Projects to Help Grace Christian



  • Grace Christian earned $217.90 during the 2016-2017 school year.
  • This money was spent to buy a Chromebook for students to use in classrooms and in the library.
  • Each boxtop is worth 10 cents to the school.

Please help us earn more so we can do more for the school. The best way to help is to ask friends and family to help save boxtops. Put them in ziplock bags with 50 in each one and send them to the Grace Christian Library or to the office. Some schools earn thousands of dollars and we can too.


SunnyD Labels

  • Grace Christian earned an estimated $2,460 last year.
  • Each class received a classroom set of books.
  • 20 labels equals about $120 worth of books.

Bring SunnyD labels with barcodes to your teacher or the library and your child's class will be able to try and get more books for the classroom. Our school has been doing this for several years and it helps build classroom libraries.


Community Coffee

  • Clip out the Proof of Purchase Seals from Community® products.
  • Send the Proof of Purchase Seals to the library or office.

Grace Christian did not participate in this last year but has in the past.


Together we can help raise funds for our school through these simple programs. Thanks for all your help with the success that we have had and will have for the children at Grace Christian.




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