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 2089 S. State Road 39, Brownstown, IN  47220 / (812) 358 - 3535


Donnie Fleetwood is owner of DASCO RACE FABRICATION & SUPPLY and a oval track competitor for over 25 year's former (1998) Flemming County Speedway Track Champion and current W119 UMP Modified owner and driver. 

DASCO RACE FABRICATION provides fabrication of race car part's for Modifieds, Bomber's and Street Stock's. DASCO is also a supplier for their own exclusive AXLE SLUG gear oil control product. 

Donnie Fleetwood knows the motor sports industry well and services racers from across the country with the most competitive pricing for quality racing products.




All You're Racing Parts & Accessories

 Racing Components, Aluminum 4" x 10" Sheets, Pop Rivets, Heim Joints, Steering Quickeners, Battery Boxes, Springs, Aluminum Hinges, Hood Pin Kits and much more .....

Your Supplier for :

* Aero Wheels  * HOOSIER Tire  * Aero Wheels  * Wildwood Pedal's 

* RCP   * UB Machine  * Pro Shocks  * QAI  * Barbi  * Suspension Spring  * Fleetwood Built Bell Housings  * Griffin Radiators  * Coleman Rear Ends

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(812) 358-3535

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 DASCO Race Bodies and Spoiler Kits

11 pc. Modified Body Kit includes 2 Quarter Panels, 2 Doors, 2 Rear Top Support Panels, 2 - 2 pc Front Posts and  Top.  Spoilers are optional.


Lettering and graphics on display models courtesy of WildSide Signs

a partner to Dasco Race Fabrication and Supply.




                    GEAR OIL CONTROL

Economical - Reliable Gear Oil Control

Axle Slug is a special formulated  closed cell foam tube, which when inserted into the axle tube displaces the open volume of the tube preventing drainage of gear oil away from third member and gear yet allowing ample oil to lubricate the bearings.



The photo on the left shows that a damaged, displaced or worn seal will allow gear oil to drain away from the third member and gear into the axle tube. Much of the gear oil will not return when the axle is brought level.

This photo on right demonstrates that with the Axle Slug in place, the proper amount of gear oil will remain in third member preventing damage or failure.  Axle Slug will allow ample oil to enter axle tube to lubricate the bearings.


Axle Slug will fit any and all GM, Ford Floater, 28 spline, 31 spline, etc. and lasts much longer and is  less expensive then rear seals.

AXLE SLUG an economical way to keep gear oil in center section of rear gear.

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UPS Shipping Available


2089 S. State Road 39,

Brownstown, IN  47220

(812) 358 - 3535