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Welcome to the Ask the Master section. This is where I answer all questions on pokémon. If you have any guestions WHAT SO EVER on pokémon, I'm your master. Ask me and I'll post your question with my answer.

Yeah, I have a Pokémon question. How many Pokémon are there total??

Thank you for being the first to submit to this section. About your question. You are obviously just starting out, right? Okay, there are 251 Pokémon in total. Starting with Bulbasaur and going to Cerebii(with Mewtwo at 150)

There's only ONE Mew, right? How did it come to exist? I mean, just about every other Pokémon has more than one of it. (except for Mewtwo, i mean)

Wow, we seem to have gotta' a good and well valid question out of Glowstar here. Okay, there is only one Mew in present day. This has not always been so, however. In Mewtwo Stikes Back, a fossil thought to be the ear of a Mew is used to extract DNA from. Since Mew doesn't go around losing ears, this clearly points out that at one point there was more than one Mew. Since then, Mew have become exsincted except for the one remaining. How is a very good question. It could be a simple matter of Mew being so powerful that only afew can exist at one time and somehow they died off due to non-breeding. Mewtwo is a completely different story. 'Two' was cloned so he technically has no parents and there can and will only be one. One more note. In the games GOLD and SILVER, you can breed pokémon but there is no way to get a Mew egg. That is partially because you can not catch Mew. Now, the fact that Mew can not come from an egg is strictly a game thing, not in the logic of the anime. No, Mew is not imortal like suggested.

For GOLD where do I go to catch Mewtwo?

We have consulted many different websites along with professional gaming magazines on the topic of Mewtwo, Mew, Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres within Pokémon Gold and Silver. One fact remains dominant over all; You can not capture Mewtwo, or any of the fore mentioned Pokémon, in Pokémon Gold. However, you can trade for Mewtwo from another GameBoy that is using either Blue, Red, or Green. Then, of course, there always cheats. Our website does not endorse the use of cheat codes to further any video game and because your question referred to where to catch Mewtwo, we assume that cheats are out of the question for you as well. Also, many Pokémon cheats are know to never work or mess with your graphics anyway. After research, we found only one walkthru saying that you could capture Mewtwo somewhere and somehow in the Unknown Dungeon but this is argued by not only many other websites but professional gaming magazines as well. The easiest way to attain Mewtwo is to trade between GameBoy games.

For GOLD they say that I need stones to evolve some pokemon like water,solar,thunder,fire,and leaf.Can I get them on GOLD?And if I can where?

Sorry for taking so long to reply. In response to your second e-mail, there is only one place to get the Sun Stone in Pokémon Gold. Go to the national park (north of Goldenrod City) and enter the bug-catching competition. The first place prize is the Sun Stone. This may take many attempts, sometimes even catching a Syther is not enough to win the competition. As for the other stones: There is an easy way to get them. When you reach Kanto (the original western territory), go to the sea cottage northeast of Cerulean City. There you will meet Bill's father. He will ask you to show him certain Pokémon by descriptions he gives you. Each time you show him the right Pokémon (you can leave inbetween), he will give you a different stone. The usual order is; 1. Lickitung (Everstone) 2.Vulpix (Fire Stone) 3.Oddish (Leaf Stone) 4.Staryu (Water Stone) 5.Pichu (Thunderstone). The 'everstone' is not an evolution stone. Actually, when given to a Pokémon to hold, that Pokémon will not evolve. The ever stone is available other places in the game but if you can not locate one in Johto, when a Pokémon begins to evolve and you don't want it to, just hit the B button.

I read in a Poke'mon card book that you can catch Mew through some Pokemon League bit. Is any of that true???

There is a club called the Pokémon League and sometimes when you join you are given certain cards or you can earn them. Many card magazines mention the club but whether there is one nearby you depends on region. I know that it is basically a place to battle with cards, trade, earn points, and sometimes get free Pokémon things like cards or badges. You will have to contact either the website or a phone number given in the book/magazine for specific information about your area.

For the versions YELLOW and GOLD where do I get Omanyte?

We appoligize for our late reply. In response to your question concerning Omanyte and Pokémon Gold; that Pokémon is unavailible in that game. There were 21 Pokémon cut from the game of the entire 251. Omanyte and Omastar were two of them. To get these Pokémon into your squad you will need to trade with another game boy using red, blue, or yellow, over a link cable.

Is there a Mew you can catch in Pokemon Silver, Gold or Crystal?

