-A Woman's Conspiracy-

    There is nothing quite like working in an amusement park for four years, getting married, and being promptly left, and then having the bitch taking all your shit with her when she leaves, to open your eyes to the way of life. It also tends to make you just a little more than slightly cynikal and helps to work up a healthy addiction or two to some drugs or alkhohol. I know this from experience.

    I took over the role of boat-dock-slut when the old boat-dock-slut (peacock) left a few years ago. That title was put on a temporary hiatus when I was condemned to marriage last august. The title has however, resumed full-force recently when the bitch left me for a fat-ass-redneck-mother-fucker. I recently can't complain too much about it though, because I never really liked rednecks anyway. So I guess that he is better off with the banshee than I was. (muahahahahaa) Anyway,I'm healthier and happier and the sex is much better now. In fact, the only bad thing that's happened to me since the lying slut left me, is that I've developed a more than healthy mistrust of the motives of most all women. I generally don't believe a damned word that they say unless it's thoroughly corroborated by a man. Although, I don't generally see this as a bad thing, but some people do... ...go figure.

-Women Exist Only to Decieve Men-

    In fact almost every feminine product is sole purpose is to decieve men in some devious way. In many cases this deception is used to enthrall men to do their bidding. Products like: make-up, high-heels, hair dye, bras (padded and push-up types especially), etc. Women seem to have some kind of conspiracy to subtly and completely ruin the lives of men. It seems to be in their nature.

-Women Have Corrupted the Law-

    Women have far less to lose or worry about in a divorce than men do. All a bitch has to do is say something like;"...over the course of our marriage (his social death), I have become accustomed to a certain quality of living that I can't sustain on my own..." and -BLAM!- she's entitled to half or more of his income. (before child-support) How big of a croc of shit is that!?... I believe that this type of treatment is completely unfair to men. In fact, just about every law concerning divorce is sexually biased in favor of the more evil sex.

-Men's Rights-

    If men don't start acting immediately to change laws like these, women will be running the world in as little as a decade or two.

-It's a Female Conspiracy-

    They (bitches) have thoroughly undermined the stability of "OUR" great nation. And, by no coincidence, I believe they chose to target this nation (the most powerful, at the moment). I believe that the U.S. is just the stepping stone in their devious plot to..... Take Over the World!!!.... They have already perfected means of cloning that can entirely eliminate the need for men.

    In the frontier times they pretended to be helpless and depen- dent on men so that the men would protect them and copulate with them. (protecting their numbers while adding to them) They still tend to put up this illusion to make themselves look more desirable.

    Then they fought for "Women's Rights" (bitches rights) and won. This also completely undermined our stability as the dom- inent sex.

-When Will it End?-

    It will only end once they have been completely and thoroughly crushed beneath our collective heel like the parasitik vermin that they are.

    White men (my own race) seem to be the most susceptable to the whores' corruption. This is because they generally have the most governmental influence, and tend to be the most loyal and faithful to the bitches, instead of to their own brethren, like they should be. (BRO'S BEFORE HOES) The white race must learn to see these qualities as the weakness that they truly are. The white race is our (men's) weakest link and must be dealt with accordingly.

-The Solution-

    The only race of men that seems to be immune to the devious ploys are black men. This immunity is especially seen in their musik.
White musik:"I love you", "I wanna be with you" and other inane bullshit
Black musik:"Back that ass up!" just about says it all, doesn't it?-

    The only problem is that women realized this much earlier than we did and have long since takin actions to eliminate our weapon.

In the U.S. the highest murder victim rate is with the young black males Coincidence? I think not!

    America's women are systemmatically taking them out before they have a proper chance to reproduce. Bitches trick them into deadly drugs, entering gangs and other instances where their lives are in great danger. I also have a theory that women secretly run or at least started the KKK and several black oriented gangs. The only way that we can stop them is to put black men into positions of leadership and elect them into offices of influence. After we get the redneck (bush) out of office we should elect the first black president. (before they elect the first female president.)

The U.S. has never had a black president. Coincidence? I Think Not!-

-!!!MEN'S RIGHTS!!!-


    This is not written to offend anyone (except women) It is (almost) completely satirikal komedy. (I'll let you sort out the facts from the mindless drivel) I am white, but, I am strongly against racism and sexism of all kinds. Work places tend to be sexist in one form or another and usually in the favor of men, but laws (especially those concerning divorce) are extremely in the favor of women. There has to be something done about the reverse sexism before the proper measures can be taken to stop the original sexism. In the past people have combatted injustices to women by creating equal or greater injustices to men, and this must stop.

-!!!MEN'S RIGHTS!!!-

    I would like to issue an informal challenge to any woman viewing this page. The challenge is thus: write a response to the mindless drivel which I have written. It should roughly conform to the structure of my own essay but does not have to. (for be it from me to impose on the artistik license of another) but it does have to be slightly humorous or else I won't put it up. Also, if you have been offended by anything on my site but lack the wit to write a short humorous essay, just e-mail me and bitch me out the old-fashioned way.(you chicks are all so cute when you're angry.) As if you couldn't tell by now, I wrote all of this just to get some female attention and more content for my site. Send any and all responses to spydur.