Yesterday and the Life: A short story transcribed by Millionaire Platinum in 2004...

I'm sitting now, writing this story for a third time. The first was a bit lengthy, and I was not satisfied with my second. And as I am the one telling this story, I feel it appropriate for me to be explaining this. And not only appropriate, but imperative details for this story, as I am still in my youth. And in this youth, multiple rewrites remains a much more plausible task. For of this youth, I am Millionaire Platinum. And it is at this point, which I have found a need to introduce myself. I just did.

It seems universally understood that youth accompanies clarity and understanding. And this world has no other symbol of the extent to which I exude these pillars of life.

Granted, in moments, this understanding may be looked back on, later in life, as misunderstanding, but the clarity was never lost for a second. Never once in my youth will I traverse a thought in uncertainty. And as I am Millionaire Platinum, I shall tell you my own tale as it unfolds, better than any other writer, and many have since tried. But they know little of my trials and less of my mind.

A couple years have already passed and I'm thinking only of a place to begin my tale... My thoughts have not slowed. Rather my stories have become more vast, which makes me require this moment of thought... In my younger, and more vulnerable years, I enjoyed quoting passages from The Great Gatsby from the top of my head, as if I understood every word of it, though I never truly finished reading the book. Though these quotes generally came from either the first group of pages, or the last, it certainly got me by. It was moments like these that allowed school to be less of a challenge than I had prepared for, but in this, I was also constantly preparing.

Every day of my youth I found a new elder to feed me a conscious and continuous supply of warnings. But this fascinated me further as I recall Old Age Sticks warning me of these warnings just prior to my receiving of them. Nonetheless, these elders were far wiser than I was, though I found this to be due primarily to their unavoidably greater amount of life experience. But I thought clearer than they did. I know I did, otherwise I would have made my bed every morning just as they did. But I didn't. Because I saw no reason, and I was a child of reason. A child of clarity. And as I saw myself then, a child of understanding.

But years have since gone by, and school has passed alongside the reunions. It all blends together now, though I still remember everyone as sixteen-year-olds, myself included to some extent. I don't quite move like I did when I was sixteen, nor do I feel like I did back then. It certainly wouldn't hurt my feelings if I did. But for some reason, I still think of myself that way. And of all those I knew in that youth, I find more and more surprise in every aged face I see, though each should technically prepare me better for the next. It just doesn't seem to work that way. I guess we all take some of the abuse of the passing years, and for some reason it still comes so unexpectedly.

But I don't believe that my mind has really slowed down at all. Not much anyway. I still quote The Great Gatsby, boats against the current, born back ceaselessly into the past, but it no longer seems to make much sense to anyone as it used to. It still does to me though. They just donít understand the context of what I'm saying. Thatís their fault, not mine. They should have read it or gone to school again. He wasn't driving a Suzuki. Sometimes I still feel like my clarity is still sharpening somewhat. I know now that there was no logical reason to have been afraid of a spider. Except for the fact that during my lifetime of sleep I'm supposed to eat about eight of them. I guess that would put me at about six to date. Of course, I don't really remember the specifics of it, maybe it's a hundred spiders, I don't think as clearly as I used to. But in my youth I knew it. Maybe that had something to do with my fear.

I think it's a little cruel, but I've now been accused of going through a mid-life crisis twice, though I'm certain I only get one life. If I got a second one it wouldn't bother me so much. It reminds me of my days back in college when we had more than one midterm. It was my companion in the Evergreens. I don't believe that this is a real event, the whole mid-life crisis thing. I think it's more something like "over the hill" to further dampen my feelings as I reach this age which society has placed labels for. Twice. Society placed labels for twice. Just for the thrill of bothering me. Pestering. I'm retiring the name Millionaire Platinum now. I will be speaking of him in the third person for dramatic purposes. They put it on underarm. The only reason I'm doing it is because I didn't have any insurance and now he does before his independence. My grandchildren rarely visit me anymore. They say it's too far out of their school path ride but I think they just go there. Rather, all the women all went to Nashville. I went there when I was younger. But I did end up with seven grandchildren. Five of them were great and I think some might still be down so easy, but they don't sit still. I'm not quite as energetic once and security is on the rise anyway. I go by Grandpa now but I don't concern you. The only reason I'm doing it is because I didnít have any insurance and now he does. But we make some progress.

It's too dark in my room. I don't remember waking up without a napkin tonight. They always do that and they left their stuff. It's their shoes here. But I didn't have any insurance and anyway they do that to their shoes at all. They always do it for the other time I didn't want it. And morning looked the same yesterday but it didn't very right and I don't sleep without my napkin. They keep bringing the orange ones and I won't do it. I took more blue because they had three. Orange is too big anyway and I didn't have insurance for that. I told them not to.

I don't remember much after that moment. It was quieter for a while and then I was more tired than I used to be. Maybe I had less on my mind or maybe I was just exhausted. Four days later I remember watching my grandchildren. They came to see me. It was a long time since I was called Millionaire Platinum, and it was fun to look back on my youth. But what was more touching is the simple fact that they spoke of me as an animal lover. I had forgotten about my days at the Humane Society and they all seemed to remember. They remembered all the simplest details about my life. Those, which I had forgotten, were those that they had held dear through my more lonely years. I didn't know they would ever cry for me. I didn't want them to because I didn't know how to feel when they did. Now that my time has passed I wish I could just go back just for a moment to tell them that I love them too.