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Welcome to the choose your own way pokémon story. I assume you've all read books like this before atleast once. At the bottom of each page you are given a choice. That choice will determine the outcome of your story. This has nothing to do with the RPG, something's you do not decided on, it's just how the story plays. Have fun.
Here's the summery first: You're a new trainer. What awaits you? Wild Pokémon and rivial trainers you were ready for but this? Drunken members of Team Rocket are only a minor worry when a strange girl that seems to come and go with the wind keeps appearing then disappearing on you. And a necklace that could chance your life? In this choose your own way story, no matter what you do, you'll be hooked up with these two aspects. After all, few choices can change destiny.

You've just left yor hometown with your started Pokémon, Charmander. With him at your side you feel you're on your way to be the greatest trainer in the world. It is not soon after that the sun begins to set. You make camp under a large tree, telling Charmander of all your hopes before falling asleep. Around 12 midnight a sound wakes you up. The trees seem to shake as you stand up. Charmander is still asleep, not noticing you as you get up.
"Who's there?" you as out to the dark night, no answer. It could be a Pokémon. You think, "Charmander, wake up." Charmander opens one eyes then stands up with a yawn. "Uh, whatever's there show yourself!" Suddenly a form leaps out at you, but it's no Pokémon.
"Be quiet!" the person hissed.
"Who are you?" you asked, getting up and backing away.
"None of your business." she replies. "Now listen to me. I ain't telling you this because I'm nice. There's a group of Rocket's heading this way, so get out of here. Head North, there's a mountain range there were you can hide easily." she disappeared into the trees.
You concider following her but can no longer hear any foot steps in the brush.
"Char?" Charmander raises an eyebrow in confusion. You then hear men talking, coming your way. You climb up into a tree, peering out to the nearby road. The men are laughing, and stummbling along the road. Obviosly they'd spent too much time at a bar. Never the lees, you could still make out the pink R on each one's shirt. You jump down, wondering what to do.

If you decided to take the mystery girl's advice and head north hoping to avoid the Rockets go to Page 2
If you want to try to battle the Rockets with your untrained Charmander in hopes of an easy first win go to Page 3