"You're in the arms of the angels, may you find some comfort there" Rest in peace, Alessandra, we love you!

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A little about me



Welcome to my page. This is a work in progress as always. Enjoy what's here!

shout outs: Kerri, Heather Ashley, Alesandra (Way up there in heaven... long distance dedication), Sarah, Rob, Jimmy, Artie Petah LTB (Harry Potter), Wheezin Pete, Obrien, Andy Elbows, Magla, Timmy Looks, Joey Banannas, Ragin Ryan, Smilin' Steve, Frankie Two Times/Francisco Escarpa, Coyote Cash, Chief Jenny, Vinny Boombats, Silly Philly, Corporal Pat, Sturgis, DJ Unit, any others I forgot.

Pictures of me and my friends

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UPDATED June 5, 2003

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