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A girl looks up from the shadows.
"If you've surfed our page long enough you've probably noticed that I never give my name. Never give a discription. Never tell you anything about me besides my vivid opinions on several subjects. If you just came to the page, you'll learn." She gestures a hand around, indicating the rest of the page, "I created this page after months and months of pain staking work. With my Pikachu, Stormy, as mascot and Mewtwo as guardian, I was left with creation and upkeep. Well, here I'll give you a bit more information on the Pokémon Master Mind behind this mad little place." she drops her voice, "But don't expect alot."

Name: N.O.Y.B.
Age: ditto
Place of Origin: I don't know exactly
Special Abilities: Taking into account my various intersets... Sonic Speed, Psycic Powers, Scout Power, a great sence of direction, Super Strength, Sonic-style Hyper abilities, a genius mind. (not all of these are shown at once of coarse, I don't powergame).
Anime of Choice: Pokémon
Favorite Anime Character: Mewtwo
Favorite Pokémon: Mewtwo, Pikachu, Ponyta, Charmander, Articuno, Missingo
Favorite Pokémon Movies: (in order). Mewtwo Strikes Back, then it's a tie because Mewtwo is sapose to be in the 3rd one, and Articuno's in the 2nd one and the 4th one hasn't been dubbed.
First intrest from Japan: Sonic (Speedemons Forever!)
Favorite American TV show: Spiderman!
Other watched animes or anime-related things:
Sailor Moon
Gundam Wing
Outlaw Star
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy IX
Windy Tales
Diamond Dust Drops
Uninhabited Plant Survive
Violinist of Hameln!
Transformers Armada
Other non-anime interests:
Tigers (what can I say? The strongest creatures in the world)
Diadem (a kick-arse books series by John Peel)
Toonami (the concept)
Harry Potter (Ravenclaw Rules!)
Batman Beyond
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Zeta Project

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The Archangel
You're the Archangel! You'd best fit the role of the Archangel during the Battle of Armageddon, the leader of heaven's army on earth. This says many things about you. You're the leader of all the angels, certainly the most powerful. You're very honest. You're not perfect but you're about as close as they come aside from The Father and Jesus. You fight for the forces of good but you certainly know your limits. There are a few you would not dare contend with...