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A new lesson, DREAMS, has been posted on 5/16/2004.




Check your admission slip. Are you sure you're in the right class? Good, let's begin.

You've passed into the hallowed halls of Screw U, the institution that supports the refined sugar habits of Professor Crankypants. The Professor is attempting to educate the masses about important, socially relevant issues, like common courtesy, respect for other people, and not being a dick all the time.

This site will be updated on a weekly basis with a brand-new lesson for all you aimlessly blundering sheep to learn. To head right into this week's lesson, click on the NEW icon above, or just click right here, it doesn't matter.

To make up classes that you've missed, click on the ARCHIVE button. Or here. Whatever you're comfortable with.

To read up on Professor Crankypants and his associates, click FACULTY or click here.

To raise your hand politely and ask a question or raise a point in a clear, respectful voice, click CONTACT. Or don't. Click here. Or don't.

And finally, to check out a bunch of links to sites that have absolutely nothing to do with this one ... oh, you know what to do.

Settle down, now, settle down. Class is in session ...



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