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What does it mean to be lesbian?

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same sex "marriage" is legal in the United Kingdom.

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Lesbianism Defined:

A gay or homosexual woman, relating to, or being a lesbian due to an attraction to her same sex.

Female Lesbian " femme definition "

Femme: usually refers specifically to a feminine lesbian,
may also be known as a "lipsticklesbian"

It's normal and natural to be a lesbian,
just like it's normal and natural for some people to be heterosexual.

What does it mean to be lesbian?
Ashleigh Jane

Lesbians are women-loving-women. We are women who are sexually attracted to other women. We are women who may feel emotionally and spiritually closer to women. We are women who prefer women as our partners.

As lesbians, we are not alone. One out of ten teenager girls is lesbian. Many famous women in history were lesbians. Lesbians are teachers, doctors, lawyers, factory workers, police officers, politicians, ministers, movie stars, artists, mothers, nuns, truck drivers, models, novelists.
You name it, we do it.

Lesbians are White, Black, Asian, American, European, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist. Lesbians are rich, poor, working class, and middle class. Some lesbians are in heterosexual marriages. Some lesbians are disabled. Lesbians are young women and old women.
You name it, we are it.

Lesbians live in cities and in the country.
We are everywhere!!

Being a Lesbian

relating to, or being a lesbian due to an attraction of her same sex. The realization that you might be a lesbian may be new, or you may have always known.

This is a page about what it means and what you can do, because having questions and fears is normal. So what's the deal with sexual orientation?

Sexual orientation has to do with what gender you have feelings or affection towards. Homosexuality ( from the greek homo= same and the latin sexus= sex ) means that a person has these attractions and feelings towards a person of the same sex. The realization of our attraction towards one ( homosexuality if its the same sex and hetrosexuality if its the other sex ) or both sexes ( bisexuality ), can occur at any time in our lives. Also, it is very common to be 'confused' about this issue as its rarely all black and white. It is very hard to figure out what feelings are truly ours and what feelings come from the demands of society.

Self Acceptance.

Awakening to sexuality is hard for everybody, heterosexuals or homosexuals alike, When those feelings you discover in yourself are for the same sex, it may pose a few extra challenges because it does'nt fit with what we thought would be and because it may scare you because of what we know about homosexuality, which is usually biased and based on stereotypes. So one of the first things to do when you discover that you might be lesbian is to go out there and find information. Information on what it means to be lesbian, on what it involves. Then comes the "getting-used-to-it" phase. Just like any change in your life, discovering your homosexuality will be frightening at first and will demand adaptation. For example, If you wear glasses you know that when you first got them, you had to get used to them before you felt comfortable with them. Getting glasses changed the way you see yourself, scared you of what others may think, hurt your nose and made the other side of the street more than blurry concept, basically it changed yourself concept as well as the way you saw the world. Its the same thing when you discover that you might be lesbian. It takes some time to be comfortable with this new concept. Being a lesbian is just a part of you, it doesn't change your personality, your aspirations in life, your potentials or your professional aspirations. We have many sides to us, being a lesbian is just one of them.

Facing the outside world.

The negative messages we perceive from the outside world about homosexuality can be daunting and hurtful. They can seem like a wall that cannot be climed. It is clear, being gay in this society is still a struggle. Becoming comfortable with yourself and your sexual orientation is the best way to confront this struggle. Your acceptance of yourself is your most powerful tool in dealing with the obstacles which may be put your way. Always remember that very often we put the obstacles there ourselves. We are our most severe critics. Learning to love and respect yourself, even those parts that are not accepted by some in the outside world ( because its not everybody ),is the key to overcoming obstacles. Always remember this: how can you expect others to accept you as you are, if you cant do it for yourself....If you are comfortable with yourself it will the journey into self acceptance that much easier. In a very real way, we are slowly but surely changing society and its rule. Our own accepting of ourselves is a first big step towards the acceptance of society. Also, it can be very beneficial to socialize with others who are going through a similar process as,


I think I have something to tell you.

Telling others about your journey out is not mandatory or necessary to your being happy with your sexual orientation. The golden rule here is....WAIT TILL YOU FEEL READY....There are many ways to tell people around you, depending on who it is and on their mind set. There are as many possible reactions as there are people to tell so its had to predict. You may want to start by telling people whom you know will have a good reaction. Other gay friends are your best bet. There are a few pointers you may want to follow....Make sure you feel safe telling the person....Be ready to be asked questions about homosexuality, prepare what you can answer questions too such as "are you sure" how can you know, you have never been with a guy, dont you think its wrong somehow, Humour is often a good way to deflect those questions. For example, if someone asks you " are you sure", ask them how about you, are you sure you are hetero ? Have support ready in case of a bad reaction, have people you can debrief with or vent with, be ready for weird reactions or shock. Prepare your timing. Make sure the person is not in a personal crisis or in times of stress. You may also want to reconsider coming out to someone during the holidays, most people are stressed at that time, even if it seems to be good stress. If you think it may help, prepare the ground for coming out. Maybe say something like....I have something to tell you but I am not sure how or when I will "or" I have something to tell you that is very important to me. A lot of people drop hints before really comming out, that way you can verify the person's beliefs and thus know more about their possible reaction.

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