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Ahhhhh Dragon ball the series that started the whole thing.. At first Goku was found by Bulma, and when Goku turns into a ape. Plaur (the cat) turns into scissors and cut's Goku's tail off... Welcome to the world of Dragon Ball GT ! Dragon BallZGT is a Anime Show. Anime is Japanese art. Well Dragon ball is mainly about Goku. You may wounder what dragon ball is, Dragon ball is a cartoon with alot of action, and fighting. The cartoon is one of the most violent "KIDS" cartoon. The cartoon can make kids go nut's, as an example: trying to fight like them. Dragon balls are orange balls with red stars that range from 1-7 saiyans were sent to millions of planets. Goku was sent to take over Earth. Instead he was cared for by the Bulma who found him. He soon had his ability removed of changing into a large monkey like creature. They changed at the brightness of the moon. Goku then fights to save earth, thinking it of his home planet. He fights along side with his earth friends, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, and Choitsu. Also his son Gohan. Watch the show. The show comes on Cartoon Network weekdays at 4:00pm central time, and 6:00am central time, on kids WB 39. whatch DRAGON BALL Z on your spanish tv programs at 7:30am central time. Dragon Ball Gt, you may wounder what GT means?? well if you guess gifted and talented... your WRONG!!! if you guessed goten and trunks.... YOUR WRONG!!!! if you guessed grand tour........DING! DING! DING! your right! you may wounder what SUPER SAIYAN is...... well to tell you the truth, I don't really know.... but what I belive is a saiyans' next stage to be stronger. If you don't know what a saiyan is your NUTS!!!!!!! well a saiyan is a being like human... but have monkey like tales. in dragon ball GT the "SAIYANS'" go to level four, like a super saiyan exept black hair instead of blond. In dragon ball GT Cell comes. you might know who Cell is if you collect Dragon ball Z toys, or T-shirts. Cell is like a human dressed up in a green bumble bee suit (including 2 black wings, and a stinger which he shoots little minicher copys of himself called "CELL JR.") At first Goku fights Cell and gets killed. (Gohan is the strongest in dragon ball GT) When Goku dies he comes back as a kid....... In dragon ball Gt Goku and Vegeta can fuse to gether to create eiether Vegetto, or Gogetta. also Goten and Trunks fuse to geter to make Gotenx. Like I said before, SS4's have black hair not blond. but when Gogetta turns SS4 his hair is not black, it's not blond, but it is red. and when Goku dies, Gohan gets so POed and kills cell by turning super saiyan. Thats about all I know about Dragon ball GT.



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