Have you ever been in a hurry and started forgetting things?

  Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten what you went in there for? Don’t you hate that shit? It happened to me today. I was late for work and forgot my cigarettes. I went back in my room to figure out the most likely thing forgotten, and I came out with my notebook, my whistles, and the book I was reading. Got out to the truck, went to light a cigarette, and realized that I had forgotten them. So I went back to my room, and upon entering it, promptly, forgot what I went in there for. So, I glance around the room, and realized that I’ve forgotten my car keys! So I hurry over there and pick them up from under my cigarettes and dash out the door, get into the truck, start it up, reach for a cigarette….Damn…So I dash back to my room, screaming cigarettes over and over again like a fucking madman so I don’t forget again.

I believe that in normal people, intelligence and memory are inversely proportional, generally. I personally can’t remember something if I haven’t thought about it in longer than a week, unless it is one of the few things that are permanently fixed in my mind. Very few things are. The advantage of this is that my mind is uncluttered by, what is to me, useless knowledge and I am usually able to learn new things, usually completely, between 2 hours and a week, depending on the complicacy of the knowledge or task.



Play “catch” with a seeing-eye dog while he’s working.