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"The revival still goes on. The meetings seem to increase in interest. "

--- Albert Quincy Porter (Co. D) April 26, 1864







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Bible Classes and Revival Among The 33rd

Religious services were usually arranged by the individual soldiers. On Sunday they would assemble in the afternoon or evening for preaching, testimonials, singing and prayer. While in winter quarters, these religious activities would intensify, resulting in great revivals.

While in camp at Montevallo, AL in 1864, such a revival occurred among the members of the 33rd.

Mathew Andrew Dunn (Co. K) wrote to his wife on March 31st,

"We are organizing Bible Classes throughout the Army which I am very much pleased with. The plan is to have a Class in each Company and recite lessons Semiweekly. We have a Teacher & two assistant Teachers to each Company. Capt. [Moses] Jackson is our Teacher, I am 1st Asst and Clem [3rd Sgt. Clement Clay Lea] is 2nd. There will be Superintendents for the Regt. Capt. [Jackson] is absent at this time, which causes all the duty to fall upon me --- I consider it a hard task, yet I am willing to do all that I can, as I feel it to be nothing more than my duty. Though I am Sensible of my incompetency."

For several days in April Albert Quincy Porter (Co. D) wrote about the religious fervor.

"18th - There has been a Bible class gotten up in the different Co. comprising the different Regts., in Featherston's Brigade, also in all the other Brigades composing this (Louring's Division). The number of the different Societies belonging to the different Companies in the 33rd Miss. Regt., held a general meeting this evening and recited a lesson after which there was a committee appointed for the purpose of drawing up some rules and regulations for the government of the society. The Co. Classes are to hold their meeting on Wednesdays and Saturdays and the general meeting is to be held on Sunday evening at 3 o'clock. There are three large churches in Montevalla, one Methodist, one Baptist and one Presbyterian, either of which will hold between 250 & 300 persons. There is at present a revival going on near the churches. There has been a good many joined since we came to this place.
20th - There were a good many joined the churches last knight.
21st - The revival is going on amongue the souldiers.
22nd - The Methodist had an experience meeting today. I attended it. There were quite a few who rose up and told what the Lord had done for them. They all with the exception of two attributed their conversions from very religious parents who taught them from their infancy to love and serve God.
25th - Went to hear Bishop Andrews preach today. His text was in Romans 5th Chapter, commencing at the first verse including the sixth.
26th - The revival still goes on. The meetings seem to increase in interest."

In August, outside of Atlanta, there was renewed interest. On the 22nd M.A. Dunn wrote to his wife:

"Our meeting is Still going on and the Lord is greatly blessing us. About 60 have joined the church. Among our acquaintances were Jimmy --- Monroe (James Monroe) Causey and Caddy (James Cadmus) Causey. Mon' joined the Presbyterians. We have prayer meetings every night when we don't have preaching, and it would make ones heart rejoice to see the interest taken by the young members."

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