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Battles & Engagements
Biographies & Photos
A Brief Synopsis of the 33rd's History
1862 Chronology
1863 Chronology
1864 Chronology
1865 Chronology
Letters & Diaries
Original Officers
Rosters & Enlistment History

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Site Map

Battles --- a listing of engagements & battles
Beauvoir --- the retirement center for seventeen members of the 33rd Mississippi
Bible Classes --- how religion was important to the men
Biographies --- photos, biographies & anecdotes of members as submitted by their descendants
          Co. A
          Co. B
          Co. C
          Co. D
          Co. E
          Co. G
          Co. I
          Co. K - Page 1 - A - K
          Co. K - Page 2 - L - W
Bonnie Blue Flag - image, brief history and lyrics
Casualties --- alphabetical order of battles listing killed in action, wounded, missing in action &             captured. Died in Service (usually of disease, but some from wounds in an unidentified battle)
Confederate soldier - a vivid description

Featherston, W. S. --- biography of the Brig. General
Featherston Report --- of actions on Deer Creek & Rolling Fork in March 1863
Flag --- photograph of the 33rd MS flag captured at Peachtree Creek
Greensboro Surrender --- roster of those that were able to fight until the end of the war
History ---formation & organization of individual companies that became the 33rd MS & overview of        timeline for the 33rd MS (cf. Chronology)
Indiana Letter --- disputing the capture of the 33rd MS's battle flag by the 26th WIS
Jackson, (Moses) Report --- of actions at Peachtree Creek 20 Jul 1864
Letters --- as submitted by their descendants
          Co. A
          Co. C
          Co. G
          Co. I
          Co. K
Links --- to many other 33rd MS, war and related sites
Loring Report --- of operations from Resaca to New Hope Church in May 1864
New Hope Church --- additional information of events
Officers --- listing of original officers
Order of Secession - ordinance to dissolve the union
Regimental Communications - battle reports, promotions, resignations, ordnance reports, etc.
Rosters --- members in each company and info concerning the organization of each company
          Co. A
          Co. B
          Co. C
          Co. D
          Co. E
          Co. F
          Co. G
          Co. H
          Co. I
          Co. K
                      Note: if you do not find your 33rd ancestor listed in these rosters, read this.
Servants --- those faithful members who also served with the regiment and are often forgotten.
Site Map --- navigational guide
What's New --- changes & updates to this web page


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Battle flag: Collection of the Old Capitol Museum of Mississippi History, Jackson, MS.

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