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Arianna was born three years after her sister, Danielle.

Unbelievable, two girls born into an all boy family.

She was born with a head full of black hair.

It looked like she was wearing a wig.

Around six months of age, the black hair turned red.

She had red hair, fair skin, and blue eyes.

I called her my little Irish baby.

Today, her hair is blond and curly.

Arianna is a wild child.

She climbs without regard to her safety.

She fell off a truck and broke her wrist at 3 years of age.

I have to keep a close eye on my little daredevil.

She is involved in ballet and tap too.

Arianna wants to be just like her older sister including

playing with her toys.

Of course, they have many fights over just about everything.

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