-Responses to "Gene Therapy"-

  OK, on your gene therapy, I gotta question. You said you'd control it by separating bad genes from good, right? Well, what about the interbreed theory? If you mix two good genes together it doesn't neccessarily mean they're going to turn out with good offspring. Look at the "7th Heaven" bitches. Two decent people, one a preacher, one a teacher, fuck and have what? Five kids? Both of the parents are smart, fairly good looking, good humored, and have common sense. Well their eldest boy is going good - so is the smallest one. The youngest daughter is smart, cute, and got it all; buy the two other girls are dumbasses, one's ugly as sin, neither have common sense, and one can be cruel. So what happened? Where's the gene therapy there? Would you take two nasty, ugly, dumb bitches and breed them? or woud you be afraid that the population that they make would reflect them? And what if you put all the girls together? Wouldn't their sons take hints from them and fuck all boys? And the cowboys... If cowboys didn't do the boots and hats, their daughters wouldn't do the bull riding, and well... you know - if you can ride a bull... Need I say more? That's thanks to cowboy dads, straight up! and you know baptists' daughters are freaky as all get out and have more secrets than condoms have flavors, so your therapy would be flawed.

  P.S. - What would you name your gene therapy business?

  If you're going to fuck in a pool; either shave your twat or don't bleach it. Girls with green pubes are sooo unnattractive.


-my reply-

  First off, what you are reffering to is progressive breeding, like what farmers and dog breeders use to raise the best animals. What I was talking about in "Gene Therapy" was actual gene-splicing, where the best genes are selected and put together in a dna chain. Remember "Jurrassic Park"? There would be no chance of reccessive genes manifesting if they are controlled in this way.
  Second, by the sound of your complete synopsis of the "7th Heaven" characters, I take it that you are a fan of the show. I can tell you exactly what happened to their kids. They were cut from the same evil, corporate, cock-smoking, rat-bastard, consumer-driven, genetic mold as "The Backstreet Boys", "N'SYNC", and all the rest of the teeny-bopper bands. It's a conspiracy, plotted by the government and the entertainment industry, to systematically lower our standards, and make us slow, stupid, docile, and lethargic. All these new bands were cloned from the original project; codename:"Mmm-Bop"
  P.S. - I knew about baptist chicks... but do you mean to tell me that your dad gave you "bull-riding" lessons?