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How To Make WebPages

Ever wonder how people make all those wonderful webpages?
Ever wanted to learn how to make them?

Well, you have come to the right place!
After learning some of the basics, every webpage that
you view will never look the same again!

What is HTML?

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) consists of a number of "tags" that describe how the contents of the page should be organized and displayed. It is the basic building block of the World Wide Web page. When a web browser opens an HTML file, it displays the page based on the tags. You can build your own web page using text editors, such as Notepad or Frontpage. Textpad is also another good editor.

At the beginning of every HTML file has <html> tag, and then at the end is a </html> tag.
Almost every tag has an opening <~~~> and closing </~~~>. Some tags do not require closing tags.

Let's start making our first page!

Some simple HTML is:
Hello! This page is mine!

Let's now save this file. Name the file "index.htm". If you save as HTML file, you should change the extension as ".htm" or ".html". This is important because then the application will know that it is an HTML file and will open it using Internet Explorer or Netscape.

How to set up the words for the title bar.

The title of this webpage is currently, C:\My Documents\index.htm.

How do you change the title of your webpage?
We need three new tags for that.

The first one is the <head> tag, put this one after the <html> tag. The head tag is the beginning of the page information. Before page is loaded, browser reads the information. It is the header of the file.

The second thing to add is the <title> tag. Put this tag bewteen <head> and </head> tags. Then, between the <title> and </title> tags, write the title of your webpage. For example, My Homepage.

The third one is the <body> tag. This one goes after the </head> tag. This is the beginning of the body of the HTML file.
This is what is written in the HTML file:
<title>My Hompage</title>
<body>Hello! This page is mine!

How to set up the words for the title bar.

There are many editing techniques to change the way text looks.

Some are:

preformatted text

Also there are many heading settings that one can chose from to make text look differnt


heading 1



heading 2



heading 3



heading 4



heading 5


Want to be a little more organized now?

How to add tabels to you site.

Start witht he <table> tag. To start with a row use the <tr> tag. Then once you have the <tr> tag underneath that you use the <td> tag to add to the individual cell.

So the code would be something like this.







This will give you the following:


Now the problem with this is that there are no borders so lets say you want that border, how do you get it?

Just add the following attribute to the <table> tag. Within the table tag just say border = "size" so if you want the border size to be 3 you would say <table border="3">.

& &amp;
" &quot;
< &lt;
> &gt;

As you can see, other special characters may also be printed using & codes.

Now let's say you wanted to add an image how would you do that?

This is simple just do the following

<img src="filename"></img>

By filename I mean the full virtual path to access that file, if that is at all wrong in any way you will not get you image.

There are many other things that one can do with HTML, things like stype-sheets, scripts,sounds, frames, and many other things, but since we are doing basics we can stop here.