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"All acts of war on the part of the troops under General Johnston's command to cease from this
date . . . all the officers and men will be permitted to return to their homes, not to be disturbed by
the United States authorities . . ."

--- Maj. Gen. W.T. Sherman & Gen. J.E. Johnston             
Durham Station, North Carolina, April 26, 1865             

Paroled at Greensboro, NC

Co. A: J. L. Heath --- Jesse Watkins --- Daniel J. Wilson --- Green Young --- Lewis Young

Co. B: 3rd Corp. Joseph F. Williams --- 4th Corp. John Stewart --- William Brown --- Thomas W. Hurst --- Reuben L. Jones --- Seaborn Reynolds --- G. W. Stewart --- Ellis M. Varnado

Co. C: 2nd Lt. A. J. Martin --- 2nd Sgt. Jonathan J. Thornhill --- 3rd Corp. (Musician) Simeon Jordan --- 4th Corp. (Musician) Alfred W. Smith --- James H. Carlisle (detached duty as teamster) --- Henry Furr. Jr. --- James D. Ham (detached duty as teamster) --- Martin Van Buren Kees (Citronelle, AL --- was sick and on a 30 day furlough) --- Jesse M. Kees --- Abraham Nations --- John R. Parkman --- John P. Rush (detached duty as teamster) --- Achilles M. Summers

Co. D: 2nd Lt. William C. Costley --- 4th Sgt. Lewis L. Magee --- Musician Thomas J. Scott ---  William M. Cupit --- Thomas E. Erwin --- Nicholas Lazarus --- James M. McCoy --- William Mullins --- Albert Quincy Porter --- Thomas J. Rushing --- William R. Temple --- Allen Newton Westbrook

Co. E: 1st Lt. George B. Lenoir --- 1st Sgt. (2nd Lt.?) Thomas Dilla Richmond --- Levi Sandifer --- Harris W. Turnipseed --- John Vanarden (Vanorten)

Co. F: Daniel T. Archey --- Corp. Richard J. Rogers --- William J. Shearer --- William Tucker

Co. G: 2nd Corp. (Sgt.?) John R. Shaw --- Jesse S. Smith --- Sterling R. Smith --- John E. Wiggins

Co. H: none?

Co. I: Hartwell S. Sibley --- William C. Spears --- Joseph Tapper --- Thomas W. Turpin --- James Thomas Wharton --- Elijah Willingham

Co. K: (Sgt.) John Addison Burris --- William Joseph Hazlewood --- James Smiley --- Nathaniel Frances Smiley --- Charles E. Washburn --- Jackson Whittington --- Robert W. Whittington

Word of caution: to those who might want to "lift" this roster to post on other web sites or publish in book form. This is personal research and a compilation of works and is not in the public domain, thus IT MAY BE COPYRIGHTED BY ME ... AND IT IS!

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Battle flag: Collection of the Old Capitol Museum of Mississippi History, Jackson, MS.

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