Kelly Mermaid Class

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Kelly Mermaid Class

What you will need

starting the tail forming the tail

After you have cut your lil ones feet off, take a small amount of the crayola magic and start to form it around her/his waist.

belly shot side view

Gently work your way down her/his legs. Form the clay so it closes and try to keep it smooth.

forming the tail forming the tail

Now you can start forming the tail fin.

forming the tail forming the tail

After you have finished forming her/his tail, use balled up foil or paper to prop the tail so it dries in the shape you want. I try to have "waves" in my tail to make it look flowing.

The end result!!
This is my new Lil Mermaid. I formed her tail to curve under.
You can set your lil one on a shell or piece of driftwood, or any design of your choosing.

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