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Hey all. Welcome to my homepage. Don't expect too much to change cuz ya know, I have better things to do than update my website everyday. Anyway, some info about yours truly, I'm a 20-year old Filipina (until the 7th of September rolls along) who grew up on the southside of Chicago and in quiet, boring Oak Lawn. I just recently graduated in May from UIC with a major in exercise physiology and am currently pursuing my master's degree at UIC for applied exercise phys. Don't think of me as the typical Asian chick who is super skinny and loves to do nothing more than simply watch the boys from the sidelines strut their athletic stuff on the court/field/whatever. I love to work out and play all sports to keep my butt in shape and to show that muscles aren't for men anymore. I consider myself a very carefree person and I'm always looking for new and exciting things to do. If there's anything else I feel like sharing about myself, I'll add it on later. As for now, peace out.......

FaVe ThInGs 2 Do

FaVe LiNkS

You just have to see this for yourself...not for those with easily upset stomachs
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Two words: Multiplayer Halo!
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