Michelle Gussow Fan Fiction Library

The look is different but the stories are the same. Just follow the links into your favorite fandom.

The Big Valley
Emergency featuring Mike Stoker
Alias: Smith and Jones
The Sentinel
The Lococco Files

Please help support the Indy Artists' Peace Project which I co-founded.

The Indy Artists' Peace Project dedicates itself to the work of peace, social justice and nonviolence. We reject all methods of war, violence and torture as a means of social change and call upon our leaders to work toward sane, practical, and peaceful solutions to the ills of the world. We are non partisan, self supporting and not funded by or affiliated with any political party. We are inclusive of people from all religious traditions and believe deeply in the strength of diversity. It is our goal as an organization to entertain the mind with quality performance art while also stirring the soul with a strong message of peace and reconciliation.

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