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Fantasy Bridge
There is a bridge over a flowing stream
From here my lover calls to me
Softly, gently in my sweetest dreams
Come love see what there is to see
Dragons, unicorns and faeries this way pass
All the creatures of childhood's tales
From here comes all magick that is cast
From here hope, love and understanding wells
To cross the bridge is to enter the summerland
The sweet lady and her gentle lord reside here
Time here passes like many grains of sand
But time there slows 'til a day seems a year
To the lady's palace do I go in my sleep
To learn what I can for she is ever wise
When she holds court I sit at her feet
Silently I take in all that with a soft sigh
I know that I can not forever here remain
Daylight will come to wake me from my dreams
Everynight unfolds to be the same
It makes the days to long it seems

The Great Goddess
Gentle as the spring rain
Violent as a hurricane
With smiles love and hope
With sorrow tears and pain
She rules all that is natural
Gentle as a grazing deer
Violent as a roaring lion
With a heart tender and true
With a spirit stong and wild
She rules all that is mystical

Faeries Come Play With Me
When I was a child, Faeries came near
They knew from me they had naught to fear
We played and laughed and ran all day long
They taught me magick and verse and song
As I grew older I ceased to believe
So the faeries no longer did I see
Older still I've come back to play
But I've been gone so long I've lost the way
Come faeries show me what to do
I know you are near, In dreams I hear you
A child no longer, but again I believe
Come, Faeries, come play with me

Magick is Power; The power comes from within
Magick is Love; The love of self and others
Magick is Life; All life from beginning to end

The Elements
To the North of us is Earth cool green
Mother; in this all is grounded
To the East of us is air light breezy
Inspiration; in this all is spread
To the South of us is fire hot passionate
Energy; in this all is created
To the West of us is water ever flowing
Change; in this all is cleansed

Blessed Be The Winter
Blessed be the winter when the world is at rest
Curse not the cold but enjoy the test
Find peace in long grey day for this the season gives
The lesson is everything must dies surely as it lives
But then as the circle moves everything is reborn
Just as night follows day and then is followed by morn
Winter is the season to choose a new path to follow
If and when your old one seems stale and hollow
Winter is a time of change, of leaving old and finding new
This is when the world is clear and distractions are few
If it were not for the winter spring would never come
With its wild flowers and birds and bees that hum
Blessed be the winter when all the world is asleep
The winter in my heart I'll forever keep

My Familiar, My Friend
My familiar, my friend runs on four paws
when she chases mice down the hall
She sleeps at least twenty hours a day
even when no one asks she has her say
she seeks attention when I have the most to do
and ignors me when destractions are few
she wakes me early so she may have my bed to sleep
and in the middle of the night across me she doth creep
If I spoke cat what secrets might she tell?
most likely how to live life well

New Beginnings
Come the spring, come the dawn
A new beginning, a child is born
Another year, another start
A clean slate, an open heart
Take a new path, travel a new road
Be forever brave and bold
Never let life grow jaded and cold