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A Little About Us

Welcome to Hawaii's Island Activities. This site enables you to explore all the water activities offered by our company. You can enjoy and learn while visiting any of the Hawaiian Islands. The company was founded 2 years ago by a former South Alabama student, Greg Bourne. The company has 36 employees and plenty of equipment to do any water adventure you can imagine. To contact us about openings and more detail about adventure plans and prices please contact us.

Activities Available

Certified Instructors Available Upon Request

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More Background Information About Our Founder

Greg attended the University of South Alabama and graduated in 2005. He had very little trouble in college, except for one class. An Information System and Technology course that was held on Wednesday nights at 6 in room number 241. He learned to develop web pages and admits it was difficult at times, but managed to make a B.
Contact Information
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1-808-561-1246GBourneHIA@aol.com385 Island Dr. Holualoa, Hawaii 96725
1-808-561-1245HawaiiAct@yahoo.comBook before it's too late