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MM21 Motor Sports, Ltd.

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Providing Lower Cost Marketing and Promotional Support Services for Motor Sports Competitors, Event Promoters and Service Providers, on and off the track.


Utilizing combined forms of material presentations including print, film and the World Wide Web we can formulate a personalized  presentation to enhance the appeal of you're program, product or event.  Reasonably priced with ongoing support and assistance.


- Sponsorship Acquisition - Promotional Activities - Product and Service Marketing - Sales Building -


Sponsorship Search Support, Introductions and Proposals.

Sponsor Support Programs and Activities.

Event Promotions and Attendance Building.

Media Representation and Submissions.

Advertising Campaigns, Print and Broadcast.

Product Target Marketing and Sales Support.

Cross Promotional Partnerships.

Internet Support Programs.

            Photographic and Video Services , 35mm, 8mm and Digital.


Call or E-Mail us today to see what we can do for you’re marketing program.



Filming locations and dates:

     Our 2004 calendar of events will be posted as soon as available.




Matthew W. Adkins

120 West Platter Dr.                             

North Vernon, IN  47265