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"... tha havt never paid us yet and I havt got a sent of mony nor a chew of tobacoo and you may now that I am in a bad fix"

--- Pvt.
William J. Worthy
April 10, 1863

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Pvt. William J. WorthyPvt. William J. Worthy to his wife Sarah

O G Miss
A Camps Near Greenwood
Apr the 10 1863

Dear and most afectionate wife as it has bin sometime since I rote to you I will drop you a few lines today and say to you that I am tolrable well at this time hoping when these few lines come to hand may find you all well I havent any news of any great importance to write the yankeys is all left hear tho there was plenty hear when wee come hear wee are camped just 5 miles below Greenwood right on the bank of the yazoo river I dont think that wee will stay hear many days there is a talk of us a going to watervaly and I hope that wee will gow if wee doo wee will goo right by Grenada I rote you a leter the other day and sent it by a man by the name of Wheeler to drop at Cadaretta but I dont now whether hee droped it there or not I have bin a litle puny but I belive that I am about strait now wee have had the hardest times for the last month that wee ever have had since wee have bin out wee have drawed about wone 3 rats (rations) that is a bout wone meel a day I cant hardly stand it a tall I tell you I study mighty about comin home and if I doo I will come to stay tha havt never paid us yet and I havt got a sent of mony nor a chew of tobacoo and you may now that I am in a bad fix I still can beg a chew wons and a while that helps along Some nearly all of our boys is a talking about gowing home and I thin(k) there is several that will gow Sarah I never did want to come home as bad in my life I dremped about seeing you and my sweet litle babe as plane as if you had bin present last night and thout that Saly could walk god bless her sweet litle sole I study about you all the time Sarah when I ly down of a night on the cold grown I think mighty strong about my good bed at home oh it is awful to think how wee are treated but wee can only hope for the beter I want to hear from you mighty bad I haven't got but wone leter from you since Juge Pittman came back I got a leter from Richard Jackson hee rote to mee that hee had 200 hunderd dolars for you and if I said sow hee would cary the balance and pay it all and hee wonts mee to come and git it but it is out of my power to get to gow to tend to any bisness I sent the leter to you that I got from him but I don't now whether you got it or not and I thought that I would write about it in this leter you can right to him to come and pay you what hee has and that will doo without boren (borrowing) moore and if hee comes you can get Mr Moore to come over and tend to it write to him that I cant get off to come to see him and hee will have to come to see you I dont now anything about Jo hee was sent to the horspitle at Sniders Bluff and I havt herd from him since I recken hee is at home so I must come to a close Direct your leter to Greenwood Miss Kiss my sweet litle babe for mee write soon I remain your
ever loving husband untill death.
W J Worthy to
S J Worthy

Courtesy of Debbie Dower

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