Longitudes/Latitudes and Dreams Cost Very Little:
A short story by Millionaire Platinum from 2004...

"I guess as cheap as possible was a popular way of doing it, because as it turns out, the two weren't related at all," she replied. I thought this was a fairly unusual response for many reasons. For one, there was no question she was responding to. That made her word choice seem a bit unnecessary. Unordinary if nothing else. Of course she didn't know I was there either, so that does offer some explanation. But it's just the nature of the whole thing that quite a level of obscurity. At least it's a good indication that she's in good spirits.

Beyond that, it can't be too overly obscure, as I am sitting here by myself whispering aloud every word I write, sometimes as many as three or four times. So perhaps through this, I'm hitting into the same grounds as her little accomplishment. Hard to say though. Her bathroom dialect was pretty far out there.

I'll give her some credit though, it was certainly a well thought-out response. As for me, I have my roommates, but only one is home and I can hear him upstairs. So long as I can verify his position up there, I know the maximal volume I can whisper and have it go unheard. And that's an important rule. You'll never get away with it if you're too loud. I remember going to the bathroom earlier today and whispering the words "rigor mortis" because I wondered what it sounded like spoke aloud. That's the only reason. Of course I had a pretty solid idea, but there's very little energy expended in just saying it out loud and settling any curiosity. And not only that, but feeling the satisfaction in achievement of knowing my guess was right.

I imagine this may have sounded exceptionally weird had the roles been reversed, and she had been listening to me. A thirty second silence broken by the words "rigor mortis," then back to the silence. But the roles weren't reversed and I had the privilege of hearing a pretty conclusive response about cheapness, popularity, and relation. It was weird. I would have liked to have joined in too, but that would defeat the purpose of it.

Shaking fist. I was totally talking to the guy behind you.

Granted, it would have been fun to bust into that conversation, but she would no longer be the sole conversationalist and that, I'm positive, was the reason for her good spirits. It kind of works as a general indicator, pinpointing someone who's just all around thrilled with life. Why? Perhaps you're not wondering, but you're indeed reading. I'll explain. These little blissful thrill whispers are typically produced by a person with a generous smile. Real smiles I've found come in the deliberate avoidance of society. In moments of whispering words aloud. Every opportunity to dodge the irritating and otherwise uncomfortable company of what we all refer to as "society," is a blessing I will never take for granted. And apparently neither will this fine specimen of a bathroom whispering girl.

Of course sometimes these people are just tormented and who knows, maybe contemplating death. But we're not talking about this confident group of soldiers. These people need to just pull themselves together and learn how to deal.

Just a second ago my roommate, i.e. the only other person home, was speaking aloud. Now the fact that I couldn't understand a word he said is of no consequence to me, because he's probably on the phone and that doesn't count.

Using the phone is the absolute worst move you can make in the strategic efforts toward this genuine epitome of happiness. Not only are you blind to the open opportunity at hand for the pure bliss of solitude, but you're now inviting the same intrusive society to invade your personal moments that you could have otherwise had to yourself. I've struggled to grasp the logic in this. I'm done trying to decipher that one. Millionaire Platinum.

One thing for certain: This roommate of mine is never happy. Smiles come annually at best and it's so brutally obvious why. Maybe with a little more time he'll figure it out. Some day. But as for this day, he's still relying strictly on society to produce these rare moments of happiness. And if society can't step up and produce, it won't happen. Evidently this isn't really panning out for him. Of course he's still young. He'll figure it out. Maybe with more time spent alone he'll recognize the potential in having such an exquisite conversational partner such as yourself alone with yourself to ask and answer all the questions you feel fit. But until then, the annual smile will continue to call his face a home.

Earlier today however, while listening to the girl in the bathroom, I heard a response from someone who had found that happiness. So it seems anyway. The silent-question, detailed-answer format generally works as a pretty lofty cue. Granted, I have no idea who she is, but I'm certain a slew of smiles will cross her face before the scarce occurrence hooks a ride on the face of my roommate. But that's okay, because this roommate of mine means well. He's a good guy. He just doesn't very effectively see the value in solitude. And it's not something you can teach, I've found. But with a little luck maybe he'll figure it out. Hopefully sooner than later though.

Anecdote. I just whispered that word out loud to see what it would sound like. A quite bit like I thought it would. I enjoyed it though. And I was able to because I'm the only one here.