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The story begins

This page is Quotes from Brian Kinder.

Brian Kinder

"...without doubt I can I'm sure I can enlighten you to the judicial system and the tricks they'll play to keep a person on death row. As you get to know me and I expound on some of the issues in my case, rest assured you'll be outraged."
March 3, 1998

"I've been in the holding cell where the condemned man spends his last few days and I had such an eerie feeling come over me. As a matter of fact I could still smell the scent of AJ a month after he was killed, seriously, along with the smell of death! I haven't been right since and I do believe it will have an everlasting effect upon me."
April 17, 1998

"Most people shun a person who has been condemmed to death."
July 30, 1998

"Before I close, let me ask you this.... 'If Christians are to have eyes and ears and hearts open to those who in need around them, 'then why do so many racist groups consider themselves Christians, yet despise their African brothers?"
August 7, 1998

"I could honestly feel the hatred stemming from that whole venire(jury)panel."
August 21, 1998

"The truth doesn't change just because one doesn't like it"
August 27, 1998

"Missouri is not playing around when it comes time to kill you..."
March 10, 1999

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