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Do you guys know what Bishonen are? Okay, just incase you don't, here's the deal. Bishonen are technically a rip off of Pokémon. Instead of catching Pokémon, you catch anime characters. When I first heard about this I thought it was insulting, then I basically forgot about it. On 11/27 my best friend IMed me and said 'BISHONEN! GOTTA' CATCH 'EM ALL!'. Then I remembered about it. Then she said 'I GOT ASH!' my responce to that was '?!'. Well, she sent me the thing to catch Ash, I did, however it was a horrible picture so I didn't keep it. Anyway, I got into it and started catching any video game or anime character that I ever remotely liked. Here's the result;

these 6 caught on 11/27/00

these 6 caught 11/27/00

these 6 caught 11/28/00

these 6 caught 11/28/00

these 6 caught 1/22/01

these 6 caught 2/3/01 (can u tell i'm getting bored? 2 X-men and 3 Reboot-rejects. Atleast Spiderman's cool, damn it!)

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