God's Law v. Man's Law

Which law do you follow? Godís law, stated in the Bible? Or Manís law?

  If you say Manís law you are a fool. Manís law is paradoxical and hypocritical. Manís law states that we are united as one nation, under God, in the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which is of course complete and utter bullshit.

  The pursuit of life; (Joelís gone to get a drink because he has cottonmouth.) but they expect you to be willing to die for your country, unless you are gay.

  The pursuit of liberty; last time I checked, liberty meant; the freedom from tyrannical rulers, and the freedom to do what you want, as long as it doesnít interfere with what other people want to do. When the government fears the people, thatís liberty. When people fear the government, thatís tyranny. We are to the point now that the Constitution doesnít mean shit and it would be better used as wallpaper and then painted over.

  The pursuit of happiness; in the pursuit of happiness some people feel the need to use marijuana and other drugs. This however is illegal, and being illegal, it has:

  1. Increased in market value,
  2. Increased in use and
  3. Created hundreds of thousands of job opportunities in the black market for smugglers, growers, dealers, and lawyers, and hundreds of thousands of job opportunities in law enforcement as narcotics agents, and police dog trainers.

  If the government legalized marijuana alone (and taxed the hell out of it) they could reduce the crime rate, better fund the police departments, and take a big chunk out of that national deficit thing. The most objections to legalizing pot will come from the dealers.

  If you chose Godís law (as written in the Bible); you are an idiot. Godís law says that you should follow it and Manís law. Godís law and Manís laws are contradictory. Godís law says donít kill, while Manís law says its ok to kill in self-defense and war (even if killing in war means bombing a populated area with more non-soldiers and babies than soldiers).

  I donít believe in the Bible. The Bible was written, revised, revised again, truncated, elongated, translated, translated again, revised again, rewritten again, subtracted form and added to by men, not women, men: human completely fallible and untrustworthy.

  Consider the position, and the mental state of the people (men) who wrote, revised, etc., etc. the Bible. Men between the ages of 40 and 100 who have spent their entire lives without pussy. Not only without pussy but without masturbation either. Think about how irritable a guy gets when he hasnít had any in a month or two and then multiply that by 500 or soÖ.now do you think that this is the type of person who is going to write something that should be taken seriously? Most people donít read the Bible anyway, and the ones that do believe that it says whatever they want it to say.

  Man believes whatever he wants to believe so long as it isnít contradictory to what he is conditioned to believe. When a man breaks free of what he is conditioned to do he can finally think for himself.

Non Serviam, think for yourself shmuck!


Authorís Note:

If you think that I may be right in my logic, and you wonder why you never saw it like that before, it is probably because you are conditioned to believe what your government and your religion and your parents wanted you to believe. Once you break their conditioning you will be able to see everything and think for yourself.


You are a giant living in a small cell. The blind and conditioned pick on those in the cell who are smaller than them instead of thinking and breaking down the fucking walls. Break down the fucking walls, idiot!!!