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Title: A Better Gift
Author: Stefanie
Category: Double drabble and a half (246 words)
Universe: A.T.F.
Rating/Warnings: G / Sappiest of the sap
Start/Finish: 19 July 2006
Summary: Happy Birthday, Andrew Kavovit!
Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. I do not own "The Magnificent Seven." They belong to Mirisch, MGM, and Trilogy. This story was written for entertainment only, no monetary gain will be made from it.

A Better Gift

“Sir, unless you’re family, I’m afraid you’ll have to leave now,” the nurse said gently, hesitant to disturb the troubled man.

Buck didn’t even glance her way. Not even the chance of flirting with a beautiful woman could tear him away from the sight of his unconscious best friend on the hospital bed. J.D.’s skin was even more unnaturally pale than usual as he lay hooked to tubes and surrounded by beeping monitors.

“I’m his in-case-of-an-emergency person. I think that counts,” he said gruffly, his voice rough from disuse.

The nurse, feeling touched by such a handsome man showing concern for a friend, quietly slipped out the door without argument.

“What am I going to do with you, kid? I hope the ladies think the gray hairs you give me look distinguished,” Buck joked weakly. He wearily laid his head on the bed, worn out from keeping vigil and worrying about his friend for what seemed like months.

Just as he started to drift off, he felt a light touch on his arm.

Buck slowly looked up, afraid to hope that today, of all days, might be the day this nightmare ended.

“What day is it?” J.D. asked him groggily.

“Your birthday, kid,” Buck answered with a relieved laugh, restraining himself from giving the kid a big ‘ole bear hug like he wanted, knowing J.D. was still too weak for that.

Even though it wasn’t his own birthday, he couldn’t have asked for a better gift.

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