My views on..: Thinking with your dick.

    A man's dick is his most prized possession. It is positioned in the center of his body so it will be protected against extreme temperatures, sharp objects, rampant bisexuals, etc... When you think about it, it is located in the safest possible place on the human body. Everyday accidents occur in which men accidently sever a leg, arm, hand, foot, head... but, you never hear of a guy accidently cutting off his cock. Why?, because it's impossible. If an "accident" happens that causes the cock to be detached from the body, you can be gauranteed that a woman was involved.


    90% of the time, a man is thinking with his dick. The other 10% of the time, his brain is speaking directly on its behalf.

    If men didn't think with their dicks, all of society would fall apart. Nothing good ever comes from a man trying to think with his other head. Thinking with your dick leads to lust. Lust leads to love. Love leads to babies. Babies lead to marriage. Marriage means that the cock will no longer be thinking for the entity formerly known as man. That job will be left for the woman of the house.

    Puberty is when the cock is awakened and appointed to its rightful place as idol/leader/governor/king/temple/master of the male body. If men ever stopped thinking with their dicks they would all revert back to their prepubescent mind-set and they would all be running around with sharp objects, beating the shit out of each other, playing with fire, and anything else that came to their small little minds that they could do without supervision, and without anyone to stop them. Ladies, is this really the kind of people you want to be in charge of nuclear weapons?

    When a woman says "why can't my boyfriend/husband stop thinking with his dick?", she no idea what she is asking, becaus the reality of it all is that the last time an idea came from his other head (just before his brain atrophied and his cock took over) it went something like; "girls are gross, let's go catch some frogs and play baseball!". If he stopped thinking with his dick, he would lose all interest in her and she would lose all control over him.



    Guns are the weapons of the impotent. Impotency rates are highest in older men with occupations such as politicians, police, high ranking military... and you wonder why those fuckers are always so angry and act like 12-year-olds...