Look, you bitch. You fucking ditched me.
I hope that, you really miss me
Miss the way I loved you proper.
Don't you know? Rednecks don't prosper.
You'll miss me when I have our daughter.
And your stuck with that redneck proper.

The only reason that he's with you is;
The condom broke and he thinks it's his.
Do you think the asshole loves you?
He'd rather fuck the guys that've fucked you.
That fucking, redneck, closet-homo.
He likes it in the ass, I think you should know.

I really think you should have missed me,
With your car that day you hit me.
You fucked me overbefore every face.
But I fucked you in every oriface.
You fucked me over when you left me.
But I'll fuck you over at the court date.

Your nothing but a lying bitch.
When I'm through I'll make you wish,
that you had gone and never met me
'cause whin I'm through, I'm sure you'll see
What an evil you put on me.