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After watching enough pokémon, it's only a matter of time untill you start writting about it. Here are fanfics written by trainers about just about anything.
E-mail me with any fanfics you have written. They can be about anything as long as they do not favor anything on our anti list.

Stories by the owner
-Pokémon fic.s
Mewtwo VS. Gokou
(Short but oh soo much fun to write.)

-Tom/Toonami fic.s
A Cartoon Network Commercial - Tom's arguement with Jonny Bravo
Short story about CN cutting Toonami's time
Short and none to happy fic. about Toonami on KidsWB
-Real Toonami Stories
-- Chapter 1: Rivialry in Space
---- Chapter 2: AIs, Robots, and Short Circuits
------ Chapter 4: Electric Communication (we are skipping chapter 3)
-------- Chapter 5: Cosmic Castaway
---------- Chapter 6: Leading to Lockdown

Chapter One and only: The Mysterious Zoid

Stories by Redeye
-Beast Wars
--PART 1: Trial of HamsterTron
----PART 2: Return of HamsterTron

Stories by Shadow Girl
Mewtwo VS. The Entire World Army on the Planet Earth
Mewtwo VS Mew-The Conflict Returns/Who is truly the most POWERFUL of ALL???

An Ordinary Day of a Huge Anime/Cartoon Fan

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