More on Me
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About Me

Welcome to the page all about me.

My Interests

I like alot of things. I like to play sports, as listed in the about me. Sports like basketball,volleyball, tennis and many more.

I have loved the computer from the age of 7 so I love to fool around with the machine and learn how it works and learn how to make logical and efficent solution to problems.

Also along with just learning about the machine, I also love to learn the differnt technologies that come along with the computers, things such as programmig, technical support, graphic design, animation, and many more things.

Also I am very religious and philosophical so I love to read about these types of thing in which one has to use the mind and learn the many questions and answers to those same questions that have dawned upon man from the day man existed.


I am currently attending NJIT working on my BS degree in Computer Science and a minor in Math. I have a GPA of about 3.7 all together and a 4.0 GPA in my major.

That's about it guys to know more about me, WELL YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO BECOME MY PAL ;-).