we think that's what it's called anyway. All we call tell so far is that something goes wrong with the Absolution's HyperSpace thing and they get stuck on a collision course with Earth and it's up to Tom, and us, to save both. Matters to worry about: Sara gets put offline or something and this red dude takes his place. Hopefully though we shouldn't have to worry too much because, ya know, Tom and Sara are cute and it would be weird for Tom to have a guy AI. Maybe it's the "Bob" AI mentioned on, the supposed newer model AI. Okay, well, it starts SEPTEMBER 16, the first mini-series since Intruder to start at 4:00pm. We'll keep you updated like always. Jump for Joy, Toonami Faithful.

Topic:Transformers and the Whirl Islands

--8/26/02 Some stuff to report on: First up is Friday and Transfomers Armada. The new movie started at 4:00 ad ran untill about 5:30. The storyline is alittle funny, replacing the original Spike and Sparkplug with three seventh graders, and making the conflict over tiny robots called Midicons. The voices aren't that bad but we all miss Starscream's old voice actor, and Megatron seems to be the most re-made character. The entire thing is overly dubbed with extremely recycled voice actors and little evidence of a Japanese background, but all in all it's okay and the series should be a good half hour after school. Next! Pokémon! On Saturday there was a new commercial on during Pokémon for a new season called Master Quest The Whirl Islnds. It took awhile to piece together that the Whirl Islands are the islands in the game where you find Lugia. Basicly this is a season within a season so Ash and the guys are taking a break from the Jolt League and running of the Whirl Islands for alittle while starting September 14, enjoy!

Topic:What the HECK is a Kecleon?

--8/18/02 What the HECK is a Kecleon?! Okay, at 10:00am yesterday morning Pokémon came on with a new episode. What was wrong with this episode you may ask? Well, it starred a new Pokémon, and we mean new, like not anywhere on the 251 list. After looking over the chart and also consulting the pokedex we have found no evidence of any Pokémon by this name or this Pokémon by any other name. What does this mean? Well, you may recall that when Togepi and Marril first showed up they were unheard of too until they appeared officially on the new 152-251 list. The most likely story for this "Kecleon" then is that more new Pokémon may be to come. But who knows? Maybe nothing will come out of it. Right now the question is "What the heck is a Kecleon?". The other news we will report on in brief. This past Friday Toonami showed the new He-Man movie, Masters of the Universe. It turns out that a new series for He-Man will be on Toonami August 30th at 4:00 or 5:00. Also, Toonami was on today, yeah, Sunday, showing He-Man again, that puts Toonami on seven days a week! Lastly, there was a commerial on today for the new Transformers series. I know that the old trans-fans will hate the whole "midi" concept which focusses on these little upgrade type things the transformers fight over, but it doesn't look that bad, all things considered. Watch for it on Toonami. Later.

Topic:In-flight movies return

--8/9/02 Toonami in-flight-movies have returned! And right now Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is on, which started 10 minutes ago. But of course, we have something interesting to point out, like always. In the opening credits, the movie tittle came on and guess what it said. "Batman of the Future". For those who don't know and have never stumbled across any British Toonami sites, that's the UK name for Batman Beyond. So, any of you catching theflick right now, we're watched the overseas version, fun huh? All the voices are the same of course, but it's just fun to know. Oh, as for the Toonami grafics for the new INF, they have been revamped but are the same as last time, pretty much. The only differences are the graphics when the Absolution hits warp speed. Anyway, we can happily welcome back the Toonami INF's as part of the regular line-up now. Later people.

Topic:Zoids CC and G Gundam

--8/5/02 Okay, alotta' Toonami stuffs been going on and we gotta' catch up on it. Okay, Zoids Chaotic Century started last weeks. Well, it's not up to the original Zoids standards, at least not story wise. It's about a 17 year old kid named Van in a world where Zoids run wild and there's a war going on between the "Republican Army" and the "Empirial Army". The big difference over all is really the lost honor among the Zoids themselves. Besides the two Zoids with Van, they seem to get the bum rap as nothing more than tools of war, unlike the first series. There are many other things in the series that make little sence, such as Zoids being "born", the concept of wild Zoids, Zoids healing themselves, and rather than an organoid system like in the original now organoids are small Zoids that go into bigger ones. Yeah, well... The only plus side to Zoids CC so far seems to be the music. Watch it at 4:30 and see compare the tw series for yourself. Theother news is G Gundam, the next add on to the Gundam series which started today. We've only seen the fist episode but from wat we can tell it's a Gundam world of it's own. We'll try to bring you more on it. Lasty, the Friday in flight movie is back this week at 4:00. Check it out, see ya Toonami faithful.

Topic:Hamtaro restarts and other stuff

--7/24/02 Today at 4:00, Hamtaro came on when Toonami started, but what was different? Well, it was the first episode entittled, hey, "Hamtaro". Why are we reporting about this? Well, when Hamtaro came out we missed the first episode and never got to tell you about it, so here we go. In ep.1 Hamtaro moves into his new house, naws through a wall onto the roof, and ends up meeting Oxnard and Boss. Then they go to see Bijou, Boss's crush, and sing her a song. This song is acually the clip Tom watches in the opening so, hey, now we know where it's from. But, fear not Hamster fans, Hamtaro is not out of episodes. Acording to the ending credits there are more Hamsters to come, so we assume. But, of course, we missed the last episode -.-;;. Okay, in other Toonami news, we have something to rage about. Zoids is being taken off Toonami! And replaced with, grr, Zoids: Chaotic Century. This series is basicly Zoids meets Gundam which would be good thing if Zoids had ever been entended for that kind of thing. :::sigh::: Yes, we will be reporting on the new show, not with alot of happiness, but we will be. Lastly, here's some very good news for Transformer fans. The old-school-classic-anime has again been redone but well this time, or so we are told. The new show has been given the name Transformers: Armada. It will show on August 23 at sometime during Toonami, for more info., see, later. remake

--7/9/02 Well it happened again, and yes this is another Toonami report. has been remodeled and it's sadly lacking this time around. Basicly it just looks like another section of In the past the Toonami page has been more like a world of it's own but the new one has been gutted of all the information it once contained. Rather than detailed desciptions of show charactors, each show section is only a vague overview. Oddly enough, our own Toonami Section(below) still has pictures from the original in all working show sections. So, to wrap up, CN screwwed up again. They gave Toonami it's extra hour back but destroyed it's website.

Topic:KidsWB and Pokémon, what else?

--6/30/02 Hey let's update, okay then... Well, ther are afew things going on with KidsWB that the general public may want to know about. All this week you can go to and vote for your favorite guest stars from certain shows (ex. Batman on Static, the Paradox Brother on Yu-gi-oh, etc.). Now, the outrage here is that Pokémon wont be on this Saturday because it's not included in this guest star thing! I mean, gee, yu'd think thatthe longest running show on KidsWB would be included, they've had about a million temporary characters over their 200+ episodes. Geesh, speaking of WB's stupidity, they have a ne show coming called Mucha Lucha. It's a spanish-looking show about thse tiny little wrestler dudes. Okay, they already have that "Phantom Investigators" crud running at 11:30, now this. The kidsWB website has been remodeled, so look for the icon to this new show at the top of the page. Alright, let's all watch KidsWB go the way of FoxKids... so sad... laters peoples.

Topic:The New Block

--6/10/02 WE'RE BACK! Well, hopefully our page can get back to business now that ::shudder::: school is over. So.. let's see. Toonami has return to being three hours long, yay! And it's newest show, and only one showing new episodes, is Hamtaro, the cute little anime about a small hamster with big adventures. We found out the name of this show on Memorial day around 9:05pm. Now on May 30 we heard that Hamtaro is on at 7:00am on CN also. But why watch it so early during SUMMER when you can see it at 4:00pm sharp on our wonderful Toonami block? Speaking of, here's the new line up; Hamtaro(4:00), Zoids(4:30), Batman Beyond(5:00), The Powerpuff Girls(5:30), Dragonball(6:00), Dragonball Z(6:30). Yay, Zoids is back, but why are the Powerpuff Girls there? It's NOT anime... We also discovered, much to our delight, that Sailor Moon has returned, not to Toonami, but at 3:30, just before. Why it's not on Toonami and the Powergirls Girls are is unknown to us. We'll try to keep everything up to date on the page from now on, laters.

Topic:Lotta' Toonami Stuff

--5/23/02 Well, it's been awhile, we've ben really busy, so here's an overview of the last few week's events. One of Toonami's most recent contests was one of it's more interestng. They joined upwith Sunkist, the drink company, and gave away the grand prize of a Sunkist soda machine with Tom on it! Sweet, huh? The first place winners recieved limited edition Toonami bakpacks, the kind that swing around the side. The other contest they ran recently was more on KidsWB, and not the real Toonami, when the grand prize was an actual-sized Jango-fet(i can't spell it, starwars fans can hate me), from the new Star Wars movie. In other Toonami news, there's a new show coming to the lineup which will most likely replace the recently brought back Thundercats. The anime is about a little hamster, yes, a hamster, we'll have more iformation on this coing soon. The first commercial for it ws this past Monday, the 20th. Finally, has a new game up called Test Track. In this game you are gven a choice of cars, design, and tracks to race around. You are all by yourself, tere re no other cars to race against, whch is actually a good thing because you already have barrels and slugs to blast out of the way. Your car can have different color schemes such as the Toonami pattern, Superman pattern, Batman Beyond pattern, etc. As for the game, there are four or five different tracks. You need to beat the qualifying time on the first to the access the others. The trcks are called the Blob, the Slug, the Moby, and the Flipper. The game will keep track of your times while you play. The controls, sadly, stink. You are given a left-right turning system but are put at a bird's eye view of the track, making turning very confusing. Well, that's it for our news update. The page wil be revamped in aew weeks. Laters. Whoa! News flash! Think of it san Extra. At 5:43pm(e), during DragonBall, Toonami just announced that they will be, on June 3rd, returning to a three hour full schedule! That's right 4:00-7:00pm! Go Toonami! Yeah! Hee-hee.

