Labels are bullshit. People use labels to describe what they don’t understand. It’s a way of giving false order to chaos. Everything is chaos. Nothing resembling order is real.

Names are bullshit. A name is a label that has nothing to do with the person it is attached to. A name is picked by a person who has known you for a whole 5 seconds, and is in much pain and under the influence of many prescription narcotics. This name is tagged on you like a barcode for the rest of your life. Names are bullshit.

Words are bullshit. Words are all over the world and no one has mastered all of them. People never even completely understand their own language. Nobody pays attention to the language we’ve all agreed upon. Two people speaking the same language will hardly ever truly understand each other. Words are bullshit.

Bullshit is bullshit. I can write a sentence that is completely true and straight forward, and have it be considered obscene, because of a few expletives deemed “indecent.” But at the same time I can write a sentence that has no cursory expletives and have it be considered twice as obscene as the first. Words aren’t obscene. No word is better than another. No words should be censored.

Bullshit is Bullshit.


Author's Note:

While having no "censored words" would be nice. There are certain words that people find personally subversive. For instance there are two words that I personally never have and never will publish on my site or link to on someone elses site. These words are "Go**amn" and "Ni**er". These words will never be published on my site. The first I don't use because I see it as blasphemous (just because I don't believe in the Bible, doesn't mean that I don't believe in God). The second is because it is tasteless and wrong. In my opinion I am not being hypocritical about censoring these words because they aren't really words anyway, they're both slang terms designed to be blasphemous or racist in nature.