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Kyla is a very sweet little girl with a
heart of gold. She has been through a
lot for a baby and we are very thankful
to have her here today. She is very close
to her big brother Tyler and loves it
when her daddy comes home from work.
Kyla always has a smile on her face
and enjoys every minute of being
around her family. We wish her every
bit of happines and joy that life can give her.
Some of Kyla's hobbies are playing
with her big brother Tyler. She enjoys
when we read to her and Tyler. Kyla
enjoys when Tyler makes funny faces and
noises and loves to wrestle on the floor.
She loves playing games like how big is
the baby. Kyla is learning how to walk
and after a hard day of playing it is
bath time which she absolutely loves.
Her and her brother have 2 dogs 1 cat and 7 fish.
She loves to be outside and play in the yard.
Kyla enjoys doing pageants, when she gets on
stage she is nothing but smiles grins and laughs.
She loves every bit of the attention that
she gets when she is on stage.