Topic:Toonami's Brand New Intro!

--4/10/02 Day late report on a very important event! Yesterday at 5:00pm(e), Toonami came on, like always, yet with a brand new introduction! The graphics are the best they've ever been, taken straight from the 'Lockdown-style' of added details which stand out from the old-school stuff. The rest of the block hasn't been revamped yet. One step at a time. You'll have to see the intro. for yourself at 5:00pm. It features afew new areas of the Absolution including the machine room from Lockdown which displays the line up. Speaking of the line up, yet another change will soon occur. On April 15, uh, well, this isn't a good thing, ThunderCats is coming to Toonami at 5:00. This was advertised at 5:45pm during DragonBall. As a last bit of Toonami news(it's all over the place today), the legendary Lock Down games are returning to April 15th! While you wont be competeing in teams again with on air results that give you passwords everyday, the greatness of the games is all there. So Toonami's got alot going on and you can only catch it onair, online, and right here. Laters.

Topic:Toonami's Joker Day

--4/1/02 Okay, the Toonami people on this site are a little confused. Unfortunately, Toonami was not tune into over here untill 6:00 today. And low and behold, what do we see? Batman. Not Batman Beyond, but Batman the animated series. We wait a little while and as the commercials come on we find that it is "Joker Day." Oh, okay. So Toonami is running a Joker Marathon. After the 6:00 show ends at 6:30, there is another surprise. The camera pans to the bridge, where Sara comes up saying, "Alarm, alarm, virus detected", then the Joker takes over the screen. Hence the confusion. So, to recap the Toonami news, Zoids is off again, duh see it at 4:30, the Joker is taking over Toonami, for the day, oh, and the Rising Sun is Batman and Superman oriented now. Luckily, Toonami is still there. We were actually worried that it had suddenly disappeared and that was why Batman was on. No, this is not the case. So, that's the news, Toonami fans. Laters.

Topic:Zoids Returns For Two Weeks

--3/25/02 Well, it's been a week since this happened so we might as well report on it. One week ago, Monday the 18th, Zoids returned to Toonami. You got it, Zoids is back, but only for two weeks. We hope you've been catching the last week of action from the original series. After the two week span is up, Zoids is likely to return to it's 4:30pm shot, right before Toonami. What about Tenchi? You may ask. We'll have to wait and see. The next week of Toonami is up in the air. In other CN news, Toonami has been running a new video game review since the 18th aswell. It's for FIFA2, the soccer game. Like the original FIFA review, which was on oh-so-long ago, this commercial also ends with Tom's comical "GOAL!" line, or "score", depending on the review. Of course, it's reused footage. The graphics are actually several clips sliced together and starts at the communications deck, only to end on the bridge. Oh well, it's cool, none the less. Catch this commercial, and the last week of Zoids, only on Toonami.

Topic:TOONAMI'S 5 YEARS OLD! or so they say...

--3/15/02 Another Toonami report, well, another CN report, coming at ya. Alright, yesterday during Batman Beyond(6:40pm), a never before seen commercail appeared to us. Toonami: 5 Year Special. Wow, five years, can you believe it? Yeah, neither can we. Well, the commercial runs along the lines of the same, reused graphics of Tom walking on to the bridge, then he starts to talk about the special, with flashes from the past going by on the screen. Does this mean we'll be seeing Sailor Moon, Reboot, Gundam Wing, and all those? Nope, nada, no way. At 4:00, yes 4:00, Toonami is going to show 'Blue Submarine Number 6' untill 6:30, and then show the 'favorite' episode of DragonBallZ. You'd think that for a FIVE YEAR SPECIAL they would do something more imortant! Well, unfortunatly, we here at S&M's will be missing Toonami from 4:30 to 7:00. However, we do not expect much other than a longer running Toonami. Once again, thanks to Cartoon Network, Toonami has been royaly jacked. Basically, for their 'fabulous' fifth year special, they are getting their third hour back for one day. How sad. The great Toonami, host of Gundam(s), Sailor Moon, and countless other wonderful animes, plus the creator of Intruder, is given this pathedic excuse for a anniversary show. They should be reshowing the old introduction, replaying Intruder, and show casing their all time best stuff! Well, on a lighter note, whether the date is correct or not, Toonami is five years old 'today'. Remember: The Revolution will be televised. Only Toonami.

Topic:One Day Zoids UPDATE!

--3/14/02 We have an important, yet some what uninformed, Cartoon Network Report today! Alright, as you should all remember, 'Zoids' is a mecha anime that once held the 5:00pm spot on Toonami. Awhile ago it was axed from the line up and went to a 6:30am running time, much to the disappointment of its fans. Resently, however, it was discovered that a new and unknown anime was being shown at 6:30am. We thought for sure that that was it for Zoids, untill yesterday when we examined the 'new anime' more closely. Guess what. It's the seconds Zoids saga. Yup, Zoids Season Two, it could be called. Fans are warned, however, to stay clear. In the new series all the original characters, such as Bit Cloud and Liger Zero, are no where in site. Neither are the judges, or any Zoid Battle Organization. The new version carries an almost Gundam style storyline with factions, rebellions, ministers, and gangs. The world of Zoids has been sent hurdeling into a wanna' be gundam battle zone. In yesterday's episode, a siting was made of a character in military garbs that resembled our Bit Cloud. The main character also looks alittle like Vaga, the pilot of the Bizurk Fury. Despite this horrible twist in the honorable, competitive world of Zoids, many similar Zoids are still around and, happily, Zoids the original show can still be seen at 4:30pm on Cartoon Network. Yay, Liger!

Topic:Adult Swim 2?

--2/24/02 Not really a Toonami report, more of a general anime report. As most avid Cartoon Network fans know, CN had recently been running a block of shows on Thursday nights called Adult Swim. This had shows such as Space Ghost, SeaLab 2021, and Cowboy Bebop, to name afew. Well, the block got cut awhile back, or so we thought. It's back in action Friday nights with an ALL ANIME cast of shows. But there is a major complaint: They stole Outlaw Star! While OLS has always been shown on Toonami, it is now on at 1:00am, Friday night(or Saturday morning, depending on how you look at it) on the new Adult Swim. Totally unfair. The other shows on Adult Swim are; Yuyu Hakusho, CowboyBebop, Pilot Canidate, and, get this, Gundam 0083! Alright, can someone raise the red flag on this one? Toonami has had the Gundam market cornered since Gundam Wing showed up back in mid-2000! They've hosted Gundam Wing, Mobile Suit Gundam, Gundam 0080, and 08th MS Team! What I don't get is why "Adult Swim" gets Outlaw Star and 0083, while Toonami's "Midnight Run" gets DBZ and DragonBall. They're practicly in the same time slot! OLS and 0083 are TOONAMI shows. Needn't I remind readers that the Midnight Run was originally created to show uncut Gundam?! What's the problem? To be perfectly honest, it would take a 2-by-4 to the head to get Cartoon Network to give Toonami HALF the credit it deserves.

