Luke's Diary


Hey all my furry friends! Yes, I'm stoppin' for a while. I'll come back to visit though! lol Don't worry, my son will do a fine job in my place! I hope you all like the end of the case! I'll find out from Lukester later who the big criminal is! Well I'm gonna go get my sunglasses...I'm headin' to the shore! C-ya'll later!

*New Entries*

June 14th - Lukester Takes Over!
*Old Entries*

March 4th - Diary Entry! Lookey lookey lookey!
March 6th - Go see!
March 7th - Take a bite oughta this entry!
March 8th - Another clue!
March 9th - *NEWSFLASH* and last clue!
March 10th - I think I know the answer to part of the case!
March 26th - I'm back! Take a look!
April 21st - I've got our suspects!
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