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Bill's End of the World Survival Pack

The End of the World is Near. Are you Prepared?

Welcome to my Website. The end of the world is coming soon, and most people will not be prepared for when that time comes. With the world on the verge of another major war, you need to be prepared for the worst. By having my End of the World pack, you will ensure yourself the best possible chance for survival in the aftermath of a nuclear war. Although I grew up in the USA, I fought for Germany in WWII and I was in the Elite Guard of Iraq in Desert Storm. I am now a current member of the Michigan Militia. From these experiences, I have learned what it takes to survive the harshest of conditions. I hope you will gather these supplies as soon as possible for your life may depend on it.

  • End of the World Survival Pack PC Game--Order Now!
  • New Pictures From The 2002 Annual Shootout
  • Due to the overwhelming number of people who have asked me more information about myself, I have decided to create a much longer profile. I am in the process of completing this. I hope this will answer any questions you may have about me.

  • Ron, Bradford, PA--
  • "Being the avid hunter that I am, I now have a larger arsenal to go after any type of animal I want. And I'd like to see those bastards on Capitol Hill try to stop me. Thanks Bill!"

  • Wayne, Blackwell, OK--
  • "I never did learn much in the army. But with Bill's survival pack I can kill a man with a cell phone, and skin him alive in 30 seconds flat!"

  • Jake, Park Falls, WI--
  • "I've always been concerned that someone could come onto my property and kill me. And there really wasn't much I could do about it. But now with Bill's Survival Pack, I can pick off anyone trespassing on my property before they can get anywhere near me."

  • Gary, Naples, FL--
  • "Now that I'm retired, I need peace of mind and time to relax. Bill's survival pack gives me that security because if someone attacks me, I'll be ready to defend myself."

  • Clint, Memphis, TN--
  • "Being a soldier of fortune, I've had my share of deadly encounters. Bill, your arsenal has changed my life, and God help the next son of a bitch on my list!"

  • Fred, Lodge Grass, MT--
  • "With conventional hunting weapons, I used to have to limit myself to hunting legal game. But now with Bill's Survival Pack I can force my way into zoos and national parks and slaughter any animal I want. And if one of those goddamn government officials thinks he's got the balls to stop me, he's gonna be eatin lead for breakfast! Thanks Bill."

  • Hal, Foxcroft, ME--
  • "Fishing is what I love to do. But sometimes I don't feel like going out on the water. With all the firepower and explosives that came with Bill's Survival Pack, I'm catching more fish than ever before, without even having to leave the dock."

  • Clifton, Henderson, KY--
  • "Me and my pa always used to go huntin but I could never get a deer of my own. Ever since I got Bill's survival pack, I been gettin deer by the truckloads. All I got to say is thank you Bill."

  • J.T., Burton, MI--
  • "When the government is wrong, it's dangerous to be right. But with Bill's Survival Pack, I can virtually eliminate all risks of the government being able to kill me. Not missiles nor land mines can threaten me now."

  • James, Red Scaffold, SD--
  • "As the Commander of a militia operation, I need to set a good example for my men. With all the guns and ammo from Bill's survival pack, I've taught them how to unload a clip on a man without even blinking."

  • George, Eskridge, KS--
  • "Bill's Survival Pack has given me a true sense of security in my life. Using the land mines included, I can be away from the house all day shooting deer without having to worry about the government taking out my base."

  • Brandon, Ballwin, MO--
  • "I bought my land to keep the government outta my hair. Now they gone and built a state park in my back yard. Lucky for me I found out about Bills End Of The World Survival Pack and since I got it, if any animals or the DNR sets one foot out onto my property it aint goin back alive."

  • Bobby, Pulaski, TN--
  • "With Bill's Survival Pack, I am now ready to deal directly with any Yankee who doesn't think I should be allowed to have over 100 guns."