Topic:Articuno and Batman Reports

--1/19/02(Part 1) NEWS FLASH! And this is way more important than the Batman vs. Superman Toonami thing! Announced at 10:30am today; next Saturday, a new Pokémon special event is taking place. The three part Search for Articuno episodes are comin' on! Fanfic writers, warm up your word processors! We're gonna' have alot to work around on this one. As the story goes; Todd, the picture-taking friend from yester-year, returns with a quest to get the only picture of Articuno ever taken! As you should all know, Articuno is the legendary ice-bird, number 144. Ash last saw Articuno in the second Pokémon movie but it appears that this was not taken into account for the episodes. Many animes negate their movies from the story line of the show. So far the only exception has been Mewtwo Strikes Back because the anime led up to it. Anyway, don't forget to set your VHRs for next week and stay tuned in as the legendary ice-bird makes his first ever TV appearence!
--1/26/02(Part 2) Today's news: 1st thing is Pokémon. Today at 10:00am(e) the first episode of "The Search for Articuno" premiered. It moved quickly but got little of anywhere. In the very beginning, our heros run into Todd, their old friend, and he tells them he wants to get a picture of the legendary Articuno. Afew seconds later, a "meteorite" falls from the sky, nearly killing Todd. It turns out to be a frozen solid Sunkern. They rush the Sunkern to a near by lodge called the Sunflora Lodge. It's owned by an old lady who likes to tell romance stories, and her husband. They restore the Sunkern and are told that the two old couple always go up to the southern slope on their anniversary and take a picture with the Sunflora there. Problem is, it's been so cold there resently that none of the Sunflora came and the couple's 50th anniversary is that day. Okay, long story short: They head up there, get attacked by Team Rocket, beat Team Rocket, evolve Sunkern using Ash's sunstone, the Sunflora come back, Todd takes the anniversary pictur and THEN: Something flies past in the distance. Is it Articuno? Ash and Todd swear to find it, and the episode is over. Alrighty, shorter Toonami news: The Batman vs. Superman thing is ending today in a 6 hour marathon. The cheesy online games ended without a conclusive winner, of course. The answer to the poll will be announced at 5:00pm tonight and then Toonami going to show two hours of the winning cartoon. Go Bats! Okay, that's it. Later.
--1/27/02(Part 3) Superman won... how the he... In progression with our Articuno/Toonami reports(see old news), yesterday around 4:56pm, Toonami announced the winner of it's "Batman vs. Superman". Superman won somehow. On a personal note, this lessens my hope for Toonami fans. I mean, Superman over Batman? Alright, looking at this logically, your vote online also decided which character you would played as in the online games. Superman was most likely the easier character and hence got more votes just so people could play the level as the man of steel. When looking at the commercials for this event, it would seem that the Toonami people favored Batman. One of the most common ads was the one meant to look like Batman was knocking Supe off a building. However that is all just in theory. On the other side of our report, Kids WB is running a new ad this week for the Articuno episodes which shows more of the great ice bird. Watch for it, 3:00-5:00pm(e).
--2/2/01(Part 4) Report on the second Articuno episode which ended at 10:31am this morning. In the second installment of "The Search of Articuno", on KidsWB, Ash, Todd, and crew are heading further up into the icey mountains. The group happens arcoss a little girl and her three Swinub, Sue, Ine, and Nub(get it?). It turns out she is up there with her father who is a perfessional hot-springs finder. He uses the Swinub to find hot-springs for future resorts. Jessie, hearing this, decide that they have to steal the Swinub so she can find a hot-spring. Team Rocket, posing as resort workers there to help, make off with the Swinub, but not without beng seen. They are chased by the good guys who slide of TR's sled is cardboard boxes, but Jesse and James get away. During the chase, Todd spots Articuno flying towards a large mountain. He tries to get the shot but crashes into a rock first. To shorten the story: The Swinub can't find a hot spring for TR who are then finally caught up to by Ash and the others. The angry Swinub turn on TR, taking out their Pokémon. Them defeated, the Swinub successfully locate a hot-spring for their owner and the search for Articuno continues. THAT'S THE END! That's it. But he big thing came right there, at the end. The customary ">To Be Continued" logo did not appear when the screen shrung into the corner like it always oes. Infact, the screen did not shrink and the words appeared in the upper right. I don't know why, but this is the first time the message has ever been changed sincd the very first episode. Final Articuno episode: next Saturday, 10:00am(e). The previews look realy good.
--2/9/02(Part 5) The final episode in Pokémon's three part Articuno series ended today at 10:31am. It's an extensive story so we'll try to abreviate it for you: First thing, Ash and crew stumble across, ta-da, Jigglypuff who is frozen solid. Ash uses Cyndaquil to defrost the Pokémon and they head to the Snow Top Pokémon Center, the highest center in the world. There they meet Officer Jenny on patrol. Nurse Joy shows everyone a statue of Articuno that was brought to the mountain many years ago by explorers said to have been rescued by the bird. Meanwhile, Team Rocket had been cimbing up the mountain to set a trap for the good guys. They were attacked by a flock of Spearow and then stranded on an icy cliff. After some complaining, there is a shining light and Articuno appears to save them! Back at the center, TR is dumped off by a gust of icy wind. Later, the guys head up the mountain and TR chaces after them. They find Articuno very easily but he's attacked by TR. After a fight, part of the snow caves in, throwing TR, Ash, Todd, Articuno, and Jigglypuff down into a crater. Again, TR tries to defeat Articuno, but are blasted away with Blizzard. Todd recieves the picture he had been hoping for by a gracious Articuno, who then flies off as the other people join Ash. Todd decides to stay in the mountains to take pictures, so Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu go on their way. This episode was FAR better than the previous two as far as plot and Pokémon content go. But, come on, I hope none of you expected that Ash would catch Articuno. He can't handel that bird. Later.

Topic:This-that report

--1/15/02 Miss-mash news report because we need a new one. In recent events: On Monday, the 7th, Tonami ran one hour of Tenchi for reasons unknown. The incident was apparently planned as advertised the no-need event online. In other Toonami news, Friday night, the 4th(we think), the Midnight Run did not air. Reasons for this are, also, still unknown. Next week Tonami is holding a show down between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. You can go online to vote for your choice, while enjoying an hour of Batman and Superman goodness, 6:00-7:00. In Pokémon news(which shoulda' been first), KidsWB has begun airing the Pokémon series back from the beginning and calling it "Journey to Indigo." What a lame idea. It is good to see the old stuff again, but it is obvious that WB is running out of ideas. Speaking of Cartoon Network and WB, another show has crossed networks. Scooby-Doo, that played out, 70's Great Dane is now on KidsWB at 3:30(e). That plops it right on "KidsWB's Toonami." Scarey how these things all pul together into one big, consolidated mess, huh?

Topic:Mewtwo Returns Reports

--11/25/01(Part 1) Let the Mewtwo Returns reports begin! This will be most likely the first of two reports following our previous Mewtwo articles. So lets get started. This week on KidsWB, the rip off version of Toonami will be having another Pokémon giveaway. The prize this week is a copy of Mewtwo Returns on VHS. Anyone who participates in this contest best have a backup plan to buy the movie on Tuesday the 4th online, or Wednesday the 5th in stores. Winning a KidsWB contest is half impossible. How the contest works is that during 'Toonami' they will show a password, the you go to and use it to enter the contest. That is about the entire process. Our next report, unless some unforeseen event happens, will be on Wednesday or Thursday of next week when we will spill the entire story line to you, something we have been wanted to do for weeks.
12/1/01(Part 2) Okay, I lied. We're going to make this a three part report. Today at 9:44(e), during KidsWB's 'The Mummy', the very first Mewtwo Returns commercial was on. Oh it's soooo cool! (squeak) Okay, okay, sorry. The commercial runs along the lines of "Sequel to 'Pokémon the First Movie', an old nemesis returns to battle his fiercest opponant ever." Ha, and they actually got some of the dubbing right! At least the few lines I heard here accurate to the Japanese. Best line in the promo, "Do not test the limits of my power!", guess who said that. Look for the commercial anytime KidsWB is on the air between now and Tuesday the fourth. You can preorder the movie on, but it wont be shipped until the fourth so, like we have said, best to get it at your local movie store THE DAY it comes out. Further reports shall appear on the fourth or fifth, and you can expect massive spoilers. Sayonara.
12/5/01(Part 3) Alright, let's do it. Yesterday, Mewtwo Returns premiered on VHS nation wide. Now, Stormy and Mewtwo's Pokémon Page brings you the exclusive report! !WARNING! MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! As the movie begins, Mewtwo recounts the events of Mewtwo Strikes Back, the 1999 movie. This was NOT in the original Japanese. The is fairly obvious due to the simply-placed-together clips. Mewtwo Returns basically accounts for where Mewtwo is while Ash and his crew are in Jolt/Johto League. He and the other clone Pokémon are hiding away on an island in the middle of 'Purity Lake' as it is named in America. The water is said to cure injuries and make you stronger. Now, despite the line, "I realize now it is not the circumstances of ones birth that matter, but what you do with the gift of life that makes you who you are", Mewtwo is still hung up on being a clone. The other Pokémon try to reason that, or example, if they see the moon the same as all others, why not the Earth. Meanwhile, it appears Giovanni has discovered Mewtwo's location around the same time Ash and crew arrive at Purity Mountain. To shorten this, TR steals Pikachu, they find out this 'innocent' girl is really, get this, "009", a top Rocket agent, and a battle ensues. Due to, and ONLY BECAUSE, the other clones are threatened by Giovanni, Mewtwo allows himself to be captured. Ash, Misty, Brock, the two Pikachu, and the two Meowth free Mewtwo but he's completely beat up. Ash takes Mewtwo to the spring while the others occupy TR. While Mewtwo's being healed, Giovanni shows up at the spring and says, "Where is Mewtwo?!" Answer: Behind ya! Alright, rent or buy the movie as soon a possible even if you have to plow through 500 kids to do it.
Worst part: American dubbing, crashed the end.
Best part: Mewtwo, over all. Moral conflict is a wonderful, anime thing. The End.

Topic:The Justice League

--11/19/01 We are out stepping our bounds today, everyone. Usually this page's reports are about Pokémon or Toonami. Today we have a Cartoon Network Report. Last night(Sunday), at 8:30 and Saturday at 7:00, Cartoon Network premiered the first, hour and forty-five minute, episode of The Justice League. Remodeled from the old series, Cartoon Network actually did a fine job of representing the classic D.C. Super Heros. The plot of the movie meant to lead into the series was well thought out, aswell. It is about the origins of Wonder Woman and a martian named J'Onn J'Onzz. The main evil in the movie are an alien race that centuries ago destroyed a civilization on Mars. J'Onn J'Onzz and a group of martians defeated thee goopy looking aliens, but he was the only one left. 500 years later, so maybe their math doesn't work but that's what they said, an American astronaut opened the place where the aliens where being held in suspension. Three years after that, Superman is named the Earth's key defender, right as the aliens attack the Planet. Unable to defeat them, Superman enlists the help of Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Hawk Girl. He then frees J'Onn J'Onzz from his capitivity by the Earth's government. Wonder Woman, a legendary Amazon from an island protected by gods, then appears aswell. To make a long story short, they save the day, and Bruce Wayne builds a satellite watchtower for the 'Justice League', as Superman dubs the seven of them. Revamped and wonderfully done, the Justice League is on Monday's at 9:30.

