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LEGENDS: I don't know about you, but I love faery stories. Now I'm not talking about the stories we read to our children. I'm talking about legends about Avalon, the magic cauldron, Bridhid, Morgan Le fay, Authur, Fergus Mac Roi, and a thousand others. Some of the names may be familiar, others will not be. There are lessions to be learned in these stories. Lessions about where we came from and about where we are going. Lessions about life, and love. Lessions about death and new beginnings. These stories are thousands of years old at least. They were spread by word of mouth each person changing the story a little as it went along.

I'll begin with a story of the faeries themselves.
The Legend Of The Faeries goes something like this: There was a place, a paradise if you will, known as the island of eternal summer. Now on this island lived a race known as "The children of the great goddess Dana." These are the ones who later become known to us as faeries. They were great practictioners of magick and friends to all that were natural. At first they ruled what was to become Ireland. Later they were deposed as rulers by the mortals and forced to flee to the country side. There the faeries and the mortals lived in relative peace. The faeries taught the mortals some magick and in return mortals left small gifts and offerings to the faeries. Then a new wave of people came spreading a new religion. Followers of Christ they were called. To gain control of the people of Ireland these christians persecuted the friends of the faeries and drove the faeries themselves deeper into hiding. Even to today faeries have a hard time trusting the mortals. But a mortal that makes friends with a faery is very lucky indeed.

This is one of my favorite legends, is is an extremly tragic, but very romantic story.
Dierdre of The Sorrows: When Dierdre was born she was the most beautiful baby ever. As was the tradition at the time a seer came to tell the baby's future. This is what the seer said of the new born babe, "She will be the most beautiful woman ever to walk the face of the earth, but this child will bring sorrow and death to many men. Her life will be clouded in betrayel and tragedy."
The subjects of the king wanted to kill the baby, but the king was touched by the infant's beauty and decreed that she should be sent away to exile instead.
Dierdre grew up lacking for nothing but her freedom. Then one day a handsome warrior named Naoise came to the palace where she was being kept. Dierdre placed a spell on Naoise so that he would might fall in love with her and take her away from her prison.
The king was furious for he had made plans to take Dierdre for himself. He sent out warriors to hunt down the couple but they had fled along with Naoise brothers to a small island. On this Island the couple lived peacefully enough but Naoise missed his home in Ireland.
The king put out a rumor that he was sorry for the way he reacted and that he would welcome the couple back in Ireland. Deirdre felt that it was a trap, but Naoise and his brothers ignored her warnings. Once back in Ireland the king's warriors murdered Naoise and his brothers and kidnapped Dierdre.
Grief stricken over her lover's death and not wanting to return to a life of captivity, Dierdre threw herself from a speeding carriage and was immediately killed when her head struck a tree.

There are many legends that transend religions. One of these is the legend of the great flood. Almost every religion has a flood story including Wicca. Now just about everyone has heard of Noah. According to legend Noah worshipped the god who would later become the god of the Christians. Noah's god had broken away from other deities and wanted his followers to worship only him. Noah's god sent him a prophesy of a great flood that would come and down all of the Mid-Eastern area.
Now Noah's granddaughter, Cesara, worshipped the great goddess who Was even before Noah's god. Although Noah held no animosity for Cesara he knew he must send her away before the flood. So Cesara along with her father Bith, her mother Birren, her husband Fintaan, and a large group of women, left on a great journey. They eventually founded Ireland, where they stopped and stayed for Ireland was beautiful, lush and green. It was truly a land blessed by the goddess and it was far away from the flood that was in the middle east.