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Welcome to Ladies of Love. What is Ladies of Love about you might ask? Well, we are dedicated to supporting single mothers and mothers-to-be and all that they stand for. I myself am 8 months pregnant and due on October 14th. Knowing my luck, it'll be 2 weeks late and be a halloween baby though. LOL I am single (of course) and I feel that single mothers need a little bit more appreciation for all the courage and strength they show.
Single women take on a great responsibility by having children. The world is a difficult place for women today, and having a child makes it that much harder.
Society, as a whole, needs to look up to these women and honor their courage and strength.
On this site, you will find many tools for single mothers.
We have "Tips and tricks", we have a message board where you can share expriances and tips and other things with other single mothers. There are links for sites just for the care of babies, both born and unborn.
I will be starting a photo gallery for all you moms to show off your kids!! :O)
Oh! One thing I forgot, I will be giving out some awards also. I will give "Superior Single Mother of the Month", "Special single mother of the week", and if we stay on long enough and get enough traffic to stay on, I will be giving out the "Most enchanted Single Mother of the Year award". Of course, this award takes more voting, and more time, but that's why it's a yearly thing right?
Alright, now on to the other pages...Please, click on the rose and it will whisk you away to where you wish to go. Suggestions on how to make this site better for you and others are always welcome. Please feel free to email me any suggestions you might have to make it better. =O)

One more thing, If you would like to join Ladies of Love, you don't HAVE to be a single mother. Ladies of Love is for women who are dedicated to supporting and celebrating the courage of single mothers. You can be a mother, a teen (you have to be over 13 to join the webring), or any other type of woman in this world.

A personal note:

I am waiting for a team assignment from The Site Fights. I am looking for vote exchanges (VE) with others in site competions. If you are interested, please state so in my guestbook, or email me using the link at the bottom of this page. I will review your site (I am HIGHLY against blind voting) and then I will email you back telling you want information I need and add you to my LOLVEreminder e-list.

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