Topic:Gundam 0080 ends for the first time

--11/15/01 A day old report(#2 because my d*mn coputer, no d*mn Angelfire screwed up), but we have a reason for it being late. Okay, on Tuesday night(Wednesday morning), Toonami showed the last episode of Gundam 0080. Now, I know what you're thinking, "But... didn't it just start last Monday?" Yes, Gundam 0080 only has six episodes. Given its animation and non to great storyline, this is understandable. The last episode did feature a full length song, played while Al and Bernie fixed up the Zaku, and a half way decent ending. Bernie devises a plan to lure the Gundam out of the on-colony base and into the forest, also located on the colony. The plan is to take out 'Alex', the Gundam, with sinply the Zaku's axe and alittle bit of skill. They also have smoke bombs and parade balloons set to distract Kris, as we mentioned, she is the Gundam pilot. This is set to happen on Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve, Bernie gives Al a package and a computer disk. He tells Al that if anything happens to him, to play the disk and then deliver the package. The nexted day, Al is on a bus with his Mom and Dad. His dad says that while he was coming back from the colony, he saw a battle where a Federation ship seized a Zeon ship. The ship was carring nukes. Al was shocked, those nukes were meat to take out the Gundam, and that's why Bernie had to destoy it. But if the nukes weren't coming, Bernie didn't have to fight! Al raced to where Bernie and the Gundam were fighting, and... Well, I don't want to ruin it for you. The second showing of Gundam 0080 ison the Toonami Midnight Run, at 12:30am. Later.

Topic:Toonami News

--11/10/01 Toonami updates to follow our exciting Mewtwo reports(see old news). Alright, a few topics to cover. First, Gundam 0080 which premiered Monday night the 5th(or Tuesday morning the 6th) at 12:30am. 0080 hardly matches up to the other Gundam series, and seems to fall in with Mobile Suit Gundam if any of them. The animation is reminisent of Inspector Gadget, an anime of old that you might remember. It is about a boy named Alfred who is obsessed with MSs. He falls in with some Zeon pilots and becomes a type of little brother to a Zeon named Bernie. There is little action in the series so far. The most at all being the small battle Friday night. The Federation, enemy to the Zeon but actaully the true good guys, has stored their new Gundam model, 'Alex' on the colony. Alfred, Bernie, and the other three Zeons are set on stealing it. Al doesn't know that the Gundam pilot is really his next door nieghbor, Kris. Second, if you saw Reboot on Friday any and all Pokémon fans should be insulted beyond belief. The game in this episode was a rip off of Pokémon and DBZ, but mostly made fun of Pokémon. It was possibly the worst Reboot episode ever. Third, on Friday's MNR a new commercial appeared. This was sporting the new style grafics of Lockdown but was for nothing important. They are reshowing the MNR Special that was on August 31, revolveing around Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Toonami, and Kenna music videos. If you missed it, it's a must see, and it should be done in all new grafics compared to the first special.


--10/31/01(part 1) This could possibly be the most important Pokémon report I will ever write. Okay, first something we never mentioned on the website. America cut the beginning of Mewtwo Strikes Back. In the original beginning there at four clones, Mewtwo, a Charmander, a Squirtle, a Bulbasaur, and a girl named AiTwo. Ai was the daughter of the scientist who created Mewtwo. She had died in a car wreck and her father was trying to clone her. Mewtwo met Ai in a dream while they were being created. Ai taught Mewtwo about friendship but soon began to degenerate along with the other clones. Then, later, Mewtwo is 'born' and the rest of the movie begins. Well, I have received startling reports recently about a new movie, or what we think is a movie, known as Mewtwo Lives. Apparently Mewtwo returns, still repenting what he had done on New Island. According to rumors, Giovanni recaptures Mewtwo and Ash comes to the rescue. Ha, right, while it may be true, I resent that. We have documented pictures from this movie/saga that confirm many beliefs, yet only the vagest ones. I will keep you posted as more information becomes availible. One last personal comment, I hope none of this is true, although that is doubtful, because as much as I love Two, I'd have to kill off someone to make the movie fit into a fanfic. Later.
--11/3/01(part 2) Suspicion confirmed. Mewtwo Lives is being or will be dubbed into English and released on December 4th, (see old news for previous information). The American title will be Mewtwo Returns. So, uh, congrats, Two. You got yourself a sequel. But what is Mewtwo Returns? It is a Japanese TV special, not exactly a movie. Sort of like a sequel not shown in theatures. Well, what can I say? Mewtwo Strikes Back was the best Pokémon movie, so of corse Mewtwo gets a 2nd coming. Alright, Mewtwo Returns will be availible on VHS only. DVD information is unavailable, it will probably not be on DVD. For the official American movie poster/movie cover click here. I suggest waiting for the commercials to start rolling in. We will have a report as soon as this happens.

Topic:Reboot Returns

--10/19/01 It's been, wow, several years coming but it happened. Reboot, the beloved computer graphics show of the early nineties is back and packing heat. For all you deprived people who don't know and haven't bothered to visit our Toonami Section, here's the scoop on Reboot. Inside your computer is a whole world of sprites, programs, games, and countless other oddities that you put there. In this world certain sprites have been assigned from the Net to keep systems safe from users(you) and viruses. One such Guardian, as they are called, is Bob. Bob is friends to Dot, his girl-power girl-friend who owns a diner within Mainframe, Bob's assigned system. Also, with Enzo, Dot's younger brother. The Guardian code; Mend and Defend. Anyway, to not bring you fully up to date and yet to explain the new episodes at the same time, there is a new plague coming to Mainframe. Demeon. Who or what is Demeon? It is powerful virus that effects Guardians. Uh, well, I missed today's episode so all I can say is watch Toonami Fridays at 5:00 and 5:30 to bring the system back online after a long spell even I can't put a number on. Laters.

Topic:Lockdown's '6th' or 'Follow up' episode

--10/8/01 Holy Cosmos, Tonami fans! Following Intruder's year old style, Lockdown has had a follow up episode! That's right, at 6:04pm today, during the commercails of DBZ the sixth, short and sweet episode of Lockdown came on! Alright, none of us had any clue this was going happen. Infact, at the end of episode five of Lockdown it said "~fin~", or finish. "The End?" appeared after the eighth episode of Intruder, so we knew it was over then. Anyway, as a quick write-up: Tom comes onto the bridge commenting that that was a close one and to give credit where it was due. Of coarse, he meant himself. He thanks the blue team for their great job(thank you, thank you) and tells the red and green teams to wait, because you never know what will happen next. So watch your sets, guys. Who knows, Lockdown may have a seventh and eighth episode after all. Heck, if they're striving for perfection, copy Intruder. Later.

Topic:Toonami Changes After Lockdown

--10/1/01 Okay, to get the huge Lockdown report safety stowed away in the Old News section: The Toonami lineup finally had that break we've been promising you all. 08TH MS Team returns! Batman Beyond joins the group! (Of coarse we already knew that was happening, I'm writting this at 5:10). Dragonball-type-content has been cut back to an hour! It's a wonderful thing! Alright, 08th MS Team left the line up on August 7th, with no return in site. It showed 3 times on the Midnight Run. Now it's back and here for all you people too weak to stay up untill midnight! Alright, Batman Beyond, the futuristic Batman spin off also premiers today in WB's attempt to slowly take over Cartoon Network(although they already own it). There is nothing wrong, exactly, with this show being on Toonami. Afterall, Batman and Superman were on Toonami afew months ago. While Beyond isn't an anime it does fit the "action cartoon" qualifications originally set for the once three hour line up back in the day. So enjoy the new line up while it last, we all know these things change practically everyday. You can check the new times in our Toonami Section below.


