Hey whats up?... ...I love the stoners guide. Well anywayz, I read the whole thing of "women suck". What the hell made you write that? Half of it isn't even true. How could you write stuff about women like that, when you (whom i know very well) love them so much and love to get laid by them? It is pretty kewl once you get to the bottom of it, but it is mostly bullshit. That is my personal opioion of it so if you don't like it then don't send me that stuff again. K? -your friend angel
    I wrote it to get responses from people who read my website. (most of my readers being female) So far It's working fairly decently, eh? And I do apreciate your opinion very much. Thanks. -spydur

    I dont know how to respond to your womans thing... you are my cousin, but you sound fucking crazy now.. what the hell did that crazy bitch do to you? and where do you think that women started the KKK? it was probably someone that got hurt just like you and decide to start killing to get revenge..... you are my blood and it hurts to see you lash out like this, i just hope it is all fun and not real, i hope you dont lash out anymore.... love your cousin, liz also joe, how can you write something against woman, sounding like you want to kill all women, when you live with 5, 1 your grandmother, 2 your aunts, 1 your sister and one your beautiful daughter..... also you are always telling me how you love to get laid, well if you love to get laid all the time i hope it is with woman that you claim you hate and not the other sex...... i know i will get a response to that one, but if that crazy nasty two timing whore of a slut hurt you this much, then tell the bitch that... dont lash out at us WOMEN that are hear to listen to your bashing of us..... i love you dearly and i hate the fact that she hurt you this much, take care and stay out of trouble.... liz.
    No, I am not gay, but that might solve my woman problems. I didn't say that I hated all women, just most of them. And most of the ones that have fucked me over. I don't want to kill all women, but that also might solve my female problems. I wrote that to get the attention I deserve. And that is all.

    I like the responses keep them coming.