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Innovation,Flexibility && Economy. What else would
you expect from your Outsourcing Specialist?

Creatone Inc. an innovative full service enginnering and manufacturing company is your choice if you are looking for the above. Since 1989 Creatone has provided cost effective solutions to the major sectors of industry (industial, medical, and commercial). Our expertise ranges from simple to complex design coupled with a fully equiped state-of-the-art facility to support your manufacturing needs. We can be your design and/or manufacturing arm. Here's why successful companies partner with Creatone...


Electronics Engineering With our over 15 years of some kind of sensor(s) for process controlin-house electonic engineering expertise Creatone can provide electonic design from simple logic controls to 16 bit micro-controleers/processors. We will work from your concept and provide you with a complete system(hardware, firmware, and software). We pride outselves on becoming teammates within your organization which will ensure your success.

Most electronic systems interface with some kind of sensor(s) for process.Sensor Interface and Control
There are many issues engineers must be aware of while employing an appropriate sensor. It requires a thtough understanding of process application. Our experience with acceleration, force ,temperature ,pressure sensors, etc., will reduce your cost and time to market.

Value/Reverse Engineering When product upgrades are necessary, we will employ the latest most practical design for manufacuringtechniques that will give you and edge over your competitors.

We will design a PCB from your schematic using CAD software. Physical Design/Miniaturization
Menufacturability and costs are given prime importance during this process. This will simplify your design and improve productivity.

Miniaturization reduces physicsl size and improves efficency. Based on today's market trends towards miniaturization, SMT design is rapidly proliferating. We will review your existing design throughtly for feasibility and recommend conversoin where needed.

Regulatory Agency Compliance When product upgrades are necessary, We will help you prepare documentation for regulatory agency compliance such as UL, CSA, FDA, FCC and internation agencies. A faster agency approval will reduce product intorduction time. manufacuring techniques that will give you and edge over your competitors.

Our experience in previous projects will reduce orientation and/or integration time, which will in turn reduce the cost. Based on your previous customer projects, we will be successful in your application.

Some of our projects include microprocessor based sterilizer, Automatic Motor Controller, Access Control SYstem with data logger, Digital Counter/timer etc.

We also provide software solutions based on Visual Basic,C++,Java,SQL,etc.