--9/16/01(Part 1) Welcome to the first in a wave of Lockdown covering reports. This is a briefing for tomorrow. As you should all know by now, Toonami's Lockdown will premier September 17th. Last September, in 2000, Intruder premiered on the 18th, and Lockdown is trying to follow suit. What we know about Lockdown so far is that the Absolution comes across something in space which sorces say will disable the ship. The DOK's are built to investigate and solve the problem. You can go online to now and register for the online game. You will be assigned to either the Blue, Green, or Red team of DOK's(go blue!). While the story progresses, you can go online and play the games with your team mates. You will be told the total score of your team, and the overall score for all three teams. If you register before tomorrow, you will get maps of the levels. The advent is said to be 10fold what Intruder was in grafics, story, and ability to interact. While we will need to wait and see what unfolds, they're not leaking anything, this page will keep you up to date. On a personal note, we are predicting plot holes in the fanfics due to Lockdown. One prayer we do have is to never see a repeat of Intruder Episode 4. So, good luck DOK teams and good luck Tom.
--9/17/01(Part 2) It's finally here, folks. Okay, alittle late on the report(it's 7:44, sorry). Anyway, at 5:00pm a good portion of America crowed infront of their TV's to see the Intruder sequel. At 5:26, my general reaction was "What the heck is going on?" Lockdown had not premiered at 5:00, all to be seen were the new graphics around the ship as Dragonball started. Waiting is annoying. At 5:57, however, ah, waiting paid off. The first episode of Lockdown premiered, and it's been such a long time since we've seen new footage! Anywhoo, Sara discovers a distress signal from somewhere in space surrounded by interference. They go to check it out, and Tom heads to the way cool, never before seen observation deck. Sara finds that there is a bigger ship within all the destroyed vessels near the one sending the SOS. She can't figure out why all the ships are dismantelled and why they are being pulled towards the larger one. Well, thumbs up to Tom's voice actor who pulled a great spaz attack when Tom figured something out. He yelled at Sara to start a full reverse, however when Tom got to the bridge, a tractorbeam hit the Absolution, stopping the engines. So, now Tom, Sara, and the ship are stuck in space, only able to broadcast Toonami and unable to power the DOK's. Oh, I forgot those? Tom built an army of things called DOK's to move outside the ship in the advent of danger. Now it's up to viewers to go to and control a DOK to investigate the mystery ship. What awaits our heros who only get one time slot a year? I don't know but one thing is for sure, this is way different than Intruder. We will analyze the differences in an upcoming report. Later.
--9/18/01(Part 3) I'd like to start this report by saying that today is the one year anniversary of Intruder! One year today, yep! Okay, in review of today's Lockdown episode: Can we say short? It was less than three minutes long! Two at best. It raises the question, "If we're controlling the DOK's, what's Tom doing?" Well, in today's ep. Tom is working on getting the engines back online and power back to the ship. Up on the bridge, Sara asks if he wants to see what the DOK's have found. This is when Sara tells Tom that she's located aditional weapons. Strange, they look just like the Kifer blaster and rifle from Intruder. Meanwhile, Tom gets acess to the engines and goes to work. Okay, time for One Day Reviews. First up is Lockdown vs. Intruder. I am only labeling differences, not beating one up. Okay, #1, Intruder episodes had names and numbers. The Lockdown ep.s are rather random and only have numbers(ep1, 2, ect). #2, Intruder was VCR friendly, where Lockdown has things popping up throughout Toonami and keeping people recording the event on their guard. #3, Lockdown graphics are much better. Intruder was slightly blocky if you payed attention. It looks beta compared to Lockdown. #4. I'm yet to see Lockdown out due Intruder in storyline. There seems to be little going on onair. Online Gaming Only thing I have to say here: THE LOCKDOWN GAME RULES! Go get a DOK(go blue!), and play! In the Intruder games you played as a Clyde 50-B type and navigated worlds on the strict time limit and running from the Intruder. Lockdown is almost an RPG! But we will be talking about, and comparing more things later this week and in a rap up on Friday. Stay tuned. Only Toonami.
--9/19/01(Part 4) Okay, third day of Lockdown. Is it just me or are the episodes getting shorter? I timed the second episode, which was around 1 minutes thirty seconds. Today's was most certainly shorter. But, to recap. Tom gets the engines working, yay, Tom, however they are still being pulled into the "trash compactor" ship. Tom then heads to the machines room to fix stuff there. A line I would like to pint out. Tom says, "Wish I could help." Well, hey, so do I! Alright, he tells Sara to send a message to the users, that's us playing, and tell them that he says hi. That's it. The whole thing. Due to lack of report, we will now have a Two Day Review. As you recall, the Intruder online game had little to do with the show and was basically an add on. Where as the Lockdown game is the show. That right there is the problem. Where's the substance? Okay, come on people, you know that no matter how much we play online, the show will turn out the same. So where are the kick but episodes told to be 10times Intruder status? I mean, it's great to see new graphics, but if it's only 1:30 or less, what's the point? This might as well just be strictly an online thing because the episodes online server no point. To clarify: Back in the day, Intruder was the important thing, not the game. Today, the game is the most important thing and the episodes mean nothing. I don't know about you people, but I was waiting to see Tom kick some butt this year. It seems that they spent much more time on the game than the episodes of Lockdown. It also sickens me that everything is Dragonball now. Heck, they have Outlaw Star, can't they at least put that on in the day for variety?! Okay, stay tuned and stay strong. I may have objections the way this is being run, but I love the game. Later.
--9/20/01 (Part 5) Lockdown, 4th day. Well, the fourth episode of Intruder was ground breaking the changed Toonami forever. No such luck this time. Tom finished the repairs, while Sara informed him that the DOK's were close to the tractorbeam generator. Tom complains about not being able to do anything and says he'd rather have a head on battle than just hang around. Uh, Sara just humors that one. Anyway, there is a security droid around the tractorbeam, packing some major heat. This thing is huge and dripping with weapons. It's taking out DOK's and Clydes left and right. Tom figures the only way to beat it is with a frontal attack, all of the DOK's together. While Tom makes his way back to the bridge, Sara tells the users that this is the final attack. Good luck, guys. I'll be there fighting with you. We can expect something major tomorrow, although, at the current rate Lockdown's onair episodes are going, maybe we shouldn't be that hopeful. Laters.
--9/21/01(Part 6) I.... don't... get it. Today is the anniversary of the day that Toonami changed forever. One year ago was Intruder Episode 4. You all remember, right? Okay, Lockdown by no means lived up to Intruder. Here is what happened today. Tom goes up to the bridge and Sara says the battle is going well. The screen switches to inside the HULK trashcompacter. Well, it was a great fight scene, but then again, I have already stated that Lockdown only has graphic points over Intruder. While several DOK's get smashed and slashed, the last wave of DOK's show up with missile launchers and blow the thing away. Back on the Absolution, Tom, sounding rather proud of his toys, tells Sara to recall all the DOK's. The ship sending the SOS which had originally brought our ship there, launched it's engines and took off. The message it had been sending was "Do not enter this area. We are caught in a tractor beam and being pulled in." Yeah, they cracked that code a little too late... Anyway, the DOK's return, well, all of five or six of them out of the million-odd ones there were to start with. The Absolution hits hyper speed and, bam, they're gone, DBZ starts without an intro, and that's all there was. Pretty sad, huh? Damn, Intruder was great and Tom actually had something to do. Alright, that's the story, now here are the After Math Reviews. #1, again, Lockdown vs. Intruder : I will restate what I have said several times. In the catagory of graphics: Lockdown-9.5 Intruder-8.0 Why? Well, Lockdown was well planned visually, espeacially the final fight between the armored robot dripping with weapons. Intruder is one year behind the graphics of today, but it was great for it's time. #2, OnAir Storyline: Hell, INTRUDER WAS BETTER! Scoring; Lockdown-6.0 Intruder-10 Why? Easy, there was nothing going on durning Lockdown. Each episode, if you can call them that, were only around one to two minutes long. There was brief talking, a couple of good line, but nothing. Intruder episodes were around three and a half minutes, where Tom was the main character, not the DOK's and Clydes, and Sara was first intruduced. Toonami changed forever when Tom got upgraded, and it was something to remember as we got our first looks at the scene behind the anime. #3, Interaction: Lockodwn had this one in the bag. Score; Lockdown-9.5 Intruder-6.0 Why? Well, although Lockdown was going to turn out the way it did no matter what we had our DOK's do, it was an awsome idea to have us be "part" of the story. In Intruder the online games had little or nothing to do with the episodes and were simply a side story. The voting part at the end was where the most interaction took place, honesty out of Lockdown and Intruder combined. When voting for the ship's new engine we did effect what happened. Whether you see it as important or not, that was something left up the fans alone. #4, finally, Concept Based Storyline: what does this mean? Okay, Intruder was in a world of it's own. It was as though Toonami the TV block didn't exist and Intruder was a new show with it's own characters and story. Lockdown was almost, less... real. In line's such as "What about the show?" said by Tom and then the actual messages sent to us, the audience, Toonami seemed to fall to the status of a hosted block such as Cartoon Cartoon Friday. I know it isn't suppose to be it's own little world about an exploration vessel and the two AIs running it, but it makes fanfics alot easier to wright. Rap Up. Lockdown's online games and graphics far surpass Intruder, however the Intruder onair story was much better and, honesty, praised the Toonami characters more. Overall Score in quality: Lockdown-9.0 for graphics and games, Intruder-10 for story line and the abilty to scare the Toonami world senceless. There is your rap up. Later.

Topic:Pokemon USA intro. and Toonami cToons.

--9/15/01 This report will only be here for 24 hours. Read it now, or check the old news later. Okay, three things to report today. First of all, in the world of Pokémon, WB has again faultered in it's lame attempts at improving intetainment. KidsWB 'Johto League Champions' saga had it's 'premiere' today, although it was just a new episode. WB created it's OWN introduction. I am talking American drawn, american written, american-everything introduction! Previous intro.s have been chopped up Japanese intro.s, however the new introduction is purely USA all the way. What next? All this dubbing is too much. Okay, in WB Toonami news, we have two items here. First, WB aired the LOCKDOWN commercial today. How horrible it whould be to have little seven year olds trying to understand Lockdown. If you noticed, the difference between the CN and WB commercials is that on WB, the com. says 'Coming Soon To Cartoon Network'. Luckily, this means WB dubbies don't know the time Lockdown will be on. The other news has to do with WB and CN cToons, collectible online trading cards of favored character on both networks. Well, get this Toonami Faithful, our good old host, Tom, is this week's cToon. Is that screwy or what? You can obtain the code by watching KidsWB, Monday though Friday, 3:00-5:00. Tom most likely got the spot due to Lockdown coming this Monday, but more on that tomorrow(9/16). Later.


--9/8/01 Taking a break from the Toonami news to praise this page's gaurdian. Guess what, folks. Mewtwo placed #1 in KidsWB top 15 Pokémon countdown! Yup, oh yeah, I saw it coming. Through out this entire week, WB has been counting down the top 15. The contest was put to a vote by the fans afew weeks ago by a ballot which aloud you to vote for 15 different Pokémon at once. There are afew flaws in WB's system, however, there always are. While I am NOT claiming that Mewtwo won unfairly, I would like to point out some things about WB's voting system. The point of the 15 countdown was to find the favored Pokémon and then show episodes during the week featuring those 15. This does present a problem. Only Pokémon which have made appearences in the show can be on the ballot. This is so WB actaully has an episode to show. The ballot omits Pokémon such as Articuno, Missingo, Lugia, Eleckid, Pichu, ect. as they have only appeared in movies, or in Missingo's case, for five seconds in the first episode. But, hey, that's not the point! What is, is that out of 251 Pokémon, old, new, whatever, Mewtwo came out on top. KidsWB showed the expected episode, "Battle of the Badge", which is a prelude to "Mewtwo Strikes Back". Yeah, I know, old school. In this ep., Gary and Ash are both in Viridian for an Earth badge. Gary goes in first, and gets his butt beaten by Mewtwo. No surprise there. Giovanni leaves, taking Mewtwo with him, and Jesse and James are left in charge of the gym for Ash's battle. So, anyway, CONGRATULATIONS, TWO! Loved and feared by the entire world, quite an accomplishment. For everyone's info, the top 15 were, from 15 down, Heracross, Raichu, Alakazam, Dragonite, Togepi, Totodile, Chikorita, Gyarados, Blastoise, Houndour, Cyndaquil, Scizor, Pikachu, Charizard, and Mewtwo, of coarse.