No, there is no place to catch Mew in Pokémon Gold, Silver, or Crystal. The only way to obtain her is through Gameshark or a Nintendo giveaway. That is strait from many other Pokémon-players mouths.

Can mew evolve?

In responce to your question: No Mew can not evolve. Sometimes people wonder if Mew is the pre-evolution to Mewtwo but this is not so. Mew is a basic Pokémon with no evolutionary form.

Can you tell me where and when to find pinco.

Pineco can be found in Ilex Forest by using a special method. Our research says that if you go into the Ilex Forest at night and use a Pokémon to headbutt a tree next a trainer who is in the forest, Pineco should appear. This may take afew tries. --Owner

In SILVER can i get a cell phone? In YELLOW,SILVER and CRYSTAL how do I duplicate the master ball? In SILVER AND CRYSTAL how do I duplicate the rare candy?

We appologize for taking so long to respond to you. This is the first chance we have had to answer any incoming questions.
You can receive a cell phone from your mother in pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Talk to her before leaving your house. To duplicate an item, place that item with a Pokémon in your party. Sign onto the Pokémon Center's computer and put that Pokémon with the item into a box. Go to switch boxes. When it says SAVING... DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER, turn off the power. Wait untill the entire message comes up. When you restart your game the Pokémon and item will be in your party and in the box. This should work for any item.

Proffeser elm called me on gold version about a virus called pokerus after the lady at the pokecenter said "do you want to trade your machop for my celebe".how do you get pokerus and who is celebe?
--mega trainer

We will answer your easiest question first: Celebi is Pokémon number 251, star of the fourth Pokémon movie (in theatre's now!). Celebi is the time travel Pokémon and very hard to find. I have never heard of being able to trade for it for only a Machop, or at all. The deal with PokéRus: When you look at your Pokémon's stats there should be a shiny dot on the bottom right with words:Pokerus. Sources say you can catch this virus from a Yanma at route 35. But don't worry, it wont hurt you. It will last two to four days and gain your Pokémon twince the experience points. It can spread to other pokémon so group dome together on the PC to keep the virus going for longer. Once it wears off the Pokémon will be immuned to it again. Healing a Pokémon at the center will not get rid of the PokeRus.

how can i find a thunder stone in pokemon silver?

The Thunderstone in SILVER and GOLD is located in the Kanto Region. North of Cerulean City there is a little cottage where you'll find Bill's Grandfather. He'll ask you to find a certain Pokémon to show him. Each time you bring the correct Pokémon he'll reward you with a certain stone. The Thunderstone is one of the rewards.

IN SILVER VERTION can I get any other stone other than sun sun stone.

In SILVER you can get many different stones such as the Everstone, Firestone, Leafstone, Thunderstone, and Waterstone. If you want to get all of these in the same place, visit Bill's Grandfather in the Kanto Region (north of Cerulean City). He will ask you to bring him a certain Pokémon. Each time you bring the correct one he will give you a stone, specificly the five listed above. For a Moonstone, sources say that on Monday nights you can goto Moon Cave(at Mt. Moon between routes 3 and 4) and see Clefairy do a dance. Watch to see which stone it dances around. Break that stone with RockSmash and you'll find a Moonstone.

OWNER NOTE: We Recieved Several E-mails During this Interlude Which We were Unable To Post Due to Web Shell Issues. All Questions Did Recieve Replies.

Why do you say there is only 251 Pokemon when there are many more, from Treeko to Raquanwza? Also, on my blue version, whenever I save it and then turn it off, it never ever saves. What should I do?

I've been expecting an e-mail such as yours for awhile. Just to defend my pride, I am well aware of the "3rd generation" Pokémon newly released as characters in Ruby and Saphire, and Coleseum. The fact is, the quiz section of our page (assuming this is where you came across the 251 information) is extremely out of date. I have planned to correct these issues, however, personal circumstances have hampered my progress. hasn't been all to helpful, either. I will endevor to bring these section up to date as soon as possible. About your GB Blue edition. I have only encountered cartridge-issues once before. If you are following the on-screen directions to NOT turn off the game while it is saving, and it still does not save, this means it is probably a cartridge error. Unfortunately, not many cures exist. If the game was left in a very cold or warm place, or if it has been played/handled several times, it may have been damaged. If you are referring to a downloaded rom of BLUE, then try redownloading and reinstalling. I hope this e-mail has been helpful.

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