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Thoroughbred Colt
Sire: Silent Moon
Dam: *HOF* Solar Flaire CH

HF Points: 420

Show Record

Show Class Placing Points
HFDA January Show 2001/2000 Colt Suitability 6th HF-25
  Open Hot Blood Suitability 6th HF-25
  4y/o SportHorse Walk/Trot/Canter 7th HF-20
  Introductory Level Test A 7th HF-20
  Introductory Level Test B 1st HF-50
Willow End Opening Show Thoroughbred Stallions 5th HF-30
HFDA February Show 2001/2000 Colt Suitability 5th HF-30
  Training Level Test 1 7th HF-20
  Training Level Test 2 9th HF-10
  Training Level Test 3 8th HF-10
Lippizaner Association Halter and Dressage Extravaganza Thoroughbred Stallion 1st HF-50
  Young Horse Test B 4th HF-35
HFDA March Show 2001/2000 Colt Suitability 7th HF-20
  Open Hotblood Suitability 6th HF-25
  Training Level Test 1 10th HF-10
Halter & Dressage Show Thoroughbred Stallions 3rd HF-40
Show Record - All Sim
Show Class Placing
Ceteer February 04 Stallion Show 4y/o Stallions Silver Ribbon
Feeding Schedule
Regular Feed: Young Horse Mix, Alfalfa Hay
Supplements: Bone Powder

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This is all part of a Sim horse Game called Horses Forever, NONE of it is real!!