Topic:The first LOCKDOWN commercial

--9/3/01 It finally happened! Who called it? I did. Okay, sorry. It is 5:17(e) right now and only 4 minutes ago Toonami launched it's first promo for LOCKDOWN. Lockdown is the sequel to last September's INTRUDER special which had all Toonami fans at the breaking point. Once again, the end will be put to a vote, similar to Intruder. However, just how much of an effect on the story the fan vote will have is yet to be known. Well, Toonami's had an entire year of Outlaw Star space battles and three different Gundam wars, all of which I'm sure have influenced this new saga of the Toonami world. Once Lockdown starts there will be a new news report here everyday to keep you up to date should you, higher powers forbid, miss an episode of Lockdown. I would like to remind fans that it is Intruder which is responcible for this page having a News Report in the first place. As more secrets to the Lockdown specail unfold, we will keep you up to date aswell. You can spot the promo durning the commercial break of Mobile Suit Gundam and Dragonball. Later.

Topic:Midnight Run Special Edition

--8/28/01(Part 1) Toonami News. Surprised? Dont be. At 12:10am(e) during the Midnight run Toonami aired its first commercial for an all new special coming Friday, August 31 also to be during the Midnight run. This special revolves around Toonami's new Daft Punk, Gorilaz, and simply put 'Toonami' music videos. For all you internet going Toonami junkies, you'll know that has been featuring the Daft Punk music videos since it remodeled the website on July 30. You lucky people with cable modems I'm sure have been able to enjoy them at a great speed. Anyway, This is something very much worth staying up for. I would also like to add that at 12:12am(e), Cartoon Network aired its commercial for Cowboy Bebop on the soon coming 'Adult Swim'. It is the only anime(not counting Speedracer) on Cartoon Network that will not be part of Toonami. Not fair, huh? The music vid. commercial aired again at 12:33am(e), followed by the Toonami commercial for the all new DragonballZ episodes coming September 10. There's alot going on in our little Toonami based world. As a personal page note, we will soon have a Toonami music video made especialy by me back in early August. We will finally be able to upload it. Later.
--9/1/01(Part 2)
Last night Toonami aired its "Special Edition" of the Midnight Run. The first half hour was something to be indulged. First with the reappearance of "Mad Rhetoric", the Outlaw Star based movie we have all seen, and then into Daft Punk. After which was the premier of "Advanced Robotics" by Toonami. Then the three Gorillaz movies, followed by Hellbent, a claymation movie. While Daft Punk movies one through four held onto a retro Mobile Suit Gundam anime style, Gorillaz had a 100% shrume induced concept. In my honest opinion, I can not see how anyone not under the influence of drugs could have created anything quite as unique as "Gorillaz". A local Toonami fan had this to say about the event, "Out of 10, a 9.2. I really couldn't get enough of it." He went on the rate Daft Punk and Gorillaz separately as, "Daft Punk held a digital and high toned audio and actual anime video. The Gorillaz had a unique, soulful musical feel with well done animation only the Gorillaz are really capable of." The final video entitled "Hellbent", was a claymation that held a powerful message of inner happiness and individuality and most likely the highlight of the three movie genres. As for the Toonami movies premiered, they were a testament to Toonami's great music and shows. On a personal note I felt the "Gorillaz" movies were very disappointing and had nothing to do with Toonami's theme of action cartoons and anime. They seemed to be rejects from MTV or Comedy Central. "Advanced Robotics", "Hellbent" and Daft Punk 1-4 were certainly the parts worth remembering.

Topic:Video Game Reviews

Video game reviews! Highlighting two new games today, both out on Nintendo Game Boy Color. First, Pokémon Crystal, the newest installment in the Pokémon series. While sticking to the same basic guide lines as Gold and Silver, Crystal adds its our unique twists. You get the advantage of playing as either a boy or a girl, although it yields no real difference, you also get a new adventure along with battling gym leaders and raising Pokémon. The game revolves around Suicune and the Unown, while Gold and Silver were about Missingo(Ho-oh) and Lugia. The grafics are better in this game than any previous, but still there is only so much you can do on a Game Boy screen. Pokémon have been granted movement before battle, rather than stationary pictures, and all over, the simple out-of-battle grafics are better. When you meet Suicune and the other rare pokémon in the Burnt Tower they actually look like themselves, rather than the basic Pokémon icons. While Crystal has its fair share of upgrades and is a welcome to all Pokémon fans, it is to Gold and Silver as Yellow is to Blue and Red. Basicly the same but with its special aspects.
Okay, now Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Again, another sequel to a popular series, Link is once more sent on a quest to, well, save the world. Link must rescue Din, the Oracle of Seasons who has been kidnapped by Onox, the General of Darkness. When Din is captured, the seasons of Holodrum go haywire, changing at random. As Link, you must find the Rod of Seasons and empower it with the four seasons locked in the Temple of, duh, Seasons. Anywhoo, along the way you encounter strange lands and people, all who will either help or hinder your quest. From a Witch named Maple who steals your stuff, and a Kangaroo named Ricky who helps you jump holes and fight things. Of coarse, there are eight dungeons you must get through to recieve the eight spirits of this and that. All and all, this game will keep you stumped with puzzels, fighting monsters, jumping holes, dieing several times, and basicly the game progresses by luck as you happen to stumble across the right place you're suppose to be.

Topic:08TH MS Team Last Episode

WARNING! Spoilers! At 12:24am(e) this morning, 08TH MS Team ended its last episode. The series was only 11 episodes long and ends with a painful slice of reality. Unlike Gundam Wing, there is no perfect "all's well that ends well" finally. But before I start on the end, lets get a brief over view. 08TH MS Team is about a group of Federation soldiers fighting the Zeon forces in the year Universal Century 0079. The main character is Shiro Amada, a soldier from the colonies who is assigned as commander to the 8th team. His life becomes complicated as, in the first episode, he falls in love with a Zeon officer named Ina. Afterwards, he first meets the members of his team, two of which were already on the space transport with him. They're a nicely varied group, but all soldiers who can do their job well. Anyway, as the war progresses, we learn that Zeon is making a huge mobile armor and the brain behind the entire thing is none other that Ina's twisted brother, with her as the test pilot. This armor would be the reason that Shiro and Ina meet two times more. Finally Shiro realizes that he no longer has the heart to kill people when ordered and decides that he is going to take out the mobile armor as a last act. When he reaches the attacking armor, Ina is shot out of the cockpit by her brother, Shiro and his MS there just in time to catch her. Together they attack the mobile armor head on as it is about to fire, and send themselves and it into the center of a mountain. A huge explotion follows afterwards, Shiros four troups racing to see if he is alright. The last words in the episode are Shiro saying "Soon after that, the war ended," and a member of Shiros team writing a letter to his girlfriend saying, "We never did find the commander." Shiro and Ina show up at the end, Shiro with by far enough damage to put him out of action, but alive and well as he and Ina disappear. Toonami will most likely be running 08th MS team at Midnight afew more times.

Topic:Toonami on KidsWB?! You gotta' be kidding! (w/ alittle pkmn thrown in)

--7/7/01(Part 1)
Attention pokémon masters, sailor scouts, cardcaptors, z-warriors, or any fan ever to watch an anime with the WB or Cartoon Network logo in the bottom right hand corner. WE HAVE A PROBLEM! Alright, at 8:49am today, Saturday, KidsWB showed the first commercial for something I've known about but been to unsure about to say anything. Toonami's coming to KidsWB. Good? Bad? Both! Damn, I got what I wished for. I've always thought Pokémon would be good on Toonami, but not the other way around. Alright, you may have noticed that there can be three kinds of anime fans. Those who watch only KidsWB, these are mostly dubbies, but not all of them. Then there are people who only watch Toonami, they are much less likely to be dubbies. And finally you get the well rounded anime fans who watch both. If you watch both you'll see that there are major differences. To put it bluntly, those who watch Toonami are MUCH MORE mature than people watching only KidsWB. Which makes sence. Look at the lay out. WB; you have the brightly colored little world of unproportional buildings and a dome keeping Pokémon separate. Toonami; way past cool starship and stuff that makes sence. Hell, Toonami's even got stuff like a past history for the Intruder. Not to mention the Intruder series in and of itself. What I'm trying to say is that Toonami is way too mature for something as, uh, less serious as KidsWB. Honesty, can you see something like Jackie Chan Adventures on Toonami? Our Toonami? Or any of the other shows? And why can I picture Tom telling Zeta to get a life? One other thing. WB and Cartoon Network have separate grafics teams. If you get to see the WB commercial there are three things to look for in the grafics that will make a real Toonami fan mad on matters of principal. 1; Little planet, big sign. Very Loony Toons. 2; When the Absolution hits warp speed, the effects are multi-rainbow-colored. You guys remember the Friday movie that used to be on? The Absolution is blue in warp speed. 3; They messed up the coloring on Tom. I actually went back on my tape and compared. Come on, I can't be the only person who notices these things that our "wonderful" little WB screwed up. We really DON'T need two grafics teams, two different sets of shows, and what's going to happen in September? Tom and Sara are getting a second mini-series. That sure as hell better not be on WB, like a 7 year old could take that seriously.
--7/21/01(Part 2)
Conjoined Pokémon and Toonami report today. First the Toonami news. At 9:27am today KidsWB ran its first commercial for the Toonami line up coming on July 30th. The line up of shows is as follows; Batman Beyond, `an hour of Pokémon, and DBZ. Honestly, it is not as bad as we feared in the respect that two of the three shows are anime and that Batman has been on Toonami, so Batman Beyond isn't that much of a stretch. WB is rumored to be planning a cool introduction when Toonami premiers next Monday. Before hand, however, two new shows are coming to Toonami this Monday(7/23). Mobile Suit Gundam, and 08th MS Team(premiering at midnight). So, Toonami is doing alright for the moment and got through the line up thing concerning WB. Everyone pray that 'Jackie Chan Adventures', 'Rescue Heros', and 'Cubix' NEVER come close to Toonami.
Okay, Pokémon news; Sorry for the surprise report about Pokémon Crystal a short time ago. The new Pokémon game is set to be released on July 31. Watch for it, the price should be around \\$30 to $40, depending on where you go.
--7/29/01(Part 3)
Okay, tomorrow is D-day for Toonami, atleast for the month of July. As you all know, Monday, July 30, Toonami is coming to KidsWB. There is going to be a give away along with the premiere of the massly popular anime block on WB. This contest will award 200 random entries with Pokémon Crystal, as a way of conjoining the two networks. It is really power politics in one sence. Cartoon Network and WB want to conjoin the networks, so they merge Toonami onto both, and give it Pokémon. Toonami being CNs most popular block, and Pokémon being KidsWBs most popular show. As for the week of DBZ, the six episodes to be aired on WB are three from the first season, and three from the fourth season, if you were wondering. There will be coverage here tomorrow at 5:00pm (eastern) after KidsWB ends. Untill then, sit tight and pray Toonami's pride doesn't take a dive.
--7/30/01(Part 4)
Okay, I lied. It's 4:21 and I'm making my report now. Toonami premiered on WB at exactly 3:00pm today and the lack to effort is completely apparent. Despite rumors for a cool intro on WB to match Toonami's original intro. on Cartoon Network, there has been nothing of the sort. Simply afew new grafics, everything is the same as always with the WB shows. WB did create a Cardcaptors music video for the event which left something to be desired but was not horrible. There are set to be more music videos coming everyday this week. The code for Toonami's Pokémon giveaway is "COMET". You can go to and enter the contest once an hour. Speaking of Toonami on the internet; has had a total revamp today with an entirely new layout and longer loading flash based main page. Frankly, nothing good or worth while has come from this merging of networks. looks horrible compared to its old form, Toonami itself is nothing but grafics on WB and no substance, and Toonami's pride has taken a beating. Good news for today, however. has released some information on "Lockdown", Tom and Sara's new mini-series coming this September. It's looking very cool. So, as I was hoping I wouldn't have to state, hold on until Lockdown, and dont lose hope. Oh, and as I type this DBZ just came on with the "Rock the Dragon" song as an intro... Wait untill Lockdown, everything'll be cool then.

Topic:Pokémon Crystal!

Pokemon report! Have I been out of the loop or is this a surprise to anyone else? Alright, I recieved an Electronics Boutique magizine today and low and behold, on page 12 is Pokémon CRYSTAL. I saw no adds for this anywhere previous. has no information on the game, niether does Poké It's like they wanted to keep in quiet. The point is, Pokémon Crystal is on the market and ready to be bought! Differences in this game as to the previous games; in CRYSTAL you can play as either a boy or a girl. That's the major difference. I read an indepth article on it along time ago, but from what I recall, that is the major difference along with slightliy upgraded game play. One other aspect is that the pokémon pictures durning battle move rather than standing still like the other five games.


Okay, it's 2:03am... Only for Sonic's Birthday would I be up this early/late. Alright, ahem, IT'S SONIC THE HEDGEHOG'S 10 B-DAY, PEOPLE!!! BE HAPPY AND PROUD OF THE FASTEST THING ALIVE! Anyway, "Sonic Adventure 2" was set to be released today, however it was also released on the 19th and it's been in my house since the 20th. To put it simply, THE GAME ROCKS!!! Okay, I made an entire section devoted to Sonic! Check it out and buy the game! It's going for \\$40! Can I hear a huge "WE LOVE YOU, SONIC!!!" ?!

Topic:Deep Space Bass

I didn't expect to have a new news report between now and the release of SA2 but here it is. Some important news for any and all music loving Toonami fans; The Toonami CD "Deep Space Bass" is now available with 18 tracks from the anime block we all know and love! The track listings are as follows; Ignition, Gundams Are On Earth (Gundam Wing), Anvil Snare Remix (Sailor Moon), Dragon (Dragonball Z), Information Leak (Gundam Wing), Arabic (Dragonball Z), D&B Remix (Midnight Run), DepthCharge (Blue Submarine 6), Tension (Tenchi Muyo), Prayer, CrashGroove, Puff & Bass (The Powerpuff Girls in Toonami), Darknight (Batman in Toonami)(note on this one; the site said Batman Beyond instead of Batman, I assume a WB screw up), StarWind (Outlaw Star in Toonami), Capslock (Ronin Warriors in Toonami), Broken Promise, Walking Stick, and Space Time. It's going for \\$13.99 online but they hammer you on shipping so see you can find it in stores.

Topic:Sonic's Japanese Birthday

My first news report about Sonic! Okay, guys, today is Sonic the Hedgehog's japanese birthday! It was ten years ago today that Sonic's first video game ("Sonic the Hedgehog") was released in Japan. However, Sonic's official birthday is June 23, when Sonic 1 was released in America. That is Sonic's international birthday if you will. This is also the released date for Sonic Adventure 2, so fire up your DreamCasts! SA2 will be released in America and Japan in 15 days! One last bit of info, Princess Sally's birthday is June 19, if you'd like to know. Some sites are saying that this is when SA2 will be released, but say the 23rd; On Sonic's birthday, man!


--5/31/01(Part 1)
Okay, day late report, again. As of yesterday, to our knowledge, Toonami began showing commercails stating the fact that CardCaptors will be premiering at four o'clock shortly. CardCaptors was recently shown on KidsWB but has not been seen on the channel for awhile. Since WB owns both, it's not that big a deal to move it to another channel. Anyway, this could be a very good thing for CardCaptors. WB tended to show a new episode of this anime once a month if you were really lucky. On Toonami, it is very likely that they will show the whole thing strait through and we wont have to wait.
--6/2/01(Part 2)
Another CardCaptors report today(see Old News for previous). While watching KidsWB this morning I was surprised to see, you got it, a CardCaptors commercial. I had to ask, "why is WB showing CardCaptors on June 23 if it's coming to Toonami this Monday." Okay, here's the deal. If you have a chance to see the WB commercial and the Toonami commercial you'll notice that the episodes to be aired on Toonami are the old ones once shown on WB. Okay, Toonami is getting CardCaptors season one and season two is going to WB. We are not sure whether WB ever showed all of season one, but it's doubtful, they were also shown out of order. To rap this whole thing up in a nutshell; Toonami has all of season one and will be showing them in order shortly. KidsWB has season two and will be premiering them June 23. A brief bit of info on season two. Sakura must defeat an evil boy wizard, hey we now have a bad guy. A person she thought was normal with become her way cool guardian angel and to put the bad guy into perspective; he looks like an evil Harry Potter.

Topic:Toonami's Time Cut

Okay! This reporter's flipping out!! AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY! Due to events going on in the past two days(monday, tuesday), I have been unable to watch Toonami. Well, surprise, surprise! I'm gonna kill something! Cartoon Network must be losing it's damn mind because Toonami's been cut down to a new running time; 5:00-7:00! And with only three different shows! Superman, Tenchi, and dbz! That's it! Rumors state that the dubbing companies may be pulling out due to disputes with cartoon network. Well, whoopdie-doo! All we want to see our anime! Damn it, I know, losing the perfessional reporter touch. Okay, all I can say is that CN has made some of the worst choices in the world involving Toonami. First there was the Superman thing, getting rid of Outlaw Star, ditching Gundam, losing Sailor Moon, did I meantion the Superman thing? Alright, can we all join hands or something and pray for Toonami's safety? I am aware that Toonami will be sticking around because it is fact that in September Tom and Sara and getting another mini series. However, by then who knows what CN will have done?!

Topic:New Pokérap

Today KidsWB premiered an all new Pokérap for the G/S pokémon. How do I put it? Totally American. There isn't much of a beat to it and the pictures are pretty badly done on afew pokémon. KidsWB has been talking about the new rap for awhile now. On the commercial it says that it's about the new 99 pokémon. Someone wanna' slap them and give 'em the information that there are 100 new Pokémon? Anyway, the premier today was the entire thing, I assume, and there was no Cerebii. So maybe that's the one they missed. America is famous for screwing things up. So keep an eye out for the new rap following the new episodes of Pokémon, Saturday at 8:30 and 10:00.

Topic:Sailor Moon's Fairwell!

Well, well, well. Who saw this coming? Yep, even more Toonami news today. As I had been fore warned, Toonami has stopped the airing of Sailor Moon. Currently, Gundam Wing is in the 4:00 slot as well as at 4:30. Sources say that Mobile Suit Gundam will be filling the 4:00 slot shortly. Sailor Moon is one of my three favorite animes, and I am very upset about this. Sailor was also Toonami's original anime way back in the time before Tom. Okay, fellow SM fans, listen up. According to what I've heard, Sailor Moon will be returning to Toonami with SMStars but not for awhile. Keep a strong hope and may the power of the moon be with us all.

Topic:Squirtle's Goodbye!

Day late report. Anyone who watched Pokémon on Saturday yesterday, you saw Squirtle's goodbye episode. KidsWB has been making a large deal of this for over a week. I have to say, it was a very depressing episode. Squirtle returns to his old pals, the Squirtle Squad, after leading them to a victory in the Pokémon Fire Fighting Grand Prix. With Squirlte gone, Totodile is set to replace him. We new Squirtle would be leaving due to his nonappearance in Pikachu and Pichu. Any Squirtle fans have to right to upset. Ash is a great trainer, but in my opinion, really stupid at times. He's given away Butterfree, Primeape, Pidgeot, Charizard, and now Squirtle. All of which were very powerful. So let's all say goodbye to Squirtle, guys.

Topic:Pokémon 3

--3/24/01(part 1)
If you haven't seen the comercials yet, I'll tell you now! Pokémon 3 the Movie, Lord of the Unknown Tower is set to premier in April! Now, on, it says that the movie will come out on the 11th, however, comercials says the 6th. If anyone can remember, the same thing happened when Mewtwo Strikes Back came out. We assume the premier date differs depending on area. Watch your TV for the opening date in your home town trainers! Trust me, you'll see it. Previews for the movie are all over TV as of today!.
--3/9/01(part 2)
I've been in New York City since Friday morning so I haven't been able to report on the new movie. Okay, on Friday, April 6, Pokémon 3 (lord of the unknown tower or spell of the unown, choose one) opened it's doors. I saw it first day I got back from NYC and in my opinion, I say it's totally worth the trip. Afew strange aspects give you the definate anime feel and the computer grafics are great. You also get the reverse holo Entei card on admission while supplies last. Reverse Holo means that the picture is normal yet the body of the card is shiny. The only major complaint this girl has is that MEWTWO WASN'T IN IT! Agianst popular beliefs and photos, Mewtwo does not make an appearance in the American version of Lord of the Unknown Tower. Since we have not seen the Japanese version, we can not be sure where certain pictures of Mewtwo saposedly from this movie do fit in.

Topic:Gundam Returns!

Gundam fans, give up a cheer! Yup, Toonami makes Main Page news agian, folks. In a surprise to me myself, Gundam Wing has returned to Toonami at a 4:30 slot. Sailor Moon is back to 4:00 after a long spell at 4:30, and Ronin Warriors is gone! Yeah! As for Toonami, will Cartoon Network please make up their mind?! Toonami's last line up change was on the 19th of February! It hasn't even been sturdy for a month! In a final thought in relation to the page; This is a dent to the working Toonami Section and I'll have to revamp it again.

Topic:The End of Outlaw Star(1st time)

In a great exit, with a bang, Outlaw Star finished it's 1st run on Toonami. OLS premiered on the 23 of January and captivated a large audience including myself. The anime is about an Outlaw named Gene Starwind and the search for the Galactic Layline. Just to give you an idea, it's like a mix between Gundam and Final Fantasy. The ship known as the Outlaw Star, or the XGP, is where the gundam part comes in with the space action. The character diversity is very Final Fantasy and Gene fits the role for a FF game's main character very well. To learn more about his anime go to or and search. ~_^

Topic:Pokémon ER

On Sunday, Jan.21, a sleding accident threatened the life of an electronic Pocket Pikachu. Many of you out there are familar with Nintendo's original yellow Pocket Pikachu electronic pet. Due to a few bad mistakes, on Sunday both Pikachu and owner ended up submerged in a not so frozen river. The Pocket Pikachu's owner was fine, soaked but fine, however the pikachu was not. At 3:50pm, the grafics began to break down followed by a complete shutdown. Since Pokémon Centers don't really exist, it was up to the owner to figuer out some way to save the pocket pet before it was completely gone. After 2 hours of work which included opening up the entire unit front and back, it looked hopeless. A new battery was bought but there was little hope for the electronic. Still without screws and now missing some pieces, the Pocket Pikachu was dried with a hair dryer and left to dry. About an hour and a half later, the new battery was tried with the already registered as dead pokémon. Low and behold there was a spark of life! Rushing back into "surgery", the nexted half hour was a roller coaster of hope. Thankfully, the Pocket Pikachu stands to make a full recovery. The surgoen had this to say, "I must be the only surgoen/pokémon master to ever save a patient and still have parts left over."

Topic:MegaManX Extreme

A late report. Megaman Extreme for Gameboy Color came out on Jan. 10. Why don't you own it yet?! Okay, I don't have it either, but that's just 'cause we just heard about it yesteday. So, yes. In addition to Pokémon, Sonic, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, and Toonami, I like MMX too. The game introduces two new characters named Midi and Techno. One of which resembles a chibi purple version of X/Bass. Also there are two new Mavrick bosses and a new story line. Buy it people!

Topic:The Intruder Series Returns to Toonami bringing Blue Sub 6 and Endless Waltz with it.

--11/6/00(part 1)
The Intruder Series has returned! To anyone who missed it at 5:00, the Intruder Series premiere the long awaited episode 7 of "Intruder". To anyone else who watched the entire Intruder series 1-6 that was on in September, this is a big deal. It's been 1 month and 14 days since the 6th episode and Toonami has finally completed the grafics for the next episodes. The Absolution arrived at Starpower and Episode 8 should be on tommorrow(11/7), at 5:00pm. Enjoy!
--11/7/00(part 2)
Disappointing an audience, Toonami did not show the next episode of Intruder at 5:00 today. Blue Submarine no.6, which premeired on Toonami yesterday, seemed to be the important thing today. I am unaware as to when they will be airing the next Intruder episode, as Blue Sub 6 heads into it's 3rd episode tommorrow(11/8).
--11/10/00(part 3)
Today, Gundam Wing Endless Waltz premiers at 5:00pm! The original is 3 hours long, have fun! I don't know how long this showing will run, or if they'll show the whole thing. Just as a very brief summery; Trieze's duaghter trys to take over the world, the Gundam's save the day. Ta-da, that's basically the story. It's 9 of 5:00 when I'm typing this, so I gotta' go. sayonara.
--11/13/00(part 4)
Toonami news agian folks. In a very cut fasion, Endless Waltz showed from 5:00-6:30ish on Friday. Obviously in was chopped here and there. One more bit of News, Blue Submarine no.6 has disappeared from the Toonami line up. The new line up this week is; Ronin Warriors(kill it), Sailor Moon, DBZ(burn it), Tenchi, Gundam Wing, Superman. How did Superman get on Toonami? I don't even remember the original line up from way back when. I think it was Sailor Moon, Reboot, DBZ... and the rest exscapes me. Anyway, I'm sure many views hope this line up is temporary, and for the love of anime, take off Superman and keep the Powerpuff Girls far away from our imortant block of Anime(even if PPG is sorta' Japanese).
--11/24/00(part 5)
Hey, even if you're sick of hearing about Toonami, I don't care! The 8th, and supposed last, episode of Intruder was on today! Gotta' love it. I'm planning on posting all my Toonami/Tom fanfics on the page. We wish the Absolution smooth sailing but at the same time, some turbulance in hopes on an Intruder sequel or a new story all together!

Topic: Jolt League Hit's America

--10/4/00(part 1)
The new season of Pokémon is coming! Of coarse, there is one obvious complaint; What's up with this "Johto" crap? Ahem, for anyone who does not know, the original name is the "Jolt League". Now I know what alot of people asked, "Why did they change it it already sounded American?" Well, it's ironic actually. In Japan, it was called "Jolt" to make it sound more American, in America, it was named "Johto" to make it sound more Japanese. Anyway, here are the three best features of the upcoming season; There are 100 new Pokémon(minus Togipii and Marril who are already in the show), Brock comes back, and MEWTWO'S IN THE INTRO.! Yep, I have the Japanese introduction and Mewtwo, along with Mew, is in the opening. It's a HAPPY thing because they have been missing from the opening since the beginning of the Orange League. Many Pokémon, like Elekid and Hoothoot, seen in Pikachu's Rescue Adventure, are in the upcoming season aswell.
--10/14/00(part 2)
The Jolt League premeired on Kids WB at 10:00am. I have to say that the intro. was dubbed horribly compared to the original Japanese introduction, but it was alright. Instead of "Pikachu's Jukebox" at the end of the show, now there is now "Karaokémon" (dumb name, I know). A cool feature to this is that the words to the songs are at the bottom of the page, although some people might find that annoying. "Karaokémon" has all new song and scenes from the upcoming episodes. Happily, Brock has rejoined Ash and Misty, Tracey staying in Pallet. Now Ash is off to beat 8 gyms(here we go agian), capture new Pokémon, and compete in the Jolt League compotition.

Topic: Tom, Toonami, and the Intruder

-9/21/00(part 1)
I HATE CARTOON NETWORK! On Thursday, CH. 36, Cartoon Network, at about 5:02 pm, in the Toonami special Intruder, Tom, the host, was killed. :::large, depressed sigh:::. And get this, the thing replacing him is something called Tomtwo. Is it just me or does that sound WAY too much like Mewtwo. I HATE CARTOON NETWORK FOR THIS! I really liked Tom and and that commercial about his death was so uncaring. The first line is "Tom is Dead", I almost fell over when i heard it! I'm so depressed. In honor of Tom, the next thing I add will be a Tom Shrine.
-9/22/00(part 2)
Okay... :::anime sweat drop:::, so maybe Tom's not dead. But he got upgraded into a new body(Tom2), he's still called Tom, so the only thing I mind is the new look. I liked the old Tom but, hey, afew inches taller, a new coat of paint, it's still our Tom! Anyway, I have made my Tom shrine, I just have to upgrade it from depressing to storyline-